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Dani Alves wants to return to Barcelona and offers himself to the club

German Centeno
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Dani Alves wants to return to Barcelona and offers himself to the club
Right-back Dani Alves

Former Barcelona defender Dani Alves has offered to wear the Blaugrana shirt again six years after leaving the Spanish club, at least this is the intention of the Brazilian side, it would only remain to know what Joan Laporta and the club think about the player's return.

Dani is currently without a team after terminating his contract at the beginning of September with São Paulo.

This situation has led the footballer to have to wait now until January 1 to be able to sign with another team that wants his services, this being one of the main reason why he has offered himself to Barcelona again, since he is looking for a new team.

There is a contact between Alves and Barcelona

Dani Alves wants to return to Barcelona and offers himself to the club
Dani Alves dreams of returning to Barcelona

According to the Onze program of the Esport3 chain, defender Dani Alves would have contacted one of the most important leaders of the Spanish club this week to offer to wear the shirt again from January 1.

Likewise, the Brazilian defender has told them that the money would not be a matter of problems.

In this way, the full-back would be willing to accept fairly low salary conditions, considering that the club is going through a very delicate economic moment.

In response to the Brazilian offer, FC. Barcelona has asked you for a little time to be able to consult with the entire board of directors about your offer and if they want to have your services again.

For now, the Spanish team seems to have no problems on the right wing, which is protected by Sergiño Dest, Sergi Roberto and Óscar Mingueza.

This could mean that the arrival of another right-back to the squad would not be so necessary, but if there is something that could give the team a plus, it is to have Dani Alves again despite being 38 years old.

Many assure that Dani Alves wants to return to Barcelona to be able to retire there, but for now it only remains to wait for the club's decision.

The Brazilian is willing to play in Spain again and has made it very clear to his agents, which is why he has asked him to put aside the other offers that come in until the club gives him a response to his offer.

In case the Spaniards do not want to have him again, then the Brazilian will be able to look at the other options he has on the table and decide what his future would be. Do you think Barcelona will open the doors to Dani Alves again?