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How to have your business on social networks?

In recent years, social networks have become a fundamental means of commerce for humanity.

Irene de Espinoza
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How to have your business on social networks? – Social Media – WebMediums
Technology and trade hand in hand

Thanks to them, a large amount of information can be shared between people from all countries. The most representative are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and YouTube, to name a few.

In a connected world we have seen implications both in changing people's lifestyles, even in how a business should be managed and run in this globalized environment.

Social networks and the world of ¿

Currently, running a business without social networks becomes a competitive disadvantage, since a large percentage of relationships between consumers and companies are being created by these platforms.

That is why, regardless of the size of the company or business, it is necessary to have a presence on social networks.

With these technological resources we can share valuable information with customers, generating a more direct interaction with consumers, which allows us to resolve doubts, accept suggestions and create an environment in which customers feel identified.

This allows that when making a purchase decision they lean towards the one that has provided them with sufficient support through these networks.

How to have your business on social networks? – Social Media – WebMediums
The increase in independent traders has been noted

What do you want to sell ?: Product or services

It all starts with our mind, skills and knowledge. That is why before starting a project, you should make a deep observation about the knowledge you have and in what area you specialize, if you know how to sell, teach, design, develop etc.

Based on this, you will see what you are good for and what you are not good for. There are people who are good at sales, they like to interact with people, they are good businessmen.

While others with more knowledge know how to handle technology, program and operate in certain areas. Each person should know what he likes and where he stands out best.

How to have your business on social networks? – Social Media – WebMediums
Work from home with your own business on social networks

What is your audience in the market?

First, we must detect the ideal audience or clientele, who is that person to whom we are talking, for whom we are creating our product or service.

Consider that not everyone will feel identified, and we have to understand what the specific need of our customers is, so we can develop a product, remembering that each individual has different interests and their own hobbies.

Let's start with the demographic part, who are they? How old are they? What level of education do they have? What level of income? Occupations, where do they live? Their family situation, if they are single, married, or in family with children etc.

All this data is easy to analyze to know who our ideal client is.

The psychological part is also important to know how that person likes, what excites him, his work style, if he works from home, if he is an entrepreneur, retired, his favorite brand, in which social network he spends more time.

How to have your business on social networks? – Social Media – WebMediums
The success of entrepreneurship in social networks

All these are guidelines that we must take into account, once you know their routine, what they like, their lifestyle, you can begin to detect more easily what their need is, how you can enter there with a solution, that it ends up transformed into your message.

For example, a lonely person who spends the day working comes home tired and does not have time to cook, offering a food service with fast to his house is a way to provide a solution in the life of that client.

Social media sales strategies

To begin with, it is very important to define what the objective is to create a social network channel, either to attract a public, create contact with potential clients or to promote a brand.

Then it is essential to do a good market study, look at what channels our competition uses, what and how it communicates, observe the frequency of publication, what are the best times to publish and thus know what is the best way to proceed in our sector.

It is also good to analyze success stories and channels that are working very well outside our sector.

Now we must choose a suitable social channel.

How to have your business on social networks? – Social Media – WebMediums
It will always be essential to study the competition

Be aware of how many resources you have before choosing a social network, how many brands you can cover, how many you are going to manage, and if you have a design team.

Sometimes it is better to have fewer channels, but well nurtured and attended, than a passive presence on social networks.

Choose the social network that best suits your business

To choose the most relevant social network, it is important to discover which one is the most used and which attracts your ideal clientele.

Facebook and YouTube have the highest participation of all age groups, now if you sell for a young audience, without a doubt Instagram would be your best option.

On the other hand, if you sell products and services aimed at companies, use LinkedIn or Twitter.

If you are looking for a more general audience, YouTube and Facebook can certainly help you.

Facebook will be your best ally if you are interested in a massive clientele. For example, if you sell a television, your client can be both an 18-year-old and a 50-year-old (here Facebook is ideal), everything will depend on what kind of people or companies your products or services are aimed at.

How to have your business on social networks? – Social Media – WebMediums
Every business has a social network to promote

You must follow the correct users on Twitter to build a network, here you can use tools that allow you to search for profiles by topics or keywords and that provides you with a list in order of the best Twitter users.

You can start your search by sales or marketing, by using this tool you can follow several users quickly, instead of visiting each individual profile, here the key is to follow interesting profiles for your sales objective.

I hope these tips help you improve your business on social media.