The surprise gift RM received from BTS from ARMY

Cristian García
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BTS's Namjoon recently had his birthday, coming to be congratulated by millions of people around the world. In this way, the idol would be celebrating another new year with all kinds of honors. Thus, his fans or ARMY from Tunisia have decided to give him a totally special gift, which would have surprised the K-pop artist.

The surprise gift RM received from BTS from ARMY – Showbiz – WebMediums

BTS's RM managed to generate a global trend, being congratulated by ARMYs from all over the world. In this way, the artist would have appreciated all the love received on that special date. Even so, the ARMYs of Tunisia have decided to surprise him by giving him an incredible gift.

BTS's RM receives surprise gift from ARMY of Tunisia

The gift RM received from BTS from the ARMYs would be about land on none other than Luna herself. Thus, this fanatic decided to grant him a space in the place known as the Lake of Dreams. Therefore, the idol would be marking history again after this incredible event that he would be receiving from the ARMY.

The ARMY of Tunisia also decided to create a group of fans, which would carry out all kinds of activities to make BTS known around the world. In addition, I would seek that all ARMYs could communicate and hold a multitude of events to celebrate all kinds of activities related to BTS.

This gift would be honoring RM's love for the Moon. This has been something that he has managed to mention in his song Moonchild, dedicating some incredible lyrics to this incredible place in outer space. Therefore, the surprise of the idol would have been enormous and would have generated many surprises worldwide.