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Real Madrid win their fourth consecutive classic against Barcelona

German Centeno
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Real Madrid win their fourth consecutive classic against Barcelona
Praise opens the scoreboard

The white team seems to show a certain superiority over Barcelona in recent games, this is how this Sunday they achieved their fourth consecutive victory against the Catalans, this time in the so-called poorest classic in recent times.

Both Barcelona and Real Madrid are clubs that tend to have valuable players in their squads.

However, this time everything has been different, making it the most undervalued classic in all history. With this match, both Laporta and Florentino Pérez have understood that elite football has ceased to be a sport to become a spectacle.

It has been a game where Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pep Guardiola or Mourinho are not there, some of the names that these clubs boasted before and that now cannot afford it. Despite this, a very good football show can be seen on Sunday afternoon, where Barcelona tried to attack without clear ideas and Madrid only responded.

Summary of the meeting

Real Madrid win their fourth consecutive classic against Barcelona
A Barcelona without ideas falls defeated at the Camp Nou against Real Madrid

You could see a Barcelona that from the first minute of play tried to send on the field with pressure and concentrated on the Real Madrid field, but the Barça team could not create important imbalances. They were minutes where Madrid could not leave and Barcelona did not know how to arrive.

Ancelotti's team is a team that never loses its cool and only waits for the right moment to attack and materialize. It was possible to see an interesting and entertaining game, where both teams were looking for victory to continue in their growth stage, especially those of Koeman.

Despite seeing some very pleasant first minutes, little by little the game was turning gray, you could see a very rookie Barça and a Real Madrid that was not there. Vinícius claimed a penalty that was not really, the Brazilian threw himself into the pool, but it was not enough to convince the main of the match.

Minutes later Vinícius had another chance to score, although he is offside, but he allowed to see the bad moment of Ter Stegen that was danced in that play. But the one who would really fail would be Dest, who had all the goal to himself and ended up sending the ball over the goal.

The first goal of the game would be from Alaba

Real Madrid win their fourth consecutive classic against Barcelona
Alaba scores a great goal to open the scoring

Barça continued to increase the pressure, which was their best weapon in the game and Real Madrid who continued to struggle to go out and put together a game, but when they did, they clearly knew what the opponent's weaknesses were. That was how at 32 minutes of play Alaba opened the scoring with a great goal.

A powerful shot with no cross effect would be enough to beat Ter Stegen. This time Madrid managed to go ahead with an advanced center-back, showing that they are a mature and solid team and that when they have the opportunity to score, they do so, especially if the rival has not known how to take advantage of previous occasions.

Real Madrid has been showing itself to be better than Barcelona, a champion team against one that despite playing well, does not find the way to prevail in the matches, for lack of idea and good definitions that increasingly move it away from the leader of the Spanish league.

Dest after the error was totally out of the match and failed practically in all the plays, so the change of this player was one of the best options for Koeman.

A good approach from Koeman

Real Madrid win their fourth consecutive classic against Barcelona
One more defeat for Koeman

Despite ending up losing the first half, Koeman's men had a very good approach, it was simply a Barcelona that did not have more than what it was already showing on the court, but Madrid knew what they were doing and not even when Barça was in their At best, Ancelotti's were uncomfortable.

One of Koeman's changes to try to save the commitment was that of Coutinho for Mingueza after the break, but the hopes of winning for the culé were less and less, a fragile public and a team without ideas was what the Camp Nou reflected.

For the second half, Real Madrid looked safe and very calm, they knew they could hurt at any moment and the best thing was that they were already ahead on the scoreboard. One of Madrid's mistakes was defending themselves very close to Curtois, something that could have paid dearly if they had had another team in front of them.

Ancelotti's men played a game with great calm and patience, it didn't bother them that Barça was the one who had the ball, they just waited for the moment to attack, while those at home were unable to create plays to score a goal.

The white team threatened Barcelona, but they were not lethal either, which gave a bit of hope to the locals who were clearly inferior to their rival and who could be seen on the field despite them having the ball.

Those of Florentino Pérez were only trying to sleep the game and that nothing happened but a second goal that would allow them to finalize the match. Vinícius had a very clear chance of those that cannot be failed and Benzema also spared the lives of the culé.

It was a moment where the superiority of Real Madrid began to show without Barcelona being able to do something, neither technically nor physically. Barça had nothing to do, they had no clear answers or ideas, they only had to endure the storm that was coming upon them, very occasionally as soon as they managed to have a clear chance to tie.

Kun Aguero would enter the 70th minute for Ansu Fati, a very discreet game from the young Barça promise and Sergi Roberto will replace Frankie De Jong, this was another disappointing match for the Dutchman, who received whistles from Barça fans.

Lucas Vázquez would be in charge of scoring the second goal for Real Madrid after Barcelona missed a goal attack and so against Ancelotti's they would get 2-0 at minute 93, after a shot by Asensio that Ter Stegen and Lucas saved win the rebound to keep the ball in the net.

However, at minute 97 Kun Aguero would score the goal of honor, with no more chance of anything, time was already up.

Ansu Fati is replaced by discomfort in his knee

Real Madrid win their fourth consecutive classic against Barcelona
Ansu Fati is injured in his right knee

The Barcelona bench not only felt that the game was getting out of hand, but they were filled with concern when they saw the annoyance of Ansu Fati who was immediately substituted. The promise of Barça continues without being able to complete a game after his return from the injury that kept him out for 10 months.

This time the forward felt bad sensations in his knee, luckily the non-operated one, which is why Sergio Aguero would enter the field. Once on the bench, medical assistance would arrive quickly, Xavi Yanguas, the Barça doctor would ask him about those pains.

The desperation of the player's pain could be seen through the Movistar cameras, who was sitting on the playing field and pointing to his knee and meanwhile was being consoled by the club's goalkeeping coach.

However, it is a scene that was contemplated within the club's medical services, since after spending so much time inactive and off the courts, these types of pain usually appear and not necessarily in the operated knee, as it happened in this case, since the discomfort was in the right leg.

For now, the club and the culé fans only have to wait for the next few days to see how the player evolves from this annoyance and the extent of it. For football and for this young promise of this sport, it is expected that it will not be anything serious and may be available for the next Barcelona game against Rayo Vallecano on Wednesday.

Therefore, if there is no setback, Ansu Fati is expected to be present on Wednesday. Koeman is also waiting for Ousmane Dembélé, everything indicates that his medical discharge will be given this next Tuesday, so good news will come to the club after this defeat.