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The influencer "Luisito Comunica" stars on the cover of Playboy Africa

Luis Rafael
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Playboy magazine is one of the most recognized in the world and has been causing a strong impact on society since the 80s.

This magazine is intended for an adult audience and usually places great celebrities from around the world in the editions of its cover, as well as Bad Bunny who starred on the Playboy 2020 cover.

However, for Playboy magazine 2022 they chose the famous Mexican influencer Luisito Comunica in the Africa edition. It is worth mentioning that this is the second time that a famous Latin American has been selected to star on the cover of the prestigious magazine for adults.

The influencer "Luisito Comunica" stars on the cover of Playboy Africa
The influencer "Luisito Comunica" stars on the cover of Playboy Africa

This is one of the greatest achievements that the famous one has obtained, since not everyone has become part of said magazine. Luisito communicates he felt so much enthusiasm that he decided to share his emotion with his followers through his social networks.

What the influencer expressed

The Mexican influencer decided to express all his joy with his followers through his official Instagram account. In a post that says:

“This month I'm the cover of Playboy, I don't know if it makes me laugh, I don't know if it makes me want to cry, this is something very 'cool' (good). I have been a fan of the magazine since I was a child”, this is how the Mexican youtuber ended his statement.

In addition, he also mentioned that it was a great achievement for him to become the second Latino man to be on the cover of Playboy magazine, he affirms that it is a great source of pride, and he feels very grateful to be considered in that rigorous male election.

Men who have made the cover of Playboy magazine

In recent years, the magazine has enjoyed the participation of the most influential men in the world for the representation of its cover.

Among these men are Hugh Hefner, who was the creator of the adult magazine, Donald Trump, the famous singer Bruno Mars, Bad Bunny, Genne Simmons, among others.

These have been the most relevant celebrities who have starred in Playboy magazine and now Luisito Comunica joins him.

How did “Luisillo el Pillo” manage to appear in Playboy magazine?

The famous youtuber mentioned with great emotion how this great feat came about and all the things he had to do to get this photo session of the North American firm.

Playboy's invitation happened while the Mexican was making a trip to the African continent to record his videoblog.

His videos were a worldwide success, and he was contacted to do a photo shoot for the cover.

"I met some people who liked my work in Africa last year when I documented various things. They were interested in the point of view of a well-known person from another continent on cultural issues in Africa and one thing led to another and boom! "Thus ended his statement from the famous Luisito Comunica.