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MotoGP already has a new world champion, Fabio Quartararo

German Centeno
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MotoGP already has a new world champion, Fabio Quartararo – Sports
MotoGP has a new champion

As is usual in speed tests and in MotoGP, everything can change with the same speed with which it is driven, where speeds of more than 200 km per hour are reached.

This is how everything indicated that the winner of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix would be the Italian Pecco Bagnaia, and thus Fabio Quartararo would have to wait at least two more weeks for a second chance to be crowned world champion.

However, everything can change in a single second, and it was like four laps to go, Bagnaia crashed and gave first place to Marc Márquez, which immediately gave the French rider the title.

Fast growth

MotoGP already has a new world champion, Fabio Quartararo – Sports
His maturity has helped him to be in the position he occupies today

According to experts in the field, it is said that pilots must mature quickly because the demands of promotion to the world championship and all the pressures that this entails compress many injuries that other adolescents learn with much more time.

In the case of the French Fabio Quartararo, it shows that he has had an express growth, with several falls in the form of lessons, but despite all this, he gets an honorary degree, where only in his third year in the premier category he manages to be champion of the MotoGP world.

How did Fabio Quartararo get to MotoGP?

MotoGP already has a new world champion, Fabio Quartararo – Sports
Fabio Quartararo

It can be said that everything Fabio has gone through are lessons for him during his career.

The Frenchman with Sicilian descent, came to the world of motorcycles thanks to his uncle Alain, although his father who was a locksmith helped him get involved in this sport.

Thus, at just 7 years old, his obsession with racing motorcycles became very serious, so he traveled thousands of kilometers to compete in different motorcycle races both in Italy and in Spain.

At the age of 13, he stayed to live in Spain where he was welcomed by his manager's family, where he had more dreams than certainties. However, thanks to the good work, discipline and good results that were part of the family contract, this young man was able to cover all the expenses of this sport.

The pope's locksmith and his mother's hairdresser were not enough to cover such an expensive sport as motorcycling. It was a time of very few friends for Fabio and of many kilometers on circuits, where he became a promise that won promotion races in the lower category.

His biggest leap in motorcycling is at the age of 16 for the world championship. This same week the minimum age to participate in the World Cups is raised, which will go from 16 years to 18 years, at that time it was 16 years old, a rule that was modified in 2015 so that the French could demonstrate everything that he showed in the lower categories.

However, rushing so much in his career cost him, that is how Fabio Quartararo had a bad course that year and the next would be even worse. Tired of things not working out, he switched to Moto2, where it debuted in 2017 without being very successful.

In 2018, representing another team, he achieved his first victory, with only one victory he got a place in MotoGP, with the Yamaha satellite team.

His arrival at MotoGP

MotoGP already has a new world champion, Fabio Quartararo – Sports
Celebrating his MotoGP title

For the year 2019 and with only 20 years, everything seemed to indicate that it would be a mortal leap for this young man, where many critical voices questioned his rapid rise and that he could not be justified by his poor results. Despite this, a hasty promotion that ended up being successful for him.

During his debut in MotoGP, Fabio Quartararo showed that he was a very fast rider, so he made it clear that he was talented and willing to work. A young man who gave hope and who had a lot to grow.

In 2019, he competed with his idol Marc Márquez; he was the only one who could overshadow him, especially in the qualifying session on Saturdays. Sundays were different, he could not take a victory from Márquez despite competing hand-to-hand, but he could get a good learning from all this.

By 2020, when Márquez missed the World Cup due to injury, it allowed the Frenchman to become the protagonist, but this time the pressure of having all eyes on him became his worst enemy.

This is how he shone in Jerez, a date that was tattooed on his right arm, and in Andalusia his name was already appearing in the pools. However, the blackout would come, where the podium in Catalonia was just a mirage. "He couldn't handle the pressure and things ended up going badly, the title escaped us, but I don't feel frustration, I gained a lot in learning, which is the important thing," said Fabio Quartararo.

After this he had to go to a psychologist to try to eliminate his past frustrations that made him uncomfortable when piloting. The young driver made it clear that he was proud to finish the competition in 2020, also, he indicated that this has made him more capable, faster, better, all this thanks to the battles with his rivals.

During the competition in Thailand, the Frenchman came very close to beating the Spanish, but his experience allowed him to pass him in the last corner to catch his sixth MotoGP title. But this allowed the Frenchman to go from being the little prince as he was nicknamed at the beginning to being called The Devil.

From that moment, the Frenchman knew that if he could be like Márquez, a comparison that was made at a very early age in his career in 2015, and that frustrated the young Quartararo by not achieving the necessary results to compare himself with said legend.

Fabio Quartararo shows greater maturity

MotoGP already has a new world champion, Fabio Quartararo – Sports
Fabio Quartararo MotoGP champion

The patience and maturity that this young man has assumed have been key to the success he has had in 2021, who from the beginning of the season was seen as the leader, where he managed to win in Doha, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, Countries Basses and many more handfuls of podiums.

So you already have everything you need to draw your next tattoo, the title of world champion. So the smile has returned to Fabio, who has won the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix title, after going through many ups and downs during his career. A trajectory built with its own lines.

As a sign of all the maturity that she has achieved during these years, due to the good and bad moments, she has managed to make the career of Emilia Romaña. Where he started from fifteenth, he gradually rose through the ranks without falling into nervousness, despite the fact that after this race he could finish champion.

In such a way that he continued very concentrated and firm until he took fifth place and saw his most direct rival fall four laps to go. For what Márquez won, but the victory ended up being for Fabio Quartararo, where the emotion took hold of him and now if the title is for the devil of MotoGP.