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Moto3 has a new world champion "Pedro Acosta"

German Centeno
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Moto3 has a new world champion "Pedro Acosta" – Sports – WebMediums
Pedro Acosta champion of Moto3

Pedro Acosta has won the title of new world champion in Moto3, that is how he managed to cross the final goal without even knowing that his direct rival was coming behind, so his celebration came when he saw himself on the wall as the new champion of the world.

Acosta with only 17 years and in his first year in the category has managed to come back from the fourteenth place on the grid, he has managed to withstand the pressure of the competitor Dennis Foggia, who has passed the pressure to the Italian and the Spaniard has ended up winning the race.

This has been the sixth of a course that will go down in history for Pedro Acosta who celebrates his title of Moto3 world champion.

A fragile start to the season

Moto3 has a new world champion "Pedro Acosta" – Sports – WebMediums
Moto3 Champion Pedro Acosta

The Spaniard had a rather weak start to the season, so much so that it was difficult for him to find the podium again in recent weeks; when he counted on the chances of becoming the world champion.

This is how Pedro Acosta was getting points thanks to the fact that his direct rival Dennis Foggia whispered that the title was not yet his; who has six consecutive titles.

The Emimlia Romaña Grand Prix, where the Italian stayed with the race and took the first position from him, but in Portimao, it was the Spanish's turn to improve that fourteenth place from which he started, while Foggia started in fourth place.

However, Pedro Acosta has become a young man who for a long time lost his fear of motorcycles, so he has only dedicated himself to enjoying and learning from them. He has done the same with the pressure of the competition, which has stopped affecting him.

Acosta has spent much of the course demonstrating his full potential on each of the circuits. This is how this 17-year-old put into practice everything he learned during the Algarve circuit, where he allowed Foggia to lead most of the race, while he just enjoyed his career looking for a place in the peloton.

The Spanish did not need to win, simply adding five more points than the Italian was enough. When 18 laps had elapsed, fourth place and on the hunt for his biggest rival, he put all the pressure he could against his rival and with only 13 laps left, he stopped Foggia. A pressure game that was to determine the champion.

The complications of Moto3

Moto3 has a new world champion "Pedro Acosta" – Sports – WebMediums
Pedro Acosta

In general, in Moto3 races it is always very difficult to get rid of rivals, that's how Pedro Acosta had an ally in his teammate, Jaume Masiá, with only nine laps remaining.

This is how Masiá managed to overcome Acosta and also Foggia. This meant a great help for the Murcian who did not delay a second to thank Masiá for his placement in first place.

There was still a long way to go, so anything could happen. Acosta lost up to five places in a bad corner that played against him. However, they managed to stay among the top positions. With only three laps remaining, the Spaniard tried again by putting more pressure on the Italian.

Acosta looked much faster and with less fear. We had to wait until the last lap where Foggia put the wheel back in and a nice duel between the two could be observed on the last lap of the circuit. Pedro Acosta ate the race in those last meters wanting to get on the podium.

Just before the end of the race competitor Darryn Binder would be disqualified when he over-braked and would end up taking Dennis Foggia by mistake. With the Italian on the ground and no chance of winning, Acosta became the new Moto3 world champion.

An undeserved end could be seen for the Italian who had made a very good circuit and where he fell because of Binder would allow Pedro Acosta to win the title without even realizing it when crossing the finish line.

That was how the Spaniard did not know, only when he watches his entire team mounted on the wall celebrating his title. Looking back, he realized that he had no one else. This is how this 17-year-old pilot becomes the first world champion in his first category course and the youngest Spaniard to be champion.