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Benzema sends a new message to Real Madrid

German Centeno
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Benzema sends a new message to Real Madrid – Sports – WebMediums
Benzema and his desire to play with Mbappé

It is not a secret for anyone that Benzema wants to have a highly competitive team and for this he knows that his club should spend money on signings, but best of all, they can get Mbappé as a free condition, so the cat does not he bites his tongue and talks every moment he can about the possibility of playing alongside Kylian Mbappé at Real Madrid.

Although it is true, Florentino Pérez's team has tried to detach itself from the subject a bit after everything that happened in the summer market.

Likewise, the Spanish club does not want to have any problem with PSG, knowing that the French club could intervene in the signing and prevent the French striker from reaching his team, although the final decision right now is Kylian.

However, Karim Benzema does not hide the desire he has for his teammate to reach Real Madrid, so he does not bite his tongue and every time he can, he remembers it, a way of reminding Madrid that he must prioritize this signing.

Benzema insists on signing Kylian

Benzema sends a new message to Real Madrid – Sports – WebMediums
Kylian and his possible arrival at Real Madrid

Yesterday the striker of the white team was interviewed by TVE where he was asked the possibility of sharing a dressing room with his teammate from June 2022, where the Real Madrid team responded with all sincerity.

"I enjoy playing with him in the national team, why not in the future? He is a great player of that there is no doubt, although for now we respect his team. But why not, I have said it before, and I can say it again, of course it will, one day it will pass, I hope to see him at Real" Benzema added.

This is not the first time that the Real Madrid striker has taken a firm position on these questions, which is why he has been crying out that he wants to play with Kylian, it could not be in the last summer transfer market, but it is expected that he January 1, 202 2 the white team closes said agreement with the player.

PSG could lose Mbappé without receiving money in exchange

Benzema sends a new message to Real Madrid – Sports – WebMediums
As of January 1, he is a free player

Everyone thought that Mbappé would sign this summer with Madrid considering that if PSG did not sell him in January they could lose him without receiving anything in return and despite the fact that Madrid offered him 200 million for the player, PSG blocked his departure and refused to establish a negotiation.

Now, Kylian will be free from January 1, so he can come to Real Madrid for free, thus freeing himself from the handcuffs of the Parque de los Príncipes. It should be remembered that Kylian has assured that he wants to play for the Spanish club, so the chances of his signing are very high.

" Mbappé will play for Real Madrid sooner or later, we both get along very well on and off the pitch, I would like him to be with me at the club" were the words of the French forward on September 2.

After learning that PSG rejected the negotiation, for September 5 Benzema commented the following: "That Real Madrid wants to sign him is no longer a secret, I would have liked him to come for this season, but as I said, he will come late or early".

Later, for the previous match for the Champions League against Inter, the French forward wanted to deviate a bit from the subject, so to one of the questions he answered the following: "We already know what type of player he is, but I have already spoken A lot of that".

While last October 2 during the interview in L´Équipe, Benzema did it again "He said it himself, he wants something more. I'm sure that one day he will play for Real Madrid. I don't know when it will be, but he will come, it's just a matter of time. "

Leonardo responds while Madrid speaks

Benzema sends a new message to Real Madrid – Sports – WebMediums
Leonardo explodes against Real Madrid "It is a lack of respect"

Regarding the issue of the PSG player, Leonardo has made himself heard, this is how he mentioned the following: "Let's hope that on January 1 this whole situation will be resolved with respect to Mbappé, they hurt the pride of PSG, in the same week A Madrid player (Benzema), then the team's coach (Ancelotti) and now the president of Real Madrid (Florentino Pérez) speak of Kylian as if he were already one of their players, it is a lack of respect that cannot be tolerated ".

It is more than clear that the striker of the white team Karim cannot help it, he has already shared with him in the France team, and he loves to play with him, he wants him as a teammate in Madrid and nobody can turn off that illusion.

So far, both players have understood each other very well on the court, Kylian gave Benzema three assists of the six goals he scored, he also assisted him in the Nations League final against Spain where both scored the goals and were protagonists in the comeback against Belgium, after going to rest losing 2-0, so within the French team they have been a very effective duo.