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Chile Vs Venezuela South American qualifiers Qatar 2022

German Centeno
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Chile Vs Venezuela South American qualifiers Qatar 2022 – Sports – WebMediums
Chile receives Venezuela for the qualifying rounds to Qatar 2022

On the night of this Thursday, the Chilean team that receives the vinotinto for the triple date of the Qualifiers to Qatar 2022 are seen.

This is how Venezuela will be stepping on Chilean soil to keep the illusions alive to participate in the next World Cup despite the fact that its classification is really complicated.

The Venezuelan team arrives with the illusion of winning three points again and dreaming of its first World Cup, in addition, it arrives in one of its best sporting moments despite the scandals they have had lately.

On the other hand, Chile, who occupies the eighth place in the classification, will seek to add three to continue with the aspirations of the World Cup.

This commitment will be played at the San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium, both teams play their last cards to reach Qatar 2022, so we will surely see a long round trip and with a Chilean team eager to win.

A rivalry that keeps getting stronger

Chile Vs Venezuela South American qualifiers Qatar 2022 – Sports – WebMediums
Many controversies between Chile Vs Venezuela

For several years the meetings between the two teams have been full of controversy, and it is that these matches have taken on a rather atypical rivalry, especially after the celebration of the Copa América Argentina 2011, where before a meeting between both teams by the quarterfinals of the competition, a Chilean channel issued a publication that Venezuela only knew how to make novels.

With that television publication, the Chileans implied that they had nothing to do in that match, so they already felt like winners, since then, the rivalry of both teams increased.

Despite all the mockery that the Vinotitno team received at that time, they were able to make a great game by standing firm against the Chilean team.

Thus, with a goal from defender Gabriel Chichero, the Venezuelans silenced all the Chileans present in the stadium.

After that day the rivalry has continued and the Chilean team maintains certain precautions every time it faces them, so it is still a different and special match.

After the arrival of Venezuela to Chilean territory to face this match, a new controversy arose, and that is that on October 12, the Venezuelan Football Federation issued a statement denouncing the irregularities in its preparation, considering that the Chilean authorities did not They allowed them to leave the hotel to fulfill their planned training for that day, which would take place at the Colo stadium.

The Venezuelan Federation argued that they had complied with all the country's demands regarding the pandemic, which is why it did not understand the authorities' decision not to let them leave.

This led to coach Leonardo González having to improvise a training session inside the hotel.

The present of the vinotinto

Chile Vs Venezuela South American qualifiers Qatar 2022 – Sports – WebMediums
Venezuela in one of its best moments

The Venezuelan soccer team comes from losing to Brazil 1-3 in Caracas after playing one of their best games and beating Ecuador in the capital of Venezuela 2-1, showing a very good football and looking like a team facing each other.

With a goal from Eduardo Bello's free kick more than 35 meters away, the vinotinto was able to overcome the scoreboard and win those longed-for three points.

A victory that once again gives him the illusion of being able to dream of qualifying for Qatar 2022.

Venezuela currently remains in the last position of the qualifying table, but is only three points behind Chile and eight of the qualifying places, so a victory today could put them back in the fight.

The present of the red

Chile Vs Venezuela South American qualifiers Qatar 2022 – Sports – WebMediums
Chile will try to raise its head against Venezuela

On the other hand, the red one is in need of points, they currently occupy the eighth position of the classification with ten points, so they have to add yes or yes to continue with the hopes of going to the Qatar World Cup.

A victory for Chile would prevent Colombia from slipping away from its chances of qualifying. Currently, Colombia occupies the fifth position with 15 points, the Chileans have also come from winning their last game against Paraguay 2-0, so today we expect to see a very fought game in the middle of the field.

Background of Chile — Venezuela

Chile Vs Venezuela South American qualifiers Qatar 2022 – Sports – WebMediums
Chile the black beast of the vinotinto

The Chilean soccer team has been nicknamed as the black beast of Venezuela, it has always been a very complicated and uncomfortable rival for Venezuela and that for the most part it always manages to impose itself against the vinotinto.

In the last 28 matches between the two teams, Red has managed to win 20 of the matches, while Venezuela has won only three of them and the rest have ended in equality.

However, both teams know that a draw does not serve either of them, so adding three points will be the main objective for both.

If the antecedents of the last five meetings between both teams are taken, things do not change much, Chile has won in four games while Venezuela won the last game at home 2-1 for these qualifying rounds with goals from Salomon Rondón and Luis Mago, while for Chile Arturo Vidal discounted.

So now Chile will want to take revenge and stay with three points at home after having lost them as a visitor.

Those absent from this party

Chile Vs Venezuela South American qualifiers Qatar 2022 – Sports – WebMediums
Yeferson Soteldo

Undoubtedly, Venezuela will not have its best player in the squad due to the decision of its teammates and technical decision, this is how Yeferson Soteldo will not be part of the commitment. At first there was talk that it would have been due to muscle discomfort after the game against Brazil, but some rumors have denied that version.

There is talk that the player has been suspended by the Venezuelan Football Federation for indiscipline, who has partied during the rallies and has had a problem with his teammates, an inconvenience that almost reaches blows.

Other casualties that the vinotinto will have is that of Josua Mejías, who had to leave the concentration due to an injury. Jhon Chancellor has also had to leave the team due to personal problems with his club, Italy's Brescia.

Finally, Junior Moreno will not be present due to the accumulation of yellow cards, so he has been left out of the commitment.

For the Chilean team, their only casualty will be Charles Aránguiz, who will not be able to say present because he was sent off against Paraguay for a double yellow card.

Statements by the Venezuelan coach

Chile Vs Venezuela South American qualifiers Qatar 2022 – Sports – WebMediums
DT Leonardo González

As for the controversy that happened in the hotel where the vinotinto is staying, the coach has referred to the following: "It is unfortunate that we had planned to go to a field and do our training, and it was not possible".

We are trying to take full advantage of what is coming. Hopefully we are fully ready for the game, the selection has met all the requirements of COVID-19. Nothing can get us off our goal. "

As for the starting eleven, the coach has assured that there will not be many changes and that all the players are really important, so any of them could be a starter against Chile.