The Spanish superclassic for teenagers Barcelona-Real Madrid

German Centeno
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The Spanish superclassic for teenagers Barcelona-Real Madrid
Vinícius and Ansu Fati

The classics of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have reached their end, and neither of the two players will be part of these games, so this Sunday we will be witnessing the first classic in a long time without Messi or Ronaldo on the field.

The truth of all this is that the shadow of both players in these teams is very long.

Both Barcelona and Real Madrid reached the top in the past decade, but after the departure of the Portuguese and now that of Lionel Messi, nothing has been the same for both clubs, where clearly the performance has dropped.

It has not been easy for both clubs to lose their greatest legend, which has clearly had a negative impact on the level of the teams.

It should also be added that now the Spanish superclassic have lost value, since neither of these two legends will be present.

However, a classic Barcelona-Real Madrid will always paralyze the world, and it is one of the most important sporting events in the world, so this Sunday we will see a new chapter, now with much younger players and possible substitutes of the two football legends.

Barcelona and Real Madrid in reconstruction

The Spanish superclassic for teenagers Barcelona-Real Madrid
New emerging talents

There is no doubt that both clubs are one of the largest in Europe despite the fact that their performance has declined in recent years.

Laporta's team is condemned to a depressive reconstruction, which it must face little by little, while they can overcome the economic crisis that the club is currently going through.

On the other hand, Real Madrid, who have been without Cristiano Ronaldo in their squad for a longer time and who seems to be slowly forgetting, has managed to have a more stable team that is getting a generation of gold at the same time that it seeks to reign again in Europe.

This is how the white team gave their present to all the talent of emerging stars.

Although this classic will continue to have veteran players such as Piqué, Modric or Benzema, the truth is that this match focuses the eyes on the youngest such as Ansu Fati, Gavi, Rodrygo and Vinícius.

All these young people were born in the 21st century and little by little they have taken on a great importance in these clubs, so it is expected that all these young stars will be the references of the future. The eyes of the world are on Ansu Fati and Vinícius, considered two of the revelations of current football.

Brazilians as the main reference

The Spanish superclassic for teenagers Barcelona-Real Madrid
Vinícius and Rodrygo

Karim Benzema is currently the most important player of Real Madrid, the Frenchman has reached his best footballing moment in his maturity stage, which is why he is considered the most decisive of the white team and that right now he is nominated for the Ballon d'Or and the main candidate to win it.

However, Ancelotti's team has two very strong attack wings, they are Vinícius and Rodrygo. The first of this is only 21 years old and lives his best season in the white team, which has already scored 7 goals in 11 games, without a doubt the arrival of Ancelotti has allowed him to improve his sports performance.

Last season Vinícius only managed to score eight goals in 46 games, which clearly had a scoring average on the floor, considered one of the worst in Europe.

But now with Ancelotti, he has achieved greater daring, greater confidence and character, so he has been able to show all his magic.

On the other hand, Rodrygo, 20, has not yet been able to reach the status that his teammate has achieved. Despite this, Rodrygo is a player who has a great scoring instinct and who has managed to stay in the first team, despite not being an indisputable starter, he has responded very well every time he has the opportunity.

Right now he has been gaining the trust of the Italian coach, thanks to the good work he has been doing on the field for any band. This footballer is a versatile attacker who has plenty of quality, the ability to receive and play on the foot, and who gets on very well with Benzema, Modric and Kroos.

Vinícius in the starting eleven

The Spanish superclassic for teenagers Barcelona-Real Madrid
Vinícius will start in the classic

Everything seems to indicate that Vinícius will be part of Real Madrid's starting eleven for tomorrow, a player who deserves it and who has been playing very good games. On the other hand, Rodrygo has a good chance of starting tomorrow as a starter, this after his great match in the group stage of the Champions League against Shakhtar.

Considering that Hazard's timing is not the best, so Rodrygo can clearly take the spot from him. Ancelotti has referred to him and has commented the following: "Rodrygo has been fulfilling, he is doing a good defensive job, I liked it on the cons. Of course, if he can start against Barcelona, when a player plays this type of game it is very difficult to change it".

Other referent teenagers of Madrid

The Spanish superclassic for teenagers Barcelona-Real Madrid
Future promises of Real Madrid

Real Madrid not only have Rodrygo and Vinícius, but also have teenagers Miguel Gutiérrez and Eduardo Camavinga. In the case of the full-back after his debut in the final last season and his very good minutes in attack this season, he has made the debate on the left wing very complicated.

It must be remembered that Ancelotti's team has Mendy and David Alaba also to occupy that position, so the fight for ownership there is not easy for anyone.

On the other hand, Camavinga, who came to the team last summer and is only 18 years old, will have to wait on the bench for his opportunity and will surely enter the midfield to give rest to some players. Which means that we will surely see him play a few minutes at the Camp Nou.

Resurface the main task of Barcelona

The Spanish superclassic for teenagers Barcelona-Real Madrid
Barcelona and its resurrection

After the departure of Lionel Messi from the team and under the command of Koeman, Barcelona's present is not entirely good despite the fact that they have achieved positive results in recent matches, improving their results a little.

Currently, the club has very little reason to smile, especially since it is going through an institutional crisis of such caliber that it hits a club that is used to achieving good results. Even though the team's veterans are not performing at their best, the team seems to have hope in emerging talents.

The lower categories of the club have produced very important players such as Pedri, who unfortunately will not be able to be in the classic after suffering an injury to his right quadriceps. Another of the young talents is Gavi, who at only 17 years old has become one of the leaders of the team's core.

Gavi, who has already played with the Spanish team, was one of the important players in the final phase of the Nations League. This is how Barcelona has recovered with Gavi its main essence, which is the game above all else.

Now the greatest hope of all the young people of Barcelona is in Ansu Fati, where many see them as the next Messi. And it is that this player at his young age and compared to the Argentine star already has better records in terms of goals than the Argentine.

Ansu Fati had to leave the courts for 323 days due to an injury, which is why he could not wear the Barça shirt again. However, he has returned to the Spanish club already recovered, and it did not take him 10 minutes to score again.

He currently has two goals and three assists in the three games he has played in the league, so his numbers so far speak for themselves. Ansu Fati is characterized by being a very explosive, superfast player and a scorer.

This young man made his debut for Barcelona when he was only 16 years old and despite his short experience he has shown that he has all the capabilities to be one of the greatest in the world. This is how Koeman has mixed it with Memphis, which has given him good results.

Ansu Fati starter against Real Madrid

The Spanish superclassic for teenagers Barcelona-Real Madrid
Ansu Fati in the starting eleven?

Most likely of all, Ansu Fati and Memphis will start in the starting eleven for this Sunday. Other players who also sound to come out in the starting eleven for the great classic are Dest and Eric García, both 20 years old.

While Nico, who has been showing that he is ready for the demands of the first team, will be from the bench waiting for his great opportunity to enter the field.

Undoubtedly, young people will be the main protagonists of this new classic that will now have the absence of Lionel Messi. So we hope to see the best version of young talents like Ansu Fati and Vinícius, a beautiful duel that prepares us for one of the best games of the year.