Video viral of police chasing a squirrel EE. UU

Cristian García
1 min read

Recently, the video of police officers from a police station in Stratham, new Hampshire, where they are confronted by a squirrel who had sneaked into that place. The video managed to go viral instantly.

Video viral of police chasing a squirrel EE. UU – Showbiz – WebMediums

In the video, captured by the security camera of the Stratham command, you see the police officers walking around unsuspecting when they end up meeting the squirrel. Seconds later, they try to capture it, but without success.

At the end of the video, you see how the squirrel manages to leave the place through one of the doors leading to the garage of the Stratham police station. In this way, the police manage to scare the creature from that site.

The video was published by the same Stratham police station on their social networks. In addition, they leave a small text indicating that the squirrel and the police officers were injured.

This is only one of the hilarious events that usually live, in certain occasions, in the police stations of the United States. Even so, the video is very funny, seeing these policemen before such eventuality.