The 7 best horror movies to enjoy on Netflix

Luis Rafael
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The 7 best horror movies to enjoy on Netflix

We all like to enjoy a good story with an immersive plot while we rest in front of the television. In the world of cinema and entertainment we can get a wide variety of recognizable titles in the different categories of each of the streaming platforms.

Netflix has recently stood out through the media with the presentations and premieres of films that have marked the best ratings this year.

The most outstanding category of the platform has been terror, since they are full of tension and hair-raising eventualities that manage to impact viewers.

The 7 best horror movies to watch on Netflix

Next, we are going to reveal which are the 7 best horror movies on Netflix that will make all viewers tremble with fear.

1. 'The Wasteland'

This is a 2021 film produced by Netflix and directed by David Casademunt. 'El Páramo' has stood out as one of the most anticipated films of the year.

The story recounts the life of a family that lives far from the rest of the entire city and has been adopting this lifestyle for several seasons.

However, over time, their peace of mind and their integrity will be affected when they find out that they are not alone in their house. Since, around the house lurks a terrible beast that will test the bonds that keep the family together.

2. 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'

The new installment inspired by the 70s film is listed as one of the best horror movies on Netflix, the film has been available since February on the platform.

The film continues with the sequence of the previous film in the saga, inspired by the lives of 4 young people who embark on a journey.

The destination of his trip was a small town called Harlow, Texas. The objective of the group of young people was to set up a prosperous business in the desolate city, since the competition was less and the possibilities were in their favor.

However, their plans are foiled when they accidentally run into Leatherface.

During one of their adventures they begin to bother this terrible serial killer causing 'Leatherface' to unleash chaos throughout the county and they will have to figure out how to survive.

3. 'The creepy shack'

The film that has marked one of the most unexpected turns in the film industry is directed and produced by 'Severin Fiala' and 'Veronika Franz'.

The story follows the personal life of Riley Keough, a young woman who makes the decision to become a stepmother when she gets engaged to her boyfriend who is a few years older.

Her fiancé has two rather introverted little ones and they don't get along with people outside their household.

For this reason, the father of the family decides to undertake a family trip to a cabin isolated from society, with the aim of bringing his future wife closer to their two little ones so that they can all live together.

However, during the first night of their stay in the cabin, a terrible snowfall occurred that caused them to remain trapped in the cabin for many hours. Riley begins to suffocate and begins to become completely unsettled as spooky events and paranormal acts occur.

4. 'Fantasy Island'

One of the most entertaining horror titles in the Netflix catalog, which has managed to win the affection of subscribers without a doubt, is ' Fantasy Island '. The footage is based on a 1970s reality show story that was converted into a terrifying film format.

A group of travelers decides to explore new areas in distant towns, during their journeys they decide to go to a hidden 'Magic Island' that fulfills the dreams of the people who come to it. The young people end up arriving at Roarke Resort, a beautiful place where all people can get what they want.

Then, with the passing of time, all people begin to notice that each of the wishes they made are fulfilled as if by magic and everything flows normally. However, with the passing of time each of the wishes becomes the scariest nightmare of each of them.

This movie was produced by Blumhouse productions and was created by Maggie Q., who was in charge of writing the script for one of the best horror movies on Netflix 'Fantasy Island' published in 2020 .

5. 'History of the occult'

The film " History of the occult " is the first Argentine film that is part of the horror category on Netflix, it is directed by Cristian Ponce and was released on the platform in 2020.

Said film is an existential and psychological terror that managed to be the best horror film of 2021 according to 'Letterboxd'.

It tells the story of a journalistic group that is part of '60 minutes before midnight', one of the best investigative programs in Argentina that was in its final broadcast. The nation's rulers decided to eliminate contracts with advertisers to reveal extra information.

During the final broadcast, they manipulated the content of the program to reveal the most controversial and secret topic of the moment: the method he used to come to power through occult tricks and state secrets that would disturb the entire nation.

6. 'The street of terror'

'The street of terror' is a film that has been part of the Netflix catalog since September 2021 and since its debut it has managed to become one of the best horror movies on Netflix. The film narrates the life of a girl with her friends, after a wave of bestial attacks on her street.

Tired of so much tragedy, they decide to face adversity in order to find the origin of everything that happens in their neighborhood. Then they will know the horrible force of evil that has been responsible for causing all the deaths and chaos that has been in their town for several centuries.

7. 'Terrified'

The movie ' Terrified ' presents a sequence of paranormal events that are intertwined with the most controversial and heinous crimes of all. A supernatural phenomenon of nature begins to stalk an Argentine town kidnapping small children who are devastated in the area.

The authorities then begin to investigate the origin of the children's disappearances and come to the conclusion that the supernatural phenomenon uses them to sacrifice them and resurrect people from the grave.

Through the tombs will begin to emerge unseen murderous specters that have hellish voices that murder all the people in the vicinity. ' Terrified ' is a film with a terrifying setting from its first scene, it implements a different and unique format to the rest of the films in this category.