Where are the remains of José José?

Suria Ibañez
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Recently the news came to light that the youngest daughter of the famous singer José José had the remains of her father in secret. The news circulated through social networks and even won that the hatred of many Mexicans will be achieved. Sarita's older brothers, who is the youngest, allegedly claimed that they did not know where their father's remains were since they had not been found at the funeral home where they had been informed.

Where are the remains of José José? – Showbiz – WebMediums

What about José José's body?

The question that afflicts many Mexicans at this time is... Where is the body of José José? Following the accusations made to the youngest of José José's daughters, she has declared that they are completely false.

Sarita claims that her brothers do know where their father's remains are. She assures that the remains are in the possession of the funeral home while the manner in which the funeral will take place is being decided. The girl also commented that in no way would she refuse to let the Mexicans say goodbye to "The prince of the song."

Where are the remains of José José? – Showbiz – WebMediums

The young woman also explained that the last months of her father's life were happy, the main reason why she decided to take her father to Miami. He also commented that the decision was made by both of them and that José José was happy to be in Miami, where he also wanted to continue his treatment.

Sarita, only 25 years old, appeared with her husband for these statements on the "Al Rojo vivo" program. In this interview he also described how the last weeks of the singer were, but not before reiterating that some tributes are being prepared for José José both in Mexico and in the United States, to which his brothers are invited.