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How to Verify an Instagram Account: Tips to Get Your Blue Badge

Includes the latest updates from the social network to verify accounts

Enrique R
Enrique R
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Verification of an account on social networks is a first order element for artists and personalities around the world.

Influencers know that this badge separates them from "common" accounts, although they don't usually say so and for these reasons everyone wants to get the verification badge on their social media.

Verification in networks guarantees exclusivity

For many years, the requirements to get your account verified on Facebook, Instagram or other networks were relatively accessible to everyone, but this led to too many verified profiles.

Remember that the principle that gives value to verification is precisely that not all accounts have it, only those that really represent a known or prominent person in some area.

How to Verify an Instagram Account: Tips to Get Your Blue Badge

Let's think about something that always happens: A new artist, model, movie, singer, even presidents, political leaders, becomes relevant in the media.

Immediately an army of accounts will copy your profile or name, this as a tactic to attract thousands or millions of followers.

How can followers safely differentiate the real count from the copies or fakes?

Exactly. Thanks to verification, it is another strong reason to seek account verification.

The relevance of verification in moments of political tension

Social networks and the media have managed to represent a power in terms of political events, although they never replace the electoral referee of any country, the broadcast in the media of Biden's victory against Trump was practically a signal that everyone celebrated as the defeat of the former president.

As for the networks, the factor used to demonstrate this weight is precisely the verification.

The official account of the US president was now managed by Biden's team, although Trump's staff continues to be verified as being a personality, known billionaire with television programs and large companies, he could no longer place in his profiles "president of the USA "or it would lose verification.

Another recent case was the issue of Juan Guaidó and his figure as president in charge of Venezuela, recognized by about 50 countries in the world and with verified profiles on some social networks.

However, as soon as all that figure lost its weight, the profiles of Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela, recovered their verification and this was another sign of the political reality that followed.

Be careful, it is not suggested that social networks define these types of events, but they are one of the factors that combine to determine the reality that applies at the moment.

But even if you are not an actor with 50 million followers or president, you may be interested in getting your verified badge on Instagram, the good news is that you can do it, although you should take into account some tips that will pave the way to that goal:

Fill the form

It is the most basic thing we can mention and anyone can know this step when trying to verify an account on social networks. In the case of Instagram, the form is very similar to that of the social network Facebook since they belong to the same company and in reality, for the purpose, the forms are functional for both networks.

How to Verify an Instagram Account: Tips to Get Your Blue Badge

Steps necessary to verify your account on Instagram

These elements will also be necessary to be able to fill in the respective form correctly.

The account must have real backup

If you are a person, you must have an identity document from your country, if it is a company you must necessarily have a registration.

Only official presence on the web

If it is a company, you must make it clear that it is the official account of the organization. When they are very large personalities or companies, then they can verify several accounts for sectors or enterprises linked to the principal.

The account cannot be set as private

It is something logical even. The configuration as a public account will allow the review of the Instagram team.

Profile photo and biography

Make sure that the photo can be identified with your identity document, the profile must speak of the aspect you want to highlight. If you want to verify your Instagram profile as a writer, in your biography you should mention that you are a writer, mention a published book...


This aspect is quite relative, but it is necessary that it be someone known in your area, even if you are a local singer, it could apply as long as the rest of the requirements are fine, and you have a certain number of followers and relevance.

You must appear in news sources

This is clearly stated by Instagram. They even recommend using at least five news sources where your person or company is mentioned (which matches the name of the account you want to verify), and you can also attach information about your followers and the region or area where you have more relevance.

All of these helps to give the proper context to the person or project to be verified.

Verification does not mean better positioning or endorsement of Instagram

On a daily basis, you can check that there are unverified accounts with more followers than other verified accounts.

We can also notice that some unverified accounts have a high impact, audience and interaction in some areas, much higher than verified accounts in that area.

Instagram verifies your identity, but the quality of the content is the responsibility of the person or company.

How to Verify an Instagram Account: Tips to Get Your Blue Badge

Errors to avoid when verifying your account on Instagram

There are false shortcuts and some actions that could cause your account not to be verified effectively or even, once verified, that you lose the blue badge. Be careful with these errors:

Use paid advertising as press coverage. Exceptionally, an account could be approved with a news item that is actually paid advertising, but remember that there will be eventual account reviews and that way, you could lose a badge.

You must take into account that in terms of credibility, the only thing worse than not having a verified badge is having it and then losing it, that affects the seriousness and trust of a profile.

Transfer a verified account (sell it). In some forums and digital spaces, many people offer certain amounts for verified Instagram accounts.

It is an absurd risk. You are in danger of losing your account and money. If this type of transfer is discovered, the account not only loses the badge, it can be banned. Badges are non-transferable.

Do not use a verified account for spam. The practice of spam is frowned upon on any account, but on a verified profile it would be a quick way to lose the blue badge.

If you got it, take care of it, if you don't have it yet, follow all these tips, and you will surely be one step closer to verification on Instagram.