Conor McGregor on the Red Carpet of the MTV Awards VMAS 2021

Luis Francisco Gamez
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Conor McGregor on the Red Carpet of the MTV Awards VMAS 2021

As you may have heard days ago, there was a controversial event on the red carpet of the MTV VMAS Awards 2021, which were held at the Barclays Center last Sunday, September 12 in Brooklyn, New York, and that They counted with the participation and assists of figures of the Flandary and the sport.

In this opportunity it could be seen as the famous sportsmen of the struggles UFC I try to hit the Boyfriend of the Beautiful Megan Fox, the rapper Machine Gun Kelly, apparently the altercation is presented when the Fighter Conor McGregor, wanted to approach a photo, with Megan Fox, recognized actress that has been made by participations in Saga as Transformers.

According to versions of those present, the altercation between rapper and boxer, start after the negative of the couple's security personnel prevented McGregor approaching for the photo what caused great indignation in this, turning the Situation in violence.

Another version of the facts was that the security of the famous couple pushed the peeler, causing his reaction.

Despite all the stiring that caused the incident, I do not go to higher and were far away, the videos of the living moment were uploaded to social networks, as expected were viral they quickly became trend.

Who is Conor McGregor?

Conor McGregor on the Red Carpet of the MTV Awards VMAS 2021

For all those who have heard this news and have remained with the doubt of who is this fighter who starred this discussion, here I presently introduce you a little about the story of this fighter.

Conor McGregor, is a fighter Irish of mixed martial arts that has competed in the featherweight categories, light weights and occasionally at the welter weight of Ultimate Fighting Championship, obtaining very good results in what he does, being at the number 11 at the list of the best pound fighters per pound of the UFC, the very important of highlight is that this is the only fighter who has been able to Maintain two titles other than champion within the UFC at a time.

Although professional boxing has not been his fort, he has had entertices with international arm boxers, for a sample button he had a confrontation with the super recognized Floyd Mayweather Jr. However, it was defeated losing the fight for TKO, fight that became one of the best paid events in recent times.

In June 2020 McGregor announced his withdrawal of the fights, a few months after a victory over Donald Cerrone leaving him very focused on his companies.

Fighter and entrepreneur.

Conor McGregor on the Red Carpet of the MTV Awards VMAS 2021

In September 2008, the Whiskey is launched Proper No. Twelve, by Eire Born Spirits, a company founded by the Fighter McGregor, thus giving start to a licensing company that has had Significant sales Especially in the United States, in fact, this has been a product that has not reached the whole world, for now.

Is that the Mexican Tequila company Blecle, well known as owning the famous brand of Tequila José Cuervo, has been made from the Whiskey brand for an amount close to The 300 million dollars, remaining with all the actions of the company liquefy.

It is not yet known if Conor McGregor will remain the whiskey advertising image, which would allow this entrepreneur and athlete to continue adding zeros the check left this business, which we have been able to realize has been very lucrative for the fighter and businessman.

Now who is Machine Gun Kelly?

Conor McGregor on the Red Carpet of the MTV Awards VMAS 2021

His real name is Colson Baker, start your career at rap and little has been getting into the cinema where you met your love, the famous Megan Fox.

The beginning of his career as a singer is given in 2012, with his debut album “Lace Up” that quickly escale to the top positions of audience.

In 2014 debut in the movie “Beyind the Ligts”, in 2015 Lanza “General Admission” and in 2016 returns to the cinema with the film “Viral”, opening squares in different areas of Cinema and music.

It is until the production of Midnight in Switchgrass, film dealing with an FBI agent and a Florida Staff officer, solve a series of murders that are unresolved, is in this filming where Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly knows how they start their love story.

Machine Gun Kelly Rapper, Actor and Businessman.

Conor McGregor on the Red Carpet of the MTV Awards VMAS 2021

The already mentioned character, is throwing a new line of totally unisex enamels to the market, selling and overcoming all stereotypes, these enamels are now sold at the best Hollywood stores.

The new brand is named a / dc, is preparing a new collection that will leave all the stereotypes back and will mark the beginning of a new trend, although it has not been given details about the collection is known to be Founder of the Unlisted Brand Lab brand, it is very excited to be the one who will launch this line to the market.

“... We are honored to work with Machine Gun Kelly on this opportunity to build a brand that will progress in a category to face a cultural change that has taken to arrive...”

The sale of enamels produced by this singer and actor, have been a success that has allowed him to generate more zeros for his fortune, since this rapper and actor has an estimated asset of 215 million dollars, has his fortune in intelligent investments in Actions, real estate and several more businesses.

Finally, we have made you known to the protagonists of this story

Conor McGregor on the Red Carpet of the MTV Awards VMAS 2021

If you did not know Conor McGregor or A Machine Gun Kelly, you already have some ideas that they do and to dedicate their days, which have been their achievements and their juicy income.

It is still unknown what really happened on the red carpet, since none of the parties has made an official statement, the truth is that when you hear about these characters you will know who they are.