Luis Suárez sends a message to Koeman and Barcelona

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Luis Suárez sends a message to Koeman and Barcelona – Sports – WebMediums
Luis Suareres and Ronald Koeman

The Uruguayan striker have make sure in many occasions not feel rancor towards the Barcelona. However, the player reminds very well of him with the Dutch technician last season, where he says that Ronald Koeman sent him to train him apart to make him angry.

Likewise, Luis Suárez has evaluated the current state that Barcelona is going through, and the salary crisis for which it is happening and despite not wanting to emphasize this situation if you have remembered that it was koeman During workouts to get it out of your boxes.

The Dutch coach was one of the main responsible for the departure of Uruguayan club.

To all this Luis Suárez commented the following: “I do not forget that last year in the preseason sent me to train aside just to make me angry, but I always wanted to be a professional, So every day I was going to train without making a bad face because I am like that and that was what I touched at that moment”.

In the same way, the front of the Atlético de Madrid ensure that the destination will have the end to have.

Ranco to Barcelona?

Luis Suárez sends a message to Koeman and Barcelona – Sports – WebMediums
Suárez and Koeman

During an interview with a Spanish environment, he was asked if he still keeps a rancor towards the Barcelona, to this the Uruguayan answered the following: “In many moments do things hurt and Even more by the trajectory that one already has and for the matter that I have always given them, but talk about grudge towards the club or someone of them no.”

He also mentioned that he does not know whether it is Karma or a punishment for what the club is passing, but he is sure that the boat was wrong at the time and is now paying the consequences.

“I do not like to make firewood from the fallen tree, but it hurts the moment the club is living, I am a culé more, I was many years ago, I made very good friends and a very good time, but The club is clear that they are not doing the things they would have to do.

Hopefully all this happens fast, there is a lot of future on the team with all young players who are coming out” added the front of the Atlético de Madrid.

Luis Suárez It is not happy for the current situation of the bluegranas because it still keeps a feeling towards the club, as has it still with the Ajax and Liverpool, but despite This, on Saturday will do everything possible because Atlético can go victorious and besides, it is very possible that he wants to silence some mouths like those of the Dutch technician.

Good and bad times in Barça Club

Luis Suárez sends a message to Koeman and Barcelona – Sports – WebMediums
Luis Suárez in Barcelona

It is not a secret for anyone that Uruguayan reached one of his best football moments when he was in the Barcelona, and is that there lived very good moments as very bad nights. At that time, the club had an obligation to earn everything, mainly when sharing the front with Neymar and Messi.

“I think you get to the boat was the easiest of everything, what was really hard was to be able to stay at the level that I kept me, my numbers talked on its own, I had an average goals per season I did not get off the 20 goals and that's a lot.

I really do not know if there is a 9 in the Barcelona that you have managed to do that without counting messi.” I assure the Uruguayan striker.

To all this added the following: “After a while things inside the club began to change, I really didn't like how they began to treat me, and they hurt me terrible, I was a player who always gave everything and gave myself completely to the club.” “Destiny will be in charge of pointing to whoever hit his decisions and who does not”.

A great victory in San Siro gives a new beginning to Atlético de Madrid

Luis Suárez sends a message to Koeman and Barcelona – Sports – WebMediums
Atlético's players celebrate the triumph

The Atlético de Madrid is characterized by being a difficult team to beat, is as well as the victory in San Siro by the Champions League has given very joy to Uruguayan, who besides I point out that this triumph has given the athletic confidence to face the duel on Saturday before its former team and hopes that this is a turning point that allows them not to make mistakes of the past as with the Getafe and Alavés.

“We all hope this is the beginning of a nice season, we have a very good team, an excellent template that has been reinforced with new very talented players.

We want to fight for important things and there is the work of the coach.” He has stressed Luis Suárez during the interview with the Spanish environment.

The Uruguayan was key to victory the past Mars before the Italian Club the Milan in San Siro, who from the point of penalty placed an end to six years without dialing In the Champions, a streak that the striker wanted to see as an anecdote.

It has also made it clear that age sometimes weighs, so many times the physicist can give you and others not.