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Real Madrid breathes after learning that there is no break in Hazard's injury

German Centeno
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Real Madrid breathes after learning that there is no break in Hazard's injury
Hazard is injured at minute 75 against France

The so-called new Bale at Real Madrid, Eden Hazard, has sounded the alarms in the Whites and in the Belgian team after being injured in the 75th minute of the match against France in the UEFA Nations final.

When Roberto Martínez made the change for Hazard, everything seemed to indicate that it was a tactical change despite the player showing some discomfort, but during the post-game press conference it was possible to know what everyone expected, and it was that the Real Madrid attacker he had left due to injury and would have to undergo tests to find out the nature of the injury he had suffered.

"We do not know what it is about, we must first study the injury, it may be just a blow, we will know that in the next few hours," said Roberto Martínez, so he left hope that the player will be just a minor annoyance, as most imagined at the time of their change.

The break has been ruled out, as has been made known by the medical part of Belgium

Real Madrid breathes after learning that there is no break in Hazard's injury
Hazard could continue playing with the national team

The first studies and examinations carried out on the Belgian player have ruled out that it is a major injury such as a fibrillar tear, which was what everyone believed at first.

However, everything seems to indicate that the discomfort that the player has felt is due to an overload, so it is believed that Hazard will continue in the concentration of his team to face the national team and Italy next Sunday.

Of course, it is most likely that the white player is not in the starting eleven against Italy, and if the match does not merit it, he may not see minutes either, all this in order to give him rest and allow him a full recovery for the third FIFA date to be played next week.

Although Hazard is still in the plans of the Belgian team, this is a decision that they must make together with Real Madrid, so the white club will have to give an opinion if they want the Belgian to continue with the selection of being available to be able to play or if otherwise he returns to the Spanish capital to take care of himself and finish treating his ailment or to be watched by the white team's medical services.

It must be remembered that since Hazard arrived at Real Madrid, he has been accompanied by many injuries, which is why the Belgian has not yet been able to show the potential that was seen in Chelsea, and why many fans consider him the new Bale, as both players have been involved in injuries during their stay in Madrid.

Hazard important piece for Ancelotti

Real Madrid breathes after learning that there is no break in Hazard's injury
Ancelotti greeting Eden Hazard

With the arrival of Carlos Ancelotti to Madrid again, many players who previously were no longer considered by Zidane have become important again, one of them has been Isco and Hazard, the latter has been gaining confidence and gaining prominence again at Real Madrid, So it is expected that next to the Italian he can reach his maximum level again.

Hazard had already been practically absent for two courses due to injuries and physical problems, which is why Real Madrid has set off its alarms after his forced departure during the Belgium Vs France match.

Last season, the Belgian missed a total of 29 games between the Champions League and the Santander League for different reasons, most of which were due to muscle injuries and other matches due to being infected with Covid-19.

This year we have seen a much fuller Hazard with fewer injuries, for now the Belgian player has been available in all league and Champions League matches, so Ancelotti has been able to count on him.

The Italian coach has not given him ownership in all the games, but he has been recovering it little by little.

In this way, Eden Hazard has played only 75 minutes of the UEFA Nations League semi-final match, a commitment that began with his team winning 2-0 before the end of the first half. However, a star-studded France that seems to be playing better every time, managed to turn the game around and win it 2-3, so this Sunday France and Spain will face each other for the grand final of the UEFA Nations.

Real Madrid hope to get Hazard back this season

Real Madrid breathes after learning that there is no break in Hazard's injury
Eden Hazard

The arrival of Eden Hazard to Real Madrid became one of the best news, who was initially thought that he would replace Cristiano Ronaldo and make fans forget the Portuguese quickly.

However, it has been the opposite, so far the Belgian has not been able to show his best football version in Madrid and for many he remains indebted to the team.

This has been recognized by the player himself, who during a conference to a Spanish newspaper admitted that he owes a lot to Madrid, who paid a great fortune for him, and has not yet been able to fulfill him.

The white team still believes in the player and hopes for him, so now with Ancelotti at the helm it is believed that the player who triumphed in Europe and at Chelsea and who came to be considered a top footballer will be able to return.

Zidane was the main responsible for Hazard coming to the team, but despite showing his constant support, the French coach could not get the best of the Belgian, who was always surrounded by injuries.

Now with Ancelotti on the bench everything seems to change, and the Belgian player seems to have more confidence and more faith in himself, especially now that the injuries have disappeared.

To achieve the best version of the footballer, it is necessary for him to forget the responsibilities and demands he has with the club, as well as the debt he owes to Real Madrid, since when considering these things he could enter a psychological state that weakens his body and mind, so it will affect your performance on the court.

"Athletes who suffer from negative mood, low self-esteem, anxiety, low tolerance to harshness or a rigid belief system are those who tend to injure themselves much more than all those who do not have these pathologies." One of the psychologists of the white group has assured.