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Yoss Hoffman's father dies: "I will miss you"

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It was the producer and actress Yoseline Hoffman herself who confirmed the death of her father. The Youtuber has always stated that important changes for life must be made at birthdays and today her father has died.

Yoss Hoffman's father dies: "I will miss you" – Showbiz – WebMediums

Yoseline Hoffman has worked on television, specifically for Canal Once, TVC and Tv Azteca, on the latter television station, she obtained important commitments as the host of the London Olympics in 2012.

YosS Hoffman has always attracted the attention of his followers for his humorous videos loaded with emotions and criticism, he recently posted a video about having useful and useless children, while also uploading a picture of his abs.

Do you remember that I told you that birthday is a time of change? Well, today my dad went to a better place... it hurts a lot, and I'll miss him, bastard... thanks to everyone for being here. He said goodbye to his father on Twitter.
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