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German Centeno
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Previous: Venezuela Vs Brazil Qualifying Qatar 2022 – Sports – WebMediums
Venezuela Vs Brazil Thursday, October 7

This Thursday, October 7, Venezuela and Brazil will face at the Olympic Stadium of the Central University of Venezuela, a match corresponding to the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers. This is how we will see a clash between the current leader of the qualifying rounds and undefeated and the last place of the same.

Everything seems to indicate that the whole of Brazil will keep the three points again, who have won all their matches so far, adding 8 victories out of 8 matches played so far.

On the other hand, the whole of Venezuela has only won one game and has achieved a draw of nine games, losing a total of 7 games so far.

Where to watch the game and what time does Venezuela vs. Brazil play?

Previous: Venezuela Vs Brazil Qualifying Qatar 2022 – Sports – WebMediums
Venezuela Vs Brazil

This game will be played at 7:30 local time, while in other countries it will be played at the following times:

  • Bolivia, United States: 7:30 pm

  • Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico: 6:30 pm

  • Spain: 1:30 am (Friday)

  • Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile: 8:30 pm

Where to watch the game?

  • Venezuela: TLT

  • Colombia: Snail

  • Argentina: Public TV and TyC Sports

  • Peru: Movistar Plus

  • Brazil: SporTV, Claro, Canais Globo, Now Net.

  • Paraguay: Tigo Sports

  • Ecuador: The Soccer Channel.

  • Uruguay: VTV

  • Mexico: Blue To Go Video Everywhere

  • Spain: Movistar +, Movistar Champions League 1.

  • United States: Fubo Sports Network.

  • Bolivia: Tigo Sports

  • Chile: Claro Video, CDF Stadium, Chilevisión, CDF HD

Previous: Venezuela Vs Brazil

First and last place they face each other for the tenth round of the Qatar 2022 Qualifying Qualifiers. An undefeated Brazil and eager to continue adding three points, while Venezuela hopes for a miracle that will allow them to add three points and hope to reach qualifying positions.


Previous: Venezuela Vs Brazil Qualifying Qatar 2022 – Sports – WebMediums
La vinotinto during training before the engagement against Brazil

Currently, the vinotinto is last in the standings, it barely adds 4 units and in its record it has 1 victory, 1 draw and 7 losses, so far the team with the most losses in the tie.

In the nine rounds already played, he has only managed to score 5 goals and has received a total of 15, leaving him with a record of minus 10 goals.

For now, the Qatar 2022 qualifiers are being one of their worst records of the last World Cup qualifiers, but now they have the opportunity to show a new face at home and score three points, only for this they will have to defeat the undefeated leader of the same.

In the last triple date of the World Cup calcification, the vinotinto could not add a point, falling defeated to Argentina 3-1, Peru 1-0 and Paraguay 2-1. So this team will try to get at least one point against Brazil to cut this negative streak.

One of the voices of the Venezuelan team that has spoken before the commitment has been Wuilker Fariñez, who has commented the following: "We are working to try to continue in the competition, we will fight until the end, we continue to grow and believe in ourselves".

We know that Brazil is the strongest team, we have to have a lot of order and concentration to be able to counteract the offensive weight they have and also take advantage of the mistakes they make. "

Likewise, it should be mentioned that the Venezuelan team already has the availability of some of its important players who had not been able to be in the tie before, some names are Peñaranda, Ronald Varga and Machis, who stand out for having a very good game and knowing how to move the ball.

The vinotinto team hopes to show a better level of play now that they have more players in their squad and be able to get at least one point against strong Brazil, who have not wanted to leave a single point on their way until now.


Previous: Venezuela Vs Brazil Qualifying Qatar 2022 – Sports – WebMediums
Brazil, South America's undefeated

On the other hand, Brazil is the best team on the continent so far, currently adding 8 games, for which it registers 8 consecutive victories that place it in the first place of the table with 24 points.

So far they have scored 19 goals and received only 2, also becoming the team with the most goals scored and the fewest goals conceded.

Luckily for the vinotinto, the Canarinha team will not be able to count on its main figure Neymar who is suspended due to the accumulation of yellow cards. Brazil comes from beating Chile 1-0 and Peru 2-0 on the triple date of the tie, the match against Argentina was suspended due to the health scandal. For now there is no resolution by FIFA to carry out this game.