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Fernando Alonso the one that generates the least accident in Formula 1

German Centeno
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Fernando Alonso the one that generates the least accident in Formula 1
Fernando Alonso who generates the least workshop expenses

The Spanish driver Fernando Alonso is the one who generates the fewest accidents in Formula 1. This is how he has a number of repairs in the workshop of 170,000 euros.

This is a very low figure for a sport of this type in which this year alone it has put a stop to the uncontrollable outlay and has managed to limit the budget of the teams to 145 million euros, leaving out many games.

Some of these items have been the salaries of the main engineers of the teams and the pilots. For now, Fernando Alonso is the most careful with his car, while the opposite is the World Championship leader Max Verstappen, who is considered the most aggressive.

His constant coalitions have generated an expense of four million euros for his team, a fairly long week that counteracts everything that Alonso has achieved.

The excessive expenses of Formula 1

Fernando Alonso the one that generates the least accident in Formula 1
An extremely expensive sport

According to a study published by the social network Reddit. Which has been based mainly on investigating the value of each of the parts of Formula 1 cars on the Internet. It has led to the estimate that the title fight is costing Red Bull an extra €4,039,000 from Verstappen and much less €725,000 from Sergio Pérez.

Sergio Pérez is the main protagonist of this weekend in the Grand Prix of Mexico. On the other hand, Verstappen, who has an impetuous character, has had three strong accidents this season, the first in Azerbaijan, then in Silverston and the last in Monza.

In Baku a wheel exploded on the home straight and ended up crashing into the wall, which cost around 610,000 euros. On the Monza track he ended up passing over Hamilton's Mercedes, which cost 368,000 euros and finally in England, he had a violent crash against the protections that cost 1.9 million euros.

The excessive spending of some Formula 1 teams

Fernando Alonso the one that generates the least accident in Formula 1
Body shop expenses are a waste of money for F1 teams

On the other hand, Mick Schumacher, the son of champion Schumacher, is becoming a ruin for his team. The rookie competes for the slowest and least resourceful team, Haas, and so far has already cost his team three million euros.

During the competition in Monaco, Mick Schumacher's American team had to face a repair that cost 1.1 million. But his teammate Nikita Mazepin has one more reputation than the German, but his numbers speak for themselves.

This is how the Russian is the protagonist of many jokes for his mistakes and has caused a loss of 770,000 euros. Another of the Formula 1 competitors is 36-year-old Lewis Hamilton and one of the most experienced drivers.

Hamilton has been more cautious than the 24-year-old Verstappen. In this way, it can be seen that the years and patience are translated into the income statement, which is why it has only generated expenses of one million euros in accidents, a quarter of what its adversary has generated.

While the Ferrari rider Carlos Sainz has caused an expense of 1.7 million euros, a little less than what his teammate Charles Leclers has caused, 2.2 million.

But the one who spends the least of all is Alpine, who have spent 467,000 euros on workshop renovations, so Alonso and Ocon are the most careful with their cars.