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The publication of the buried album "Toy" is announced

Luis Rafael
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The album "Toy" that was created in 2001 by the legendary Bowie, was buried and was discarded by the artist due to an agreement he had with the Virgin label. This album had many errors according to the artist and was one of the reasons why it was not released in that year.

This project was one of the most significant of his artistic career, since, during his recording in New York, the vocalist had the opportunity to reconcile with his most precious producer, "Tony Visconti".

Like countless other artists of his age, the British David Bowie also had his disputes with the owners of the record labels. The album "Toy", the 2001 collection covered after a fight at Virgin, returns this Friday in its only version.

David Bowie: The Release Of His Buried Album "Toy" Announced

The supposed album of "Toy" released in 2011 is an unofficial version

A pirated adaptation of "Toy", of horrible quality, has been flowing on the Internet since around 2011. Also, some of its songs were at that time used by Bowie in Heathen (2002), or for B-sides of singles, or in some arrangement.

What Jérôme Soligny said after the announcement

It is important to mention that David Bowie did several projects with Jérôme Soligny who was one of the artist's most valued producer and composer partners. He recently mentioned his words about the British singer's album through the media.

"The fans only know 50% of the collection", revealed to AFP Jérôme Soligny, French specialist of the artist, creator of "David Bowie Rainbowman".

How was the album "Toy" made?

The "Toy" collection was brought into the world as an adventure from the versions of Can't resist pondering me (1966 tune) that Bowie performed with his band in the late 1990s.

With that group, which included Sterling Campbell, Mark Plati and Earl Slick, Bowie had reached one of his imaginative peaks, with a show at the Glastonbury Festival (England) in 2000 that was recorded in his newspapers.

The collection also denotes a significant second in Bowie's career, during his filming he was able to find the most harmonic melodies and according to his style, according to the British artist in one of his communications.

David Bowie dominates at the Gastonbury Festival concert

The Duke (one of Bowie's epithets) had stopped working with Visconti prior to Let's Dance, his 1983 hit, created by Nile Rodgers (Chic's guitarist).

"Bowie was quick to work with him (Visconti) again, albeit with homeopathic doses at first, as both he and Tony are people with strong personalities," Soligny clarifies.

The day after his victorious Glastonbury show, Bowie enters the studio with his band. Together they review tunes recorded sometime between 1964 and 1971. Bowie needs to deliver the collection promptly, in light of displays from a meeting in the upper structure.

"Toy is a vintage case wrapped in an air of happiness, fire and energy, with the sound of artists happy to play together," clarifies Mark Plati, who collaborated on the recording, twenty years after it was recorded.

The controversial comment that David Bowie made about "Toy"

In any case, relations with Virgin immediately soured. "Virgin turned into a total shit. These guys were horrendous for the two years after I left," Bowie declared in 2002 and this was one of the reasons why he left his album buried until now.

The singer wears out and leaves his album "Toy" in a cabinet, then delivers Heathen (Iso / Columbia / Sony).

The album "Toy" will be released on Bowie's birthday.

On January 7, 2022, the night before Bowie's birthday, Toy (Toy: Box), one more form of the lost collection, will be delivered, this time with optional and acoustic cuts.

An interesting fact is that there is the subject of the cover of the unpublished collection. It is a photograph of an adult Bowie on a child's face with simian highlights. An impossible decision to ignore, for a true dandy.


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