The life of the singer Karol G

The Colombian decided to fight for her dreams and that is why she chose to participate in a reality show to find him.

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The life of the singer Karol G – Showbiz – WebMediums
Carol G

The name of the famous singer is Carolina Giraldo Navarro, born on February 14, 1991 in Medellin, Colombia.

The singer studied at the Calasanz Feminine School in her hometown. Her father is a musician and from a young age he taught her the love of art.

Together with her sister, they attended music classes from a very young age. After high school, he studied music at the University of Antioquia and marketing in New York.

Beginning of his musical career

In 2006, he was encouraged and decided to be part of the reality show 'X Factor'. The young woman wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to show her talent to the world and thus start her musical career.

In this way, Carolina achieved her goal, she signed with 'Flamingo Records', her first label. The company was the one who baptized her as Karol G and thus, that same year, she was the opening act with Dj Kio and Don Omar, in Cartagena.

In the beginning, she also worked as a backup singer for Reykon, with whom she later recorded "301" in 2012. As the beginning of his musical successes, he recorded with the famous and renowned musician Nicky Jam, the song 'Amor de dos', in 2013.

The life of the singer Karol G – Showbiz – WebMediums
Karol G and J Balvin sing together on a family birthday

Karol G knew Jbalvin, with whom she shared a stage at a family birthday in which, the also famous, invited her to sing with him.

Jbalvin and Nicky Jam are two great friends of the Colombian. The great exponents of the genre helped Carolina to position herself in the genre. Each one has recorded songs with them and together they have shared great stages.

Growth of the singer in the music industry

Little by little, Karol G became one of the leaders of trap, reggaeton and urban music, where not many women are positioned.

In 2016, the singer managed to sign a contract with the Universal Music Latin Entertainment label, this being one of the many goals she had as an artist.

In 2017, his single "Now calls me" with Bad Bunny, managed to become a hit. After this, he performed a duet with Quavo, with which he managed to enter Billboard's Hot Latin Song.

This same year he released his first album 'Unstoppable ', ranking second on the Top Latin Albums. In addition, she received the nomination in the category Top Latin Albums Female Artist of the Year, from the Billboard Latin Music Awards, in 2018.

The Spotify platform awarded the Colombian singer recognition as Rise Artist 2018, and in this way, she became the first Latin artist to receive this privilege.

Karol G's love life

The life of the singer Karol G – Showbiz – WebMediums
Karol G and Rene Cano

Karol G has always tried to keep her relationships, and her personal life, low-key. At the beginning of 2018, her first relationship with the producer known as Bull Nene, René Cano, became known.

Relationship with Anuel AA

The life of the singer Karol G – Showbiz – WebMediums
Karol G and Anuel AA

Later, in 2019, the relationship he had with Anuel AA came to light, a romance that debuted on the red carpet of the Latin Billboard. Between the artists, love began in 2018, when they recorded "Culpables" together.

After a long time, there were signs that the relationship between the artists had ended, but they had not made the news official.

The singer decided to say that she had ended the relationship because she felt overwhelmed at the beginning of the romance by the singer's past. However, they continued betting on love and solving said conflict.

In 2019, while enjoying the wedding party of the FC Barcelona player, Luis Suarez, the singer shared a photo in which he asked Karol G when his wedding would be.

Famous singers dedicated songs and expensive displays of affection to each other. One of the small details was a Karol G Polaris Slingshot for Anuel, on his 27th birthday.

Likewise, Anuel gave Karol G, on his 28th birthday, a pink Mercedes SUV. On her 29th birthday, he gave her a Rolls Royce Phantom, yellow in color, on her 29th birthday. The car is worth over $450 million.

Break with Anuel AA

In 2021, the couple confirmed their breakup on their social networks. Despite looking painful, it was done on good terms. The reason they explained was a supposed incompatibility between the agendas of each one, denying the version of the existence of a third person involved.

In November of that year, Anuel AA surprised the singer at the concert she gave in Puerto Rico. Although it seemed that there would be a possible reconciliation, the singer made it clear that they were simply friends, nothing more.

The life of the singer Karol G – Showbiz – WebMediums
Anuel AA and Yailin The Most Viral

Recently, it became known that Anuel maintains a relationship with Yailin La Mas Viral, and also presented her as his wife on social networks.

On the part of Karol G, there are rumors of a possible relationship with the Colombian soccer player James Rodríguez, of which until now, there is no official confirmation.

Musical hits

The life of the singer Karol G – Showbiz – WebMediums
Nicky Jam, Karol G and JBalvin

The singer has made different collaborations with great exponents of the genre. In addition to J Balvin and Nicky Jam, he has performed duets with Ozuna, 'Hello', Sebastián Yatra, 'What I feel for you' and Daddy Yankee, 'Código de amor'.

Karol G has known how to enjoy the successes of her singles. One of them is the theme ' Tusa '.

' La Bichota ', allowed her to catapult her fame as an international artist and from that moment, she became one of the Colombian artists with wide international projection.

Currently, he celebrates the success of the new song 'Mamiii ', in collaboration with Becky G. This topic is presumably dedicated entirely to Anuel. However, the Colombian has not confirmed it.

With a successful career, Karol G is in charge of enjoying her musical career, which makes her very happy and allows her to give herself special birthday gifts, such as cars, which is what she likes to buy the most.

In addition, she takes advantage of her media to help women increase their self-esteem and love themselves much more, after going through a painful breakup, like hers with Anuel.