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The new trick in WhatsApp: you can read messages without them knowing

Veronica Morao
4 min read
The new trick in WhatsApp: you can read messages without them knowing
Meet the new trick in WhatsApp

Many people worry about the privacy of their messages. For this, there is a new trick in WhatsApp in which you can read the message without anyone noticing.

Sometimes you don't want the other person to want to see the blue tick.

Despite the fact that there is the option of the WhatsApp app not to have the checkmark option activated, on some occasions it can go unnoticed and be activated.

Reading option with the Google Assistant

There is an easy way to read the message, for this you just have to rely on the Google assistant, which must be installed on the phone.

This is the most efficient method of reading a message on WhatsApp without anyone knowing. With this, the activation of some configuration option would be eliminated.

To activate the option, do the following:

  • Enter Google Assistant by saying out loud 'Ok Google'.

  • Tell the assistant to activate the option by saying aloud ' Read WhatsApp messages'.

  • The app will request permission, which is done in the configuration menu, selecting the corresponding option.

  • After this process, the assistant will display a floating window and read the message aloud.

Option to remove the double blue check

As of 2014, the double blue check option was activated, which allowed the sender to be informed that the message had been sent, received and read.

For this trick you must:

  • Go to WhatsApp Settings.

  • Open the Notifications option.

  • Select Popup Notifications.

  • Select Always Show Popup.

The message, after being read, will disappear.

If in the course of time, the screen is not manipulated, the application will capture the information that the message has not been read, so the double blue check would not be marked.

Read message in airplane mode

When activating airplane mode on the mobile device, you have the possibility of reading a WhatsApp message, without the sender seeing the blue check.

You only have to activate the mode when the notification of the new message arrives.

This option disables the Wi-Fi or data connection. Being without internet connection, you enter the application and read the message.

You just have to be careful that it is not marked as read and for this, you must exit the app and close it completely, before reactivating the internet.

Read message through magnifying glass

This resource is necessary in messaging applications, so that the search for information is much faster and easier.

When accessing the application, in the upper strip there is the magnifying glass icon.

By entering the name of the person or the group, a report of the last conversations will automatically appear. There you can see all the received and sent messages.

Message reading through the Widget

With this option you only have to unlock the phone and the messages will automatically appear in the Widget.

This is a window with special functionality, since it has a quick view of the messages that have arrived recently.

Each message appears, without being grouped, regardless of whether they are received in one of the groups.

How to use this option?

  • Keep your device screen pressed on the background.

  • The options to ' change wallpaper or add more widgets' will appear.

  • The WhatsApp option will appear in the menu.

  • Long press the WhatsApp window and it will be placed on the main screen.

These options allow the reading of WhatsApp messages without the sender receiving the blue check. Each of them works for chats with one person, as well as for group chats.