Manny Pacquiao leaves boxing to fight the candidacy in the Philippines

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Manny Pacquiao leaves boxing to fight the candidacy in the Philippines
Manny Pacquiao during one of his fighting

Manny Pacquiao, one of the great boxers of all history and champion on eight occasions, has announced that it will pass from the boxing ring to the Ring of politics in search of staying with the Presidency of the Philippines.

The 42-year-old athlete withdraws the quadrilateral to devote himself to his new stage as a politician.

In this way, Pacquiao follows the steps of another boxing champion, Vitali Klitschko, who is currently the mayor of Kiev.

In this case, the athlete has expressed the following through your account:“All my followers and the best sport in the world I just want to thank you. Thank you all for the wonderful memories. This is a very difficult decision that I have taken, but the time has come. Pursue your dreams, work hard and observe the results.”

This is how the boxer has already filed his candidacy for the Presidency of the Philippines, in addition, it has become the first politician that is officially declared to the maximum position in the elections next year to replace A Rodrigo Duterte, current President of the Philippines.

Presentation of your candidacy

Manny Pacquiao leaves boxing to fight the candidacy in the Philippines
Manny Pacquiao presenting his candidacy for the presidency

Currently, Manny Pacquiao occupies the senator's position, and is supported for the elections by the Democratic Party Filipino-Popular Power (PDP-LABA), on the left.

In this way, the former boxer has promised the people to work and fight with corruption and poverty two factors that affect the Filipino community. In the same way, he promises to improve the Internet service and decrease the cost of electricity in the Philippines.

“This candidacy is not just about me, but it is also for the Filipino people, I want to offer them a better future, especially those who have been suffering from”.

These were some of his words at the time of presenting his candidacy before the Electoral Commission. To all this I add the following: “For those who are dedicated to stealing the Filipino people, their days of glory in the government are counted and are less and less. My promise is with the people and with God”.

Other candidates for the presidency

Manny Pacquiao leaves boxing to fight the candidacy in the Philippines
The Duterte family

Pacquiao will not be the only one who wants to take the position of Rodrigo Duterte, there are already other politicians who have also declared their desire to occupy this position, one of them is the current mayor of the capital, Manila, Isko Moreno and the police exject, the Senator Pánfilo LACSON.

So far Sara Duterte and Leni Robredo have not made its launch officially for next year's elections, but this is expected to happen in a few days.

On the other hand, Marcos has already been assigned as the next presidential candidate for his political party.

The current President of Filipino Duterte, and 76 years old can not present its re-election by law, for which at the beginning of September announcement that would be launched as a candidate for the vice-presidency of their country.

Many political experts point out the decision of Duterte as a way to evade justice after September 15. International Criminal Tribunal (CPI) opened an investigation with war of drugs started by Duterte to the time to get to his power causing thousands of dead people.

Vitali Klitschko The First Political Boxer

Manny Pacquiao leaves boxing to fight the candidacy in the Philippines
Vitali Klitschko.

Pacquiao is not the first or unique boxer who tries to try luck in politics. Previously the Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko did the same until the mayor of Kiev did.

Vitali was one of the few boxers in the world who never got k.o, got 45 victories in his career and just two defeats.

As of 2005, Vitali began to combine what the minstains and fights were, but unlike Pacquiao he never made an official retreat, it was in 2012 when I realized his last fight on the wheels, A few months before being chosen as mayor.

Vitali Just hard a few years in Congress to which I renounce to occupy the position of mayor, a position that continues to currently occupy after being re-elected in 2015.