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Barcelona: Xavi prohibits Piqué from attending "El hormiguero"

German Centeno
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Barcelona: Xavi prohibits Piqué from attending "El hormiguero"
Xavi new Barcelona coach

The new Barcelona coach Xavi Hernández has already made it clear from day one that he wants to put order in the dressing room, and apparently he is already doing so. That was how, as soon as he entered the Camp Nou, he made it clear what he had planned to do.

The Spanish wants to implement a series of rules that all players must comply with. " It is not necessary to be harsh, everything is about order. When we have had rules in the dressing room we have done well and when we have not had them we have gone badly. We must be professionals, and we have to start with the rules" commented the coach Catalan during his presentation.

Last Tuesday he had his first meeting with the Barcelona squad, where it was learned that he explained a series of rules that must be met and which will have fines and amounts for those who do not comply. Xavi Hernández has also made it clear that he plans to control the extra-sports activities of his players.

In accordance with this, Gerard Piqué was the first to suffer the consequences of Xavi's new regulations. In this way, the one from Terraza has vetoed the central's participation in the "El Hormiguero" program, as revealed by the Spanish chain Cope.

"The Hormiguero"

Barcelona: Xavi prohibits Piqué from attending "El hormiguero"
Xavi does not allow Piqué to attend "El Hormiguero"

The Spanish and FC Barcelona defender, Gerard Piqué, had planned to go to the famous Spanish television program to promote the Davis Cup, thus taking advantage of the league break due to the commitments of the national teams.

Gerard Piqué, captain of Barcelona, is the organizer of the tennis tournament through his company Kosmos. However, this interview would take place in Madrid and at night, the main reason why Xavi has refused to grant the defender permission despite being a very important activity for him.

This is because Xavi Hernández does not want his players to be traveling by plane during their days off or participating in night events, since the priority is their rest. Right now Piqué is injured and this is something that limits his extra-sports activities much more.

The "Xavi" regulation

Barcelona: Xavi prohibits Piqué from attending "El hormiguero"
Xavi arrives to put order in Barcelona

Xavi's goal is to be able to impose a series of rules on his players, although many of them already appear in their contracts. So far, the Catalan coach wants his new regulations to be complied with, such as group activities, schedules, nutritional measures or key economic sanctions.

As a first measure for Xavi, he wants the Barcelona players to be at the Sports City an hour and a half before training begins. This rule also includes for the coaching staff who must be two hours before the preparatory session begins and half an hour before the arrival of the squad.

These rules will also force players to have breakfast together and have lunch together, something that until now was voluntary. Xavi wants to take care of the diet of all his footballers, so now he will watch over their meals.

The fines come back now

Barcelona: Xavi prohibits Piqué from attending "El hormiguero"
Xavi returns to bring the fines to Barcelona

Previously, the stages of fines at FC Barcelona were very common, but with the departure of Luis Enriques and the arrival of Valverde, the era of fines came to an end. However, with the arrival of Xavi they return and will be progressive, that is, they will go up with reiteration.

Likewise, Xavi has prohibited that 48 before a game the players arrive after 12 at night at their homes and has proposed a control on the activities that the players must carry out in their free time.

This in order to avoid any type of activity that may influence performance within the field of play. The activities sent by the coach will be supervised by his coaching staff.

Regarding this extra-sports control of the players, the prohibition of activities such as surfing, riding an electric bicycle or any other type of activity that could put their physical condition at risk and cause them an injury is also imposed.

Finally, Xavi has also imposed on his staff that they offer a good image. This means that their players behave correctly at all times, such as in training sessions, trips, games, press conferences or in any other act of the club.

As you can see, the habits of Barcelona footballers have changed with the arrival of Xavi Hernández, who is willing to put order and discipline in the squad. For now, we just have to wait for the results to see how effective the coach's rules are.