YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK's company, will have to pay additional taxes for money laundering

Cristian García
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Recently, the company The National Tax Service, a South Korean company in charge of analyzing the tax rates of that country, has decided to implement additional charges to YG Entertainment and Yang Hyun Suk due to a variety of taxes that were not paid on time.

YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK's company, will have to pay additional taxes for money laundering

The spokesperson for said entity has indicated that, the 6 months of evaluation to YG Entertainment, it has not been clearly evidenced that said company has carried out money laundering or avoided paying its corresponding taxes. Even so, this BLACKPINK company will have to make a payment of some additional trillion Korean won due to non-payment of the same.

YG Entertainment and Yang Hyun Suk will have to pay additional taxes for money laundering case

The statements of The National Tax Services were very clear and hinted that YG Entertainment had evaded certain taxes, although minimal compared to the amount of profits that said company generated. Similarly, Yang Hyun Sunk, former CEO of said company, would also be being evaluated for evading taxes:

The 6-month investigation conducted in our four offices and the transition from the tax crime investigation have determined that there is no possibility of prosecution. Therefore, the value of the taxes determined is not a minimum value, although it is not that large compared to YG's sales volume.

On the other hand, said agency has also pointed out that Yang Hyun Sunk is being investigated for illegal gambling and other associated charges. Therefore, it is expected that this character will come to face justice due to the multiple accusations he has against.

Netizens discuss new statements against YG Entertainment and Yang Hyun Sunk

The Netizen.

Netizen 1: The Burning Sun scandal is very big due to the scale of drugs and bribes that were in said place to think that everything will be solved with 6 billion Korean won... Netizen 2: The Korean police have no problem foaming their mouths in these types of cases and many others. Netizen 3: Basically the price of a gum for Yang Hyun Suk. Netizen 4: So they're trying to end all of this with a tax payment instead of a full investigation? This reflects the power of money... The guilty can turn innocent with it.