The "PRODUCE X 101" series ends: find out the winners and all the details

Cristian García
3 min read

Today the famous Mnet series "Produce X 101" ended. It is in charge of choosing a male K-pop group among all the participants of said television show. In this way, we will already be able to know who the winners of this contest are and some details of this new group also came to light.

The "PRODUCE X 101" series ends: find out the winners and all the details

Lee Dong Wook, the show's famous host, finally announced earlier today the characters who would be making up the new group that Mnet and its coaches hope can go a long way in the musical realm.

The first thing that was made known was that this new group would be made up of a total of 11 members and that it would be called " X1". In addition, it was made known that the contract of all the members of said boyband was going to be the longest to date of the program: they would be promoting with the contractor company for up to 5 years.

On the other hand, after the first 2 years and 6 months of promotion of this group have elapsed, each member will have the opportunity to return to their discography company to participate in any other type of individual project.

To choose the list of winners, it was decided to do a count of the online votes from last week and the votes live by text message. Live votes counted for 7 of last week's votes. In total, more than 14 million votes were generated during the final.

Next, you will be able to see the list of winners, which is ordered depending on the number of votes each contestant had:

Complete list of X1 members

# 11 (X) Lee Eun Sang (Brand New Music) - Not mentioned.

# 10 Kang Min Hee (Starship Entertainment) - 749,444 votes.

# 9 Cha Jun Ho (Woollim Entertainment) - 756,939 votes.

# 8 Nam Do Hyon (MBK Entertainment) - 764,433 votes.

# 7 Lee Han Gyul (MBK Entertainment) - 794,411 votes.

# 6 Son Dong Pyo (DSP Media) - 824,389 votes.

# 5 Cho Seung Youn (Yuehua Entertainment) - 929,311 votes.

# 4 Song Hyeong Jun (Starship Entertainment) - 1,049,222 votes.

# 3 Han Seung Woo (Plan A Entertainment) - 1,079,200 votes.

# 1 Kim Wooseok (TOP Media) - 1.3034.03 votes.

# 1 Kim Yo Han (OUI Entertainment) - 1,334,011 votes.