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Real Madrid prepares its galactic shopping list

German Centeno
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Real Madrid prepares its galactic shopping list – Sports – WebMediums
Real Madrid goes with everything for the next transfer market

Real Madrid has changed its tactics for buying players and has put galactic purchases aside, but everything seems to indicate that Florentino Pérez wants to return to it in the next transfer market.

Given the possible arrival of Mbappé to the white team, Madrid is expected to hire another elite player worldwide.

There are several players that are on Real Madrid's radar, so the next transfer market is expected to be very busy for Ancelotti's team.

For now the main objective is the French striker from PSG, who is released in January, so his arrival is expected at the beginning of next season.

Mbappé is not the only one who is free this season, there are already several players whose contract expires, so that the market is filled with many possibilities to win important players. Some main objectives of Florentino Pérez are the following:

Possible Real Madrid signings for the 2022-2023 season

The white team believes that it is time to reinforce its squad with important players from Europe, taking into account that the whole of the Spanish capital has been losing strength on the pitch, mainly in European competitions, this is because during all These years the teams have strengthened very well, while Madrid has moved away a bit from the star signings.

However, for the next transfer market everything seems to change, and Real could be going back to being the ante. Some of your goals could be:

21-year-old Haaland

Real Madrid prepares its galactic shopping list – Sports – WebMediums
Haaland Dortmund

The Norwegian player has a pact with his current team Dortmund of Germany, so the club will be listening to offers for him in January, all this in order that the player can sign for a new team, which leaves it open for his possible arrival at one of the most important teams in Europe.

Mino Raiola, who is the forward's agent along with the player's father, have been very close to the Madrid agents, so much so that last spring they were on a kind of mini tour of the white team's offices, so your arrival at the Spanish club may be very possible.

Other clubs interested in the young footballer are Barcelona and several greats from England, including Manchester City.

33-year-old Lewandowski

Real Madrid prepares its galactic shopping list – Sports – WebMediums
Lewandowski Bayern

Despite his age, the Pole is still one of the best players in Europe and is that he is a machine to score goals.

During the last six seasons he has surpassed the barrier of 40 goals, making it clear that the scoring nose has it.

His contract with Bayern ends in 2023 and his continuity with the club is not at all certain, so many rumors claim that Lewandowski would be changing teams for the next season, with this the club would prevent him from leaving in free condition.

The main reason for his departure from the club would be because of Bayern's interest in hiring Haaland, so the Pole would no longer be in their plans. In this case, it is believed that the Norwegian could cause a domino effect if he reached the German team and took Lewy to Real Madrid.

28-year-old Pogba

Real Madrid prepares its galactic shopping list – Sports – WebMediums
Pogba Manchester United

The French midfielder has become one of Florentino Pérez's greatest interests, but despite that he has not been able to obtain the player's services.

Since 2016 the white team has shown their interest in him, but so far it has not been fruitful.

However, Pogba ends his contract in June 2022, which opens the doors for Madrid to go for him again, although he will surely be one of the most coveted names on the market.

Florentino knows that if Mbappé comes to the team, the chances of Pogba signing with them are much higher.

28-year-old Rudiger

Real Madrid prepares its galactic shopping list – Sports – WebMediums
Rudiger chelsea

The German center-back will also end his contract at the end of this season with his current team Chelsea and everything seems to indicate that he will not be renewing his contract, so he could remain as a free agent. In this way, Rudiger becomes an easy prey for the next transfer market.

Real Madrid is currently suffering the absences of Varane and Sergio Ramos, two absences that they have not yet been able to replace, so the German player would be a very good alternative to occupy the central position.

The mode of operandi that Madrid wants to apply for his signing would be the same as that of Alaba, take advantage of the fact that his contract ends so that he arrives and be able to offer him an irresistible contract that cannot be denied.

22-year-old Mbappé

Real Madrid prepares its galactic shopping list – Sports – WebMediums
Mbappé PSG

It can be said that this is the main objective of Real Madrid, it is the French striker Kylian Mbappé, who after everything that happened last summer in relation to his signing, it is very likely that his signing will be ready even before the next opening of the transfer market.

The PSG player ends his contract with PSG on January 1, so he could sign for free with Real Madrid once the bells ring that day.

24-year-old Kessié

Real Madrid prepares its galactic shopping list – Sports – WebMediums
Kessie Milan

The Milan player also ends his contract with his club, so Real Madrid has shown interest in the midfielder, it should also be mentioned that Barcelona would also be interested in him, but his financial situation may not put him in the fight.

While PSG, who also wants to get Kessié's services, wants to apply the same tactic that he did to Milan for the hiring of Donnarumma and get him free thanks to the fact that his contract ends in 2022.

26-year-old Sterling

Real Madrid prepares its galactic shopping list – Sports – WebMediums
Sterling Manchester City

Finally, Real Madrid has also shown interest in the English attacker who will expire his contract with Manchester City in 2023, so the club will very surely place a price on his head this next transfer market, especially since the player He has stated that he would like to try his luck on other foreign teams, especially going to France or Spain.

So far, the most interested club has been Barcelona, since Joan Laporta loves him yes or yes, but Real Madrid also joins that dispute and if it is about money, he takes a lot of advantage over his main rival in the League.

Sterling's present at City is not very good, he has basically remained as a substitute player, so the young footballer seeks to open the way to new horizons.