Real Madrid have been surprised at the Santiago Bernabéu, but where does the Sheriff play?

German Centeno
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Real Madrid have been surprised at the Santiago Bernabéu, but where does the Sheriff play?

The defeat of Real Madrid has been a real surprise for all football fans, since before the initial whistle, everything seemed to be in favor of the whites, who played at home and have a squad of footballers far superior to that of the rival.. However, the end result has been a surprise.

The Catalan press has titled " Historical Surprise ", " Shots ", among others.

And it is that Ancelotti's team has been defeated 1-2 in the second phase of the Champions League against the Sheriff, until now a team unknown in almost everyone and that for many is the first time they hear and see play.

Which is why most of the fans of this sport expected that the powerful Real Madrid and those who are going through a great moment would end up beating their rival at home, but on the pitch everything changed and the white team could not be superior.

The Sheriff surprises in Madrid with a great victory

Real Madrid have been surprised at the Santiago Bernabéu, but where does the Sheriff play?

The visiting team managed to hit first in the match, that was how at minute 25 they already won 1-0 with a goal from Djasur Yakhshibaev.

The bench set delayed until the 65th minute when Karim Benzema tied through the penalty. In this way, the French striker became the first player to score 17 consecutive seasons in the Champions League, thus surpassing Raúl.

When everything seemed that the match would culminate with an equality between the two, Sebastián Thill surprised everyone present in the stadium after scoring a real goal at minute 90, thus giving his team the victory.

A goal that comes from outside the area leaving the white goalkeeper without any chance.

The player who scored the first goal Yakhshibaev is Uzbek, while Thill is Luxembourgish, two countries that have very little weight in the world of football, in fact, Thill became the first player from his country to score in this competition.

Where is the Sheriff who beat Madrid at the Bernabéu from?

Real Madrid have been surprised at the Santiago Bernabéu, but where does the Sheriff play?

It is no secret to anyone that the Sheriff was an unknown and very little named team until they beat Real Madrid.

It is a club belonging to the second largest city within the official border of Moldova, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, located in the middle of Ukraine and Romania, a disputed territory, due to the fact that said city is in Transnistria, a state that is not yet recognized by any sovereign nation.

To give you an idea of its magnitude, this city is only slightly larger than Rhode Island, the smallest state in the United States. For the year 1990, Transnistria announced its independence from Moldova, this after living a war of more than two years after the fall of the Soviet Union, who were supported by Russia, but in the same way they never recognized them as a state. Independent.

The Sheriff is a relatively young team, this club was founded in 1997 and belongs to the Moldovan national league and is currently third in the league table.

Likewise, this team is the current champion of the National Division and the team with the most championship in that country, a total of 19 championships, six titles in a row.

Its squad has six Latin American players, two Colombians like Frank Castañeda and Danilo Arboleda, three Brazilians like Fernando, Bruno and Cristiano and the Peruvian Gustavo Dulanto.

On the other hand, the technical director is Ukrainian, Yuriy Vernydub, who has already raised trophies with Shakhtyor Soligorsk and last season with the Sheriff, who has made history in the Champions League.

As you can imagine, this is the first time that this team qualifies for the Champions League, becoming the first Moldovan club to do so, so they have simply made history from the beginning.

The name Sheriff comes from the main sponsor of the team, Sheriff is a Transnistrian corporation that has companies in different economic sectors of the city.

Sheriff and Real Madrid two totally different clubs

Real Madrid have been surprised at the Santiago Bernabéu, but where does the Sheriff play?

While the Sheriff is playing the Champions League for the first time in its history, Real Madrid is the club with the most titles in this competition, it is currently in a million-dollar remodeling process of its historic stadium, where the team was one year old. and seven months without playing there.

In the same way, the white team is today the seventh most expensive team in the world, it has a value of 793.5 million euros in the market and about 926 million dollars.

Its squad is made up of some of the most expensive players in the world as well as one of the most important, such as Eden Hazard, Benzema, Casemiro, Federico Valverde, Eduardo Camavinga and Thibaut Courtois, while its technical director is Carlos Ancelotti, winner of this competition on two occasions with Milan and Real Madrid and local multi-champion in several countries, so it has a fairly successful and marked career in the world of football.

Defeat number 22 for whites

Real Madrid have been surprised at the Santiago Bernabéu, but where does the Sheriff play?

With the goals of Yakhshiboev and Yhill, the Sheriff managed to do what very few teams really achieve and that is to beat Real Madrid at home for the Champions League.

Beating Florentino Pérez's team at home is one of the most difficult things in football. The Sheriff's victory has become the Whites' 22nd loss at home in the European tournament, where lately these nights at the Santiago Bernabéu have become more consecutive.

In this new edition of the European tournament, the Sheriff has won the victory at the Bernabéu, but last season it was Shakhtar who took the victory at the Di Stéfano, while Manchester City, a very strong rival, beat him In the 2019-20 edition, on the other hand, Ajax also triumphed 1-4 in the last 16 of the 2018-19 edition and in that same year CSKA beat them 0-3 in the group stage.

At the end of this commitment, Carlos Ancelotti expressed "It is very difficult to explain the defeat for the game we played", "We did not deserve to lose, we had very bad luck, we pressed, we fired, but small details cost us the game."

This "bad luck" that Ancelotti has called him, only confirms something that has been seen in recent times, and that is that Real Madrid seems to relax or not give the necessary value to the games against completely inferior teams.