Pelé is discharged and now he must undergo chemotherapy

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Pelé is discharged and now he must undergo chemotherapy – Sports – WebMediums
King Pelee.

The king of football, a.k.a. Pelé considered one of the best footballers in history, has been registered this Thursday of the Medical Center of São Paulo.

The former Brazilian player stayed hospitalized for a month after treating him and extracting a tumor in the colon, so now he must follow a chemotherapy treatment, according to the hospital.

Edson Arantes Do Nascimento, 80 years old, has been discharged from the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein on the morning of this Thursday, news that has filled with joy to All your family and followers.

So far, the patient is very stable and must continue with medical treatment.

The Brazilian soccer star was admitted to emergency for removal surgery of a tumor in the intestine, this operation was carried out on September 4 being completely successful.

Few details about the treatment to follow

Pelé is discharged and now he must undergo chemotherapy – Sports – WebMediums
Pelé says goodbye to the hospital

For now, it is only known that the King Pelé must follow a chemotherapy treatment for recovery, so the hospital has not wanted to reveal more details about such treatment.

We have to remembered that this treatment wasn't previously informed, and which is used in cancer patients, so it is believed that the former player has said disease.

Pelé was hospitalized on August 31 at a prestigious hospital where these types of diseases are usually treated in the best, considering that the king of football is already 80 years old, so his state of Health is much more delicate.

With only four days hospitalized, it was taken to surgery in order to extract a suspect tumor in the colon, so after the operation it was necessary to have it several days in an intensive care unit.

At least two weeks ago, former Brazilian player had to be taken again to the intensive care unit after being severely affected by economic instability.

Its true state of health is unknown

Pelé is discharged and now he must undergo chemotherapy – Sports – WebMediums
A pretty optimistic pee

Until now nor the doctors of the hospital, nor the relatives or the same Pelé have wanted to reveal information about the results of the pathological analysis of the tumor, which was detected when some routine checkups were performed.

During the time in which he stayed hospitalized, Pelé was sharing with his followers through the social networks his recovery process, most of these publications were quite sense Humor, a personality that characterizes it.

The Instagram of the Soccer King has 7.3 million followers, so he could be in contact with a lot of his fanatics whom he shared photos and videos on which he appeared by exercising on a static bike, raising his fists And celebrating that every day he felt much better.

Likewise, I express your congratulations to the Argentine player Lionel Messi for having overcome it as the top scorer of the South American teams, a record that has just lost.

Last Wednesday a publication went up to its Instagram social network where I leave the following comment “When life imposes a challenge, it is always better to face it with a smile”, Pelé has been characterized by being a fought and triumphant man, is well as until now is the only footballer to win three World Cups(1958, 1962, 1970) A record Nobody has been able to overcome it.

His family has also been very active on social networks, is as his daughter Kelly Nascimento also told his followers as his father's recovery was going, who showed him playing cards in the room Where he was hospitalized, he looked sung and with freshly painted hair in black.

In this publication kely nascimento I leave written the following “My father is much stronger and leaving the hospital so that I can continue recovering from home next to all of us”.

Away from the media for a while

Pelé is discharged and now he must undergo chemotherapy – Sports – WebMediums
Pele has moved away from the media

You have to remember that pelé was considered by FIFA as the best footballer of the twentieth century, a record that shared with him already died and Astro Argentino Diego Armando Maradona, but unlike the Argentine, the Brazilian Astro It has remote from the media and public life in recent years.

After the arrival of the pandemic of the Covid-19, the Brazilian was isolated on one of their homes in Guarujá, on the outside of São Paulo. Recalling that Brazil was one of the most affected countries in South America.

So his greatest activities have been through social networks where he usually interacts with his followers and support the selection of Brazil and Santos, the two t-shirts with which he got triumphs most.

In the same way, it is one of the main promoters for what vaccination against coronavirus is and consistently congratulated players who achieve their own achievements.

Pele came to Netflix

Pelé is discharged and now he must undergo chemotherapy – Sports – WebMediums

Earlier this year, the launch of a documentary that narrates all its life was lived, which premiered on the platform of Netflix. This documentary has had a great success since its launch and in one of the first scenes of it is seen moving very slowly and using a walker.

Some health problems in the past

Pele will turn 81 on October 23, who has been presenting some health problems for some time ago, which is why news of his arrivals from Brazil hospitals have emerged to meet different health problems.

The last time I had visited a hospital was in 2019 by problems of renal calculation.

While in 2014 the king was also in intensive care after having contracted a urinary infection that I force him to undergo a dialysis in his left kidney, after 1970 the right was excited when He suffered an injury while playing soccer.

It also had to be operated on previous occasions due to problems in the column and on the hip, which is why starting with difficulty, arriving in public using wheelchairs.

When the King of Football and Maximum Figure of Brazilian and World Soccer was still hospitalized and Maxi wrote the following: “No matter the size of the challenge you have, the secret is commemorating every little victory that you get in The road.”