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FC Barcelona will be able to sign in winter and they already have a chosen one

German Centeno
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FC Barcelona will be able to sign in winter and they already have a chosen one
20 million euros for Barcelona in the winter market

It seems that not everything is so bad for the Catalans, at least economically.

It is true that the club is going through a sporting crisis, which is why they had to lose their most important player Lionel Messi.

Despite this, the club's board of directors continues to do its job and this Wednesday they have obtained new favorable news for the institution.

This is how Barcelona will be able to include a player in the winter transfer market in January. For this they have received 20 million euros that they will be able to spend on reinforcements.

This audit was carried out in the Catalan club and gave wings to the high command to ensure that the players can have a sufficient salary margin. There is even talk of a figure that can be expanded if the club president Joan Laporta authorizes an exit in the coming months.

The club's savings allow them to face the winter market with greater force

FC Barcelona will be able to sign in winter and they already have a chosen one
Raheem Sterling

FC Barcelona has a salary savings, especially with the money collected after the sales of Antoine Griezmann to Atlético de Madrid and Lionel Messi to PSG, which helps them face the next winter transfer market with greater force.

It is believed that the main objective of the club for January is to sign a striker, but who would it be? According to rumors close to the Barça team, everything indicates that it would be Raheem Sterling.

Therefore, with 20 million euros in its pocket, the Spanish club can afford to hire top-level players such as the Manchester City striker.

However, if the contract is given, the Spanish would sign him as a loan and depending on its performance, Barcelona could carry out the procedures for a definitive transfer.

Sterling dreams of playing for Barcelona

FC Barcelona will be able to sign in winter and they already have a chosen one
Raheem Sterling close to playing for Barcelona

Like any other player, Sterling would be fascinated to be able to get to the Spanish team and play at the Camp Nou. A striker with a lot of goal, something that the Catalans take into account and that has led him to set his eye on the English player.

In the current season the English forward has added very few minutes with his current team, so he believes that changing clubs would be one of the best options for him. For now, Sterling would come to the club to take the lead, something that is in crisis at Barcelona right now.

However, the incorporation of Agüero and Dembélé to the team is still missing, so it is believed that if both players give good results after their return, the signing of another forward would not be so viable or in that case Sterling would have to compete to win the ownership.

Sterling a goal of Barcelona from before

The English striker has become a target for the Spanish since the summer market. Many club managers assured that Laporta preferred him before Luuk de Jong, but at that time neither Manchester City nor Barcelona managed to close an agreement.

But now the 20 million available for January could change the situation between both clubs.

On the other hand, according to the Catalan newspaper, the Catalans also want to incorporate a right-back to their squad. Remembering the departure of Emerson Royal to the English team Tottenham, so the club has few options for that position.

However, like Sterling, the club is looking for a loan, depending on the performance, they see if they contract him permanently or not.