TWICE's Mina reappears on stage for the group's 4th anniversary

Cristian García
2 min read

TWICE recently held a fan meeting to celebrate their 4th anniversary of debuting. In this way, a big event would have been held, where a great surprise would be presented. Mina, a member who had withdrawn from the stage due to anxiety problems, would be returning to celebrate this holiday with the group, which has generated surprise among the ONCEs.

TWICE's Mina reappears on stage for the group's 4th anniversary

All this event has made that date a special moment for both TWICE and the ONCEs, since it would mark a stage where Mina would be returning to the stage. Thus, all the fans and the group have dedicated this commemorative event to celebrate the return of said member.

TWICE's Mina Returns On Stage For Girlgroup's 4th Debut Anniversary

At said event, Mina performed on almost every song that TWICE performed. In addition, it would be the first time that said member shared the stage with her other colleagues to perform Feel Special, the latest song released by this girlgroup, which has generated great attention worldwide.

In this way, TWICE's 4th anniversary would close with a flourish with this very special event that was held recently. Thus, there are still doubts about whether Mina would continue to sing with said group or if she only appeared to pay tribute to this date and to show the ONCE that she loves them with all her heart.

On the other hand, TWICE recently released their Japanese song Fake & True, which is being a complete success in that country. It is expected that from November this girlgroup will begin promoting in Japanese lands to show how extremely talented they are. In this way, there would be many expectations before this new musical return.