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The streaming productions that arrive in August 2022

Luis Rafael
10 min read

Streaming platforms are preparing their arsenal to take the entertainment industry by storm throughout the summer.

The streaming productions that arrive in August 2022 – Showbiz – WebMediums
The streaming productions that arrive in August 2022

The companies Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and Netflix have already announced their new programming that will be distributing new series and movies in the coming weeks.

Therefore, this time we are going to provide as much information as possible about the most relevant details of the upcoming releases on the small screen. Among the newest titles are: 'The house of the Dragon', The second season of 'Pennyworth' and 'Sherlock'.

The movies and series of 'Disney +', 'Prime Video', 'Netflix' and 'HBO Max' that premiere this month

Below, we present the list of the best series and movies from the platforms 'HBO Max', 'Amazon Prime Video', 'Disney' and 'Netflix' that will be making their debut this month.

1. 'Pennyworth'

This is one of the most successful titles on the HBO Max platform, which is coming with the broadcast of its second installment on the content portal. The production was created by British showrunner 'Bruno Heller' and starred 'Ben Aldridge', 'Hainsley Lloyd' and 'Bennett Jack Bannon (II)'.

The series chronicles the life of a man named 'Alfred Mennyworth', one of Batman's closest friends 60 years before the adventures in Gotham. In the story we will see the first steps of 'Alfred' in the city of London before meeting the vigilante bat. This time we see him working as a special agent of the British SAS.

1. ‘Pennyworth’

Over time, they reveal the most impressive feats of the character and the entire process prior to the founding of the joint secret company of 'Thomas Wayne', Batman's father. Little by little, he becomes part of the elite family and will create links with 'Bruce Wayne' in a matter of days.

The premiere of the second season of " Pennyworth " will be coming to the streaming company on August 1, 2022.

2. 'The House of the Dragon'

' House of the Dragon ' is the new series that has captured the hearts of more than 10 million users, marking the return of the Game Of Thrones universe. 2. 'The House of the Dragon'

The prequel is directed and produced by screenwriter 'George RR Martin' and 'Ryan J. Condal'. Starring 'Matt Smith (XI)' and 'Olivia Cooke'.

The plot is set 200 years before the events of GOT, before the fall of the 'Targaryen' dynasty. It is focused on the evolution of the 'Targaryen' family after their escape due to the collapse in Valyria, managing to position themselves in 'Dragonstone'. There began 'Aegon I's' conquest of Westeros.

With the passing of time, the family of great lineage began to breed the fearsome dragons to foster respect and fear before the rest of their opponents from the 7 kingdoms. On the other hand, they will have to face 'Lord Corlys Velaryon' known as 'The Sea Serpent', leader of a powerful family in Westeros.

The series ' The house of the Dragon ' will be coming to the small screen from August 22, 2022, through HBO Max.

3. 'Sherlock'

The most successful thriller and suspense production is called ' Sherlock ' and will be coming to streaming with all its episodes.

The production was created and written by the English screenwriter 'Steven Moffat' and 'Mark Gatiss'. The cast is headed by 'Benedict Cumberbatch', 'Martin Freeman' and 'Amanda Abbington'.

3. ‘Sherlock’

The story follows the life of the famous detective 'Sherlock Holmes' in his beginnings, presenting his most successful cases and the journeys he experienced in the city of London. At the beginning we can observe the relentless strategies of the man that led him to be part of the Police investigation team.

In addition, in the background we will be meeting 'Dr. John Watson', who is returning from the war in Afghanistan and thanks to an acquaintance begins to share a room with Holmes. This will start to involve you in the most eminent crime scenes and you will make an excellent team during your missions.

The premiere of all seasons of " Sherlock " will be coming to HBO Max starting August 11, 2022.

4. 'A League Of Their Own'

' A League Of Their Own ' is Prime Video 's new drama and comedy original production that is causing great controversy after the premiere of its official trailer. The production was created by director 'Will Graham' and 'Abbi Jacobson'. The series stars 'Chanté Adams' and 'D'Arcy Carden'.

The series is inspired by the homonymous tape and novel created by 'Penny Marshall' in the late 2000s.

The story is set in the United States in 1943, the same year in which the Women's Professional Baseball League was founded, this being one of the most relevant historical moments in the sport.

4. ‘A League Of Their Own’

The plot reveals the personal life of a group of women who have managed to make their way in the sport, becoming great stars of women's baseball. With the passing of time, the entire future of the sport begins to depend on them, since the Second World War recruited all the male players.

' A League Of Their Own ' will be presenting its first episodes on August 12, 2022 through Amazon Prime Video.

5. 'All Or Nothing: Arsenal'

This is the new documentary that is intended for viewers and lovers of European football, its official teaser managed to get more than 600 thousand views on the Prime Video portal. The production was created, produced and starred by the British filmmaker 'Daniel Kaluuya'.

5. ‘All Or Nothing: Arsenal’

The documentary follows the lives of the players and the technical director of the English team 'Arsenal', one of the most relevant in the first division. In the first episodes we will observe the testimonies of the best players about their most relevant competitions, strategies and cups won.

During each segment we can observe what the day-to-day and training of the soccer team is like, showing the most difficult and successful moments of the team while they reveal the motivation process to stay on their feet in the face of adversity.

New sports documentary ' A League Of Their Own ' is scheduled to premiere August 4, 2022 on Prime Video.

6. 'Never have I ever: Season 3'

This is the title of one of the most successful teen dramatic comedies from the company of the great 'N', this time it will be premiering its third installment. The production was created and produced by 'Mindy Kaling' and 'Lang Fisher'. Starring 'Maitreyi Ramakrishnan', 'Richa Moorjani' and 'Jaren Lewison'.

The story follows the life of a high school student named 'Devi', a troubled girl of Indian origin who has an excellent academic average. However, the girl has a much bigger problem, she is in love with a boy and does not know how to socialize with him due to her clumsiness and bad temper.

6. ‘Yo nunca: Temporada 3’

'Devi' is politically correct due to her mother's strict religious upbringing, but this time she wants to change things by going to parties with alcohol, hanging out with friends and having a relationship for the first time. Little by little he gets to know the love of his life, despite the fact that things don't always go as expected.

The third season of " Never have I " will be arriving on the Netflix portal on August 12, 2022.

7. 'Locke & Key'

' Locke & Key ' is an anthology series that is making a big impact on the small screen due to its plot and impeccable cast. The footage was created and directed by filmmaker 'Carlton Cuse' and 'Joe Hill'. The cast is made up of 'Darby Stanchfield', 'Connor Jessup' and 'Emilia Jones'.

The story follows the lives of the 'Locke' family, who are recognized throughout the city as one of the most wealthy and renowned families.

7. ‘Locke & Key’

On this occasion, the 'Locke' decides to return home after learning of the unexpected death of his father, his wife has not yet managed to recover emotionally.

The children of the deceased: 'Tyler', 'Kinsey' and 'Bode' begin to join minds until they get clues and information about their father's death. As the hours go by they discover that the mansion is full of magical keys. These objects have the power to enter their minds, thoughts and separate their spirits.

The psychological thriller fiction will premiere its season 3 on August 10, 2022 through the Netflix portal.

8. 'Sandman'

The new original production ' Sandman ' is just around the corner, after more than 15 months of waiting, viewers will be able to enjoy its first installment. The fantasy drama series was created by screenwriter 'Allan Heinberg'. It features performances by 'Gwendoline Christie' and 'Vivienne Acheampong'.

8. ‘Sandman’

The plot follows a powerful and imposing character who has a very crazy plan and is considered to be the embodiment of deep dream images. 'Dream' has the power to enter the dreams of some people and obtain important information and details about everyone's past.

'Sueño' is part of a legendary family called 'The Eternals', which has very peculiar members: 'Destiny', 'Death', 'Destruction', 'Desire', 'Despair' and 'Delirium'. Each of them has unique powers that work to balance the fate of the world.

The premiere of the 'DC Comics' series will be coming to the small screen from August 5, 2022 through Netflix.

9. 'The misunderstood club'

' El club de los misunderstood ' is one of the best-known satire films in the cinema and will be hitting the small screen in the coming days.

The production was created and written by the Spanish filmmaker 'Carlos Sedes' and the cast is starred by 'Charlotte Vega', 'Alex Maruny' and 'Ivana Baquero'.

9. ‘El club de los incomprendidos’

The film follows Valeria, a young woman who has had the most troublesome moments of her life after the separation of her parents. As a result of this, he begins a new life in Madrid and begins to study at the institute, however, there he will have to attend several meetings with the counselor and this upsets him.

Despite the fact that at first for 'Valeria' she felt uncomfortable and saw therapies as something bad, she begins to meet several people who also attend these meetings and they begin to live incredible experiences. The protagonist will begin to empathize with them and will meet her first love.

The satire-drama film will debut on streaming for the first time starting August 5, 2022 on Disney+.

10. 'She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk'

This is the new series of superheroes that 2 million fans of 'Marvel Studios' have been waiting for, after the premiere of its first images and its official poster. The series was created by showrunner 'Jessica Gao'. It features performances by 'Tatiana Maslany', 'Mark Ruffalo' and 'Tim Roth'.

10. ‘She-Hulk: Abogada Hulka’

The plot recounts the life of 'Jennifer Walters', an ordinary woman who one day suffered a tragic accident and had to receive emergency blood, the blood donor was her cousin 'Bruce Banner'. Over time he manages to recover his health, unlike now he has superhuman powers.

'Jennifer' begins to take on 'Hulk' powers to a lesser extent and is now able to deal heavy blows and has resistance to pain. The protagonist decides to use her strength and intelligence to fight crime alongside her cousin's alter ego.

The premiere of the first season of " She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka " will arrive on Disney + from August 17, 2022.