TWICE's Jihyo keeps remembering Mina despite not being present at Feel Special promo

Cristian García
2 min read

TWICE has returned with their new track Feel Special, which has turned out to be a complete success. It has ended up becoming his most successful album in his debut week. Even so, the ONCE or fans of this group would be extremely saddened by not being able to see Mina on stage. Even so, Jihyo has decided to pay tribute to him in one of the recent group appearances of this girl band.

TWICE's Jihyo keeps remembering Mina despite not being present at Feel Special promo

Jihyo is the leader of TWICE, so she always seeks to create an atmosphere of harmony and is in charge of giving extremely important indications to the other members. Therefore, it would have been his duty to show that Mina would continue within the group despite being withdrawn from the public spotlight to recover from her strong anxiety problems.

TWICE's Jihyo pays tribute to Mina in recent Feel Special promo

The whole thing happened in TWICE's last appearance on M! Countdown, where Jihyo would have featured an image of Mina on what appeared to be a huge sticker. In this way, the ONCEs would have come to the brink of tears when they knew all the difficult event that this idol so loved by many people go through.

This has not been the only time that Jihyo has paid tribute to Mina and remembered her despite not being able to participate in her musical comeback. In this way, in the recent TWICE showcase, Jihyo would have had a pin of Mively, the famous character by which Mina is known. Thus, this would only be a small reminder that said member would be returning soon.

Despite all of this, Mina has been spectacular in her recent appearance in the music video for Feel Special. Thus, said member would have had an incredible moment with Chaeyoung, where both would have a meeting that would remind that Mina would continue in the group regardless of all kinds of personal problems that she was suffering.