Possible candidates to replace the current technician of Barcelona Ronald Koeman

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Possible candidates to replace the current technician of Barcelona Ronald Koeman
Possible substitutes by Ronald Koeman

The management of the Dutch technician has not been the best of all and that is why there is already talk of an expiration date of Ronald Koeman, and is that the club has been seeing the market and Analyzing very calmly what would be your best relief.

The relationship between the technician and the club is not very well at all or at least that has seemed after the last appearance at Dutch Conference, there he saw a bit annoying and casting blames and even assuring that if he handled the wallet of the Club Lionel Messi It would not have been gone.

In addition, the Spanish club looks a bit limited by its economic deficiency and because it is only half a season, so investing in a new coach would be an expense that did not have been scheduled at the beginning of the season. Some of the names you want Armporta would want Thomas Tuchel or Jurgen Klopp, but right now both the president and the club knows that it is not possible.

Possible aspirants to the position of coach of Barcelona

Looking for a more viable and economical option, four possible aspirants appear to replace Ronald Koeman, some of them are Xavi Hernández, Andrea Pirlo, Roberto Martínez and Marcelo Gallardo, the latter does not delay in taking his leap into european football either with Barcelona or any other club. Some media also ensure that Antonio Conte, is free, but it seems not so attractive to the club.

Xavi Hernández A choice of the house

Possible candidates to replace the current technician of Barcelona Ronald Koeman
Xavi Hernández wants to return to Barcelona

The former player of the Barcelona Xavi Hernández 41 years old, is undoubtedly the favorite of the Board of the Club, is also the one who generates a little more attraction in the azulgrana hobby and also the preferred for the locker room. However, Xavi does not convince Lopporta, who is the one who has the last word as to that decision and does not give green light.

Despite not convincing him entirely, Lupareta listens to the different opinions of his close environment and even the Egarense on the final list of candidates, who has been raised the last summer blockade.

It is important to emphasize that Xavi has a contract with the team of to SADD until 2023, so Barcelona would have to negotiate his club departure in case of loving him again in his workforce, so his current Club is the one who has the last word and do not put any work at his departure to sign again for the barca.

The President of the Barcelona knows that this is the time to assume the challenge and although there is still no direct contact between him and Xavi Hernández, if there is with other people very close to the two, who They are attending all the possibilities in case you have to bring back the exjugator. In 2017, it was talked about that Xavi would be a technician very similar to Guardiola, which makes it an excellent option.

Currently Spanish is disputing its third season as coach in front of the to Sadd Qatari, team with which it has won six of the seven national disputed titles. In the past he rejected two proposals from Barcelona to direct them. However, this time everything indicates that both parties could agree.

Roberto Martínez, another option at the table

Possible candidates to replace the current technician of Barcelona Ronald Koeman
Roberto Martínez current coach of Belgium

Roberto Martínez is the current Belgian coach, is 48 years old and has the endorsement of Jordi Cruyff, who has a great friendship and with a Great experience in the English football benches before their arrival in the Belgian selection.

Keep in mind that Martinez has performed a very good management with the selection he currently runs, which has caught the Spanish Club's attention for a possible contracting.

There has always been a very good friendship with Cruyff, who has been his inspiration throughout his career.Roberto Martínez He was never a Barcelona player or has he directed it and could say that he has a game style a little different from the Azulgranas. He currently manages a system of three central with Belgium, a rather criticized system in the club.

Your contract with the selection of Belgium Vente in the World of Qatar, but in case of reaching an agreement with the Spanish club can be separated by paying a small amount of money. Next week he will play the final phase of the Nations League, so he would have to wait at least until October 10 to be able to leave the team, so I would not arrive before the boat -Valencia.

Pylo one of the options with most possibilities to sign

Possible candidates to replace the current technician of Barcelona Ronald Koeman
Pirlo could become the new Rijkaard

Most blame to Gerard Romero to apply to Andrea Pirlo, and is that after this one named you in your TWITCH channel, The name of Andrea Pirlo of 42 years has begun to sound very strong and gain a lot of protagonism. It is not a secret for anyone who Lopporta likes Italian and sources nearby to the President of the Boat see it with many possibilities, since he reminds them of Rijkaard in 2003.

In this case it would be an excellent footballer and a very young technician, but despite this we must accept that his career as a coach has not started very successfully. Despite this, Laporta would like to have a new Rijkaard and know that Italian can be.

It is presumed that some of the limitations of the club for hiring would be the first year's reports of Coach of Pylo, which slows down the interest.

Antonio Conte could arrive freely

Possible candidates to replace the current technician of Barcelona Ronald Koeman
Antonio Conte, his most favorable point is his free condition

Conte is a technician with a lot of experience and career, is 52 years old and is a very viable option for the Barcelona, especially because of its free condition. Currently the Italian does not have any team in the plans of him despite the fact that last year he won the Italian League with Inter.

As for his game style is something similar to that of the boat, but it is known that it is quite hard and demanding and could possibly accept a short-term contract. Usually, Conte is characterized by a short time in the clubs, since he does not believe it is convenient to make short contracts.

Some of the teams it has directed have been the Chelsea, Inter, the selection of Italy, among others. The main ideal of both the club and Laporta is to hire a technician in the future, something that maybe with Conte is not obtained, but right now the possibility of hiring him is being discussed even if there is nothing safe.

Marcelo Gallardo would not leave River until December

Possible candidates to replace the current technician of Barcelona Ronald Koeman
Gallardo could only arrive in January

The Argentine has been another name that has been on the Table of Porta and which has become another one of the strong candidates and that it likes to Laporta. The doll as it is also known Gallardo and current River Plate coach, could be one of the substitutes of Ronald Koeman.

However, the Argentine technician winner of several glasses with River including the Copa Libertadores de América has already been surrendered by the club in the past, so it has been shown Interest for him, but for bad luck the doll will not leave River until December, a time that did not wait to fire Koeman.

This means that Gallardo could reach Barcelona to the winter market, so the option of your purchase is more complicated. The Argentine coach could have arrived at the Mesi's boat, many assured that the Argentine Astro wanted him there, so much so that I vote for him as one of the best technicians in the world in the Gala the Best

The excellent work of Gallardo under the direction of River Plate has been placed in the sight of large European clubs so it is believed that your stay at River will be until December of this year. If he does not reach the F.C. Barcelona will surely be hired by another giant of Europe.