Yuya has a new boyfriend?

Suria Ibañez
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They say out there that the first to have a relationship after dating was the least committed in which he sustained first, but... How true is that? The reality is that this cannot be affirmed or denied since various factors influence. The truth is that when you feel something for a person it is difficult to stop doing it, and you just let yourself go and this is precisely what it seems to indicate happened with the famous youtuber Yuya.

Yuya has a new boyfriend? – Showbiz – WebMediums

Yuya and Siddhartha are in a relationship?

Twitter broke out this morning with a news story about Mariand Catrejon better known as Yuya, Yuya shared through Instagram a photograph where everything seems to indicate that he maintains a relationship with the rock singer Siddharta.

Although there were already rumors about a possible relationship so far there was no publication or confirmation on his part. It was until Monday night, September 30, when Yuya decided to share a photograph with the singer where they are very happy.

Yuya has a new boyfriend? – Showbiz – WebMediums

It was through their Instagram stories that we were able to see the photograph. In the stories he tells that he returned home and that of course he is very happy to do so. He also mentions that he knew Guanajuato and some other places, however he did not take photographs and later regretted it. However, what really captivated his fans was when he shared a video where Siddharta was on stage singing and later published a photograph with him.

Will this photograph be the confirmation of the relationship between Yuya and Siddharta ? So far her fans have spoken on Twitter with support and best wishes and some more people have criticized her, mentioning how quickly she had allegedly got over Beto Pasillas with whom she was going to marry before her breakup.