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Italy and Portugal some two may not be in Qatar 2022

German Centeno
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Italy and Portugal some two may not be in Qatar 2022 – Sports – WebMediums
Portugal or Italy there are no quotas for both

Both teams have reached the play-off for qualification for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. However, either of these two teams could miss this World Cup event, because right now the two have no quota, only one of them could go or perhaps neither.

Italy, champion of Europe and Portugal of Cristiano Ronaldo, winner of the Euro Cup 2016, have been placed in the same play-off group for Qatar 2022, so some two could necessarily be left out of the World Cup according to the draw carried out this Friday in Zurich.

Clearly it has become the worst news for both the national teams and the world of football, they are two top-level teams that deserve to be in all the World Cups, but this time both or only one of them may be missing.

A possible confrontation in the final of the play-off

Italy and Portugal some two may not be in Qatar 2022 – Sports – WebMediums
A possible final to death prepares us for the play-off to Qatar

In such a case that both teams win their first game of the repêchage, they would be seeing each other in the final of the same for group C, where the ticket to Qatar would only be for the winner. For this, Italy should surpass North Macedonia and Portugal to Turkey.

You can see that on paper it has been easier for the Italian team, although on the court anything can happen. If both teams overcome the semifinal of the play-off we would be seeing a final to the death between both countries, a Cristiano Ronaldo who does not want to be without a World Cup.

It must be borne in mind that all these qualifiers are a single match and in the case of playing the final, Portugal will have the advantage that they can do it at home.

Repêchage groups

Italy and Portugal some two may not be in Qatar 2022 – Sports – WebMediums
European play-offs groups

Three groups have been formed for the repêchage, in these cases they have been established as follows:

  • Group A : Scotland-Ukraine and Wales-Austria.

  • Group B : Russia-Poland and Sweden-Czech Republic.

  • Group C : Italy- North Macedonia and Turkey and Portugal.

The matches will be played in the month of March

These matches will be played in the month of March, so you have to wait until the third month of the following year to find out which are the three teams that will complete the group of 13 European representatives to Qatar 2022.

For this World Cup event there are already ten teams classified as: Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, France, Croatia, Switzerland, Serbia, England and the Netherlands.

It only remains to wait to know the other three teams that would join this qualifying group, taking into account that this time, Italy or Portugal will not be there.