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The most successful horror movies streaming in this 2022

This year, horror and suspense films have stood out, with their dark plots and macabre performances that manage to scare their viewers.

Luis Rafael
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The most successful horror movies streaming in this 2022 – Showbiz
The most successful horror movies streaming in this 2022.

The horror genre has become one of the most demanded in the streaming industry and modern cinema, completely dominating in 2022.

For that reason, we are going to present a list of the best horror movies that are sweeping this year and some that will be released soon. Among the most successful horror movies of 2022, there are: 'Scream', 'Black Phone', 'Salem's Lot', 'La granny' and 'El Páramo' that are raising their hype.

The best horror productions that have stood out this year

On this occasion, we present the best horror movies that have achieved success in this 2022, through streaming platforms.

1. 'Grandma'

' La granny ' is a suspense, horror and drama film produced in Spain that managed to cause a great impact in the first quarter of the year.

It was created and directed by the Spanish filmmaker 'Carlos Vermut' and features the performances of 'Almudena Amor', 'Vera Valdez' and 'Karina Kolokolchykova' as protagonists of the cast.

1. ‘La abuela’.

The story unravels the life of 'Susana', a fabulous designer clothes model who must leave her luxurious life in Paris. The protagonist will have to return to Madrid, since her grandmother 'Pilar' suffered a stroke and 'Susana' is her closest relative and is obliged to take care of her.

Although she lived with her grandmother as her mother after the sudden death of her parents, Susana will have to find someone else to take care of her grandmother. The brief stay in his childhood home will begin to turn into a terrible nightmare from which he will not be able to easily escape.

The movie ' La granny ' is available on the Prime Video content portal.

2. 'Scream'

This is the title of one of the most anticipated feature films of 2022, based on a suspenseful and horror story by the writer 'James Vanderbilt'. The production was created by the American showrunner 'Matt Bettinelli-Olpin' and 'Tyler Gillett'. Starring 'Neve Campbell', 'Courteney Cox' and 'David Arquette'.

2. ‘Scream’

The story tells of one of the most brutal murders that took place in a small town in Woodsboro, California. After a series of murders, the neighbors were alerted to be vigilant and roam the area at night. The villain uses a ghostface mask to commit his misdeeds.

The years passed and the crimes in the town ceased, people returned to their normal lives and lowered their guard. However, the arrival of a new killer wearing the same mask begins to threaten the lives of a group of teenagers who know secrets about the 'Woodsboro' killer.

The new horror movie is now available in the content catalog of the Apple TV platform.

3. 'The Wasteland'

' El Páramo ' is a terrifying fiction film that has caused great controversy on Netflix due to its crazy plot. The production was written and directed by screenwriter 'David Casademunt'.

It features performances by 'Inma Cuesta', 'Roberto Álamo' and 'Asier Flores' in the official cast of the film.

It recounts the life of an unconventional family that decides to move away from city life and start over from one of the most desolate places in the world. 'Lucía', her husband and their son begin to live in 'El Páramo', a place with no nearby villages and is in the middle of nowhere.

3. ‘El Páramo’

One day the father of the family decides to run away from home and 'Lucía' and her little boy must remain isolated at home. Little by little they got used to the solitude and tranquility produced by country life. However, his calm will be disturbed by the appearance of an unknown entity that haunts his home.

The horror film ' El Páramo ' is available through the initial portal of Netflix.

4.'Black Phone'

This is a psychological thriller and horror feature film that has increased its hype after the premiere of its recent trailer. The tape was created and directed by the American showrunner 'Scott Derrickson' and the cast is carried out by 'Mason Thames', 'Madeleine McGraw' and 'Ethan Hawke'.

4. ‘Black Phone’

The story follows the life of 'Finney Shaw', an introverted 13-year-old boy who usually walks home from school alone. One afternoon, a sadistic killer hunts him down and ends up kidnapping him in a padded basement where no sound can be heard outside, making his escape difficult.

The place is desolate and 'Finney' looks for a way to get an object that can help him find a clue to escape. The young man discovers the existence of a broken telephone without coverage that does not stop ringing. Over time he will discover that the souls desecrated by the murderer reside in it.

The new movie ' Black Phone ' will be available from June 24, 2022 only in theaters.

5. 'Salem's Lot'

' Salem 's Lot ' is the title of the new terrifying fiction that is waiting for more than 750 thousand people after the official teaser. The production was carried out by the British screenwriter 'Gary Dauberman' and 'Stephen King' and the cast includes 'Lewis Pullman', 'Makenzie Leigh' and 'Bill Camp'.

The story is inspired by Stephen King's 1976 novel of the same name, which was the bestseller of its year. Follow the life of 'Ben Mears', a young writer struggling to find inspiration for his next literary project. Therefore, he decides to return to the place where he grew up in his childhood 'Jerusalem's Lot'.

5. ‘Salem 's Lot’

When 'Ben' begins to stay in his old home, he learns of the existence of a vampire who has been living there for years. From that moment on, the writer escapes and decides to recruit a group of people to fight the vampire and kill him to prevent evil events from happening in the city.

The horror fiction film ' Salem 's Lot ' will be available from September 9, 2022 only in theaters.

6. 'Venicephrenia'

The new movie that is causing great controversy in the media is called ' Venicephrenia '. The production was created by the filmmaker 'Álex de la Iglesia' and 'Jorge Guerricaechevarria'. It has the performances of 'Ingrid García Jonsson', 'Silvia Alonso' and 'Goize Blanco' in the cast.

6. ‘Veneciafrenia’

The story unfolds in Venice, which is in one of its worst stages due to tourists who are deteriorating the facilities. Due to this, a group of Venetians make the decision to end all the tourists and prevent their city from continuing to decline. This alerted everyone.

However, some Spanish tourists decide to travel to the area, since they have not heard about the new news. What they thought would be the trip of their dreams begins to turn into a nightmare. In addition, they will have to use everything within their reach to survive the attacks of the assassins of Venice.

The new filming ' Venicephrenia ' can be seen through the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform.