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Meta prepares new features for Instagram and WhatsApp

Guzmán Leal
6 min read

While we're still sticking to the rumors suggesting new features for WhatsApp, there's now speculation about Instagram as well. And it is that, Meta follows the route of continuing to listen to the complaints and suggestions of its users in order to offer a better service.

That is why it has launched a series of functions that are under development and in the testing phase to be officially launched.

Here we tell you everything about what is coming for two of the most used applications worldwide.

What is coming for Instagram in the coming months?

We hadn't had any information regarding new Instagram features since they decided to increase the length of their stories. In essence, his latest update came with the inclusion of more than 15 seconds in the stories.

What was sought, and they achieved it in principle, is to stop the great growth that TikTok has had in recent times.

In this way, they would make the idea of creating content using Instagram as the main platform much more attractive.

In this case, new rumors indicate what Meta is preparing in terms of functionality and customization for Instagram users. Various sources have even indicated that these functions are already in the testing phase to eliminate any type of error.

Custom feed

It seems that the fact of spending time organizing and choosing which photo to upload first and which one later is going to be left behind with this new feature. Indeed, Meta is working on allowing users to organize their feed in a personalized way in its next update.

Meta prepares new features for Instagram and WhatsApp – Social Media
According to a Twitter user, @alex193a, this way we could customize the feed.

The feed, for those who are not unaware, is the grid of photographs finds on our profile. For marketing purposes, and of course, for visual aesthetics, many people tend to organize it with respect to colors and different graphic designs.

However, until now it can only be organized chronologically, so we would have to upload one photo after another to follow a certain order. In this way, with the new update we will be able to choose and drag any photograph and place it in the position of our preference.

Timeline order

One of the changes criticized by users and that they have been highlighting for a long time, is the change of the order in the timeline.

In earlier times, Instagram arranged the posts chronologically, but everything changed after an update that took place more than 6 years ago.

The change was that the order of the publications would be determined by the preferences and tastes of the user, based purely on artificial intelligence technology.

In this way, users could have content on their timeline that is much more in line with their tastes and needs thanks to an algorithm.

However, many people complained that they would sometimes see posts that could be up to 2 days old. It seems that now, Meta has set out to listen to the complaints of its users and launch the recovery of this feature.

Therefore, many rumors indicate that Instagram, in its next update, could return to the chronological order of the publications.

And not only this, but it would also add the possibility of viewing the timeline in three different ways. Specifically, we could choose between a "Home" section, followed by "Following" and a last one that would be "Favorites".

Meta prepares new features for Instagram and WhatsApp – Social Media
We can view the timeline according to our preferences.

It would be a totally innovative way with which they seek that all users have the most personalized content possible.

And WhatsApp? Is there still more to see in your next updates?

In advance, it was already known what was coming for the leading instant messaging application in 2022, which included up to 7 new functions.

Even so, leaks are still coming to light that highlight other features that Meta plans to include in WhatsApp.

Everything seems to indicate that Meta plans to promote much more, two of its most used applications with the aim of providing a better experience to its users.

Background voice memos

They were not satisfied with the possibility of increasing the playback speed of voice notes, now they want them to be heard in the background.

Everyone knows that to listen to an audio we have to stay in the chat until it ends.

Indeed, it could become cumbersome especially if the voice memos were longer than 2 minutes.

Once the function that allows us to view the voice notes before sending them has been implemented, they are now played in the background. Everything, with the aim of making the experience much more pleasant for everyone.

Meta prepares new features for Instagram and WhatsApp – Social Media
Playing audio in the background has been requested by the community for a long time.

In short, the next update could include the ability to play voice notes while navigating between different chats, within the application.

In other words, we can leave the conversation and still continue listening to the audio that has been sent to us.

This is a feature that has been requested by users for a long time. One of its advantages is that it would allow them to perform different tasks while listening to their friend's audio.

Through leaks, it was learned that there will be a module at the top of the application in which the audio can be controlled. That is, it can be paused, resumed or stopped permanently.

Flash calls

One of the methods that exist to verify within WhatsApp is through a call. In this function, we will have to listen to a code to later enter it in the application.

Now, with a new security feature that WhatsApp is rumored to have, called flash calls, it will be enough to answer the call. That is, it will have an automation system to immediately enter our profile.

Security reports and improvements

Message reporting could be a reality in the next WhatsApp update, which would be a security improvement.

And it is that now, it is speculated that a report could be made about specific messages about a user. While this is a small change, it represents much more detailed help for developers to provide a healthier and more secure experience.

Meta prepares new features for Instagram and WhatsApp – Social Media
Reporting from messages would be a new feature of WhatsApp.

Also, end-to-end encryption would extend its usefulness, actively participating in chat backups.

By when would we have these new features for Instagram and WhatsApp?

For now, it is only about rumors and leaks through testing phases in which such functions are found.

In this sense, it will be necessary to continue waiting for information and official details from Meta about the veracity of these speculations.

And it is that, many times it has happened that functions have been leaked for Meta applications that finally remained just that, rumors. Whether due to poor development or errors in the testing phase, what is certain is that they have taken it upon themselves to listen to their users.