Salah about to have a mega contract and be the highest paid in the Premier League

German Centeno
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Salah about to have a mega contract and be the highest paid in the Premier League
Salah main figure of Liverpool against Atlético de Madrid

According to Agbonlahor in TalkSport, the Liverpool forward would have to earn more money than Cristiano Ronaldo, he would have to ask for even one free more than the highest paid in the Premier.

It is no secret to anyone that the player deserves a new contract with an improved salary.

This is how Salah can no longer collaborate so that the negotiations of the current contract with Liverpool are finalized in the best way, so the player is leaving everything on the field.

With this new victory against Atlético de Madrid, where the Egyptian played a great game and helped Klopp's team add three points.

In this way, Liverpool was able to add three points in the Champions League and thus increase their earnings beyond 23 million euros.

These figures would cover the first year of the mega-contract that the Egyptian player wants to sign with Liverpool. The more successful the English club this season, the greater the chances that future salary improvements can be met.

Salah's renewal is Liverpool's priority

Salah about to have a mega contract and be the highest paid in the Premier League
Salah ends contract in 2023

The English club knows how important the Egyptian is for this, considered as the main figure of the team and who has been showing a very high level of football in the last matches of the team.

That is why many club leaders believe that the team's main priority is to renew him and to convince him a mega-contract is proposed.

It is believed that Salah should be the highest paid in the Premier League, so he must win even a pound more than Cristiano Ronaldo.

For Gabriel Agbonlahor, former Aston Villa captain, the Egyptian player is the most decisive and decisive player in the Premier League, which is why Liverpool would be making a serious mistake if they let him escape.

Salah, only 29 years old, ends his contract with Liverpool in 2023 and currently his token has a value of 100 million, so if he does not renew next summer it could be for sale and available to the largest in Europe.

With the two goals scored against Atlético de Madrid for the Champions League match, he manages to reach nine consecutive games scoring, reaching a total of 12 goals in 961 minutes and his main role in Liverpool seems to be certain for a few more years.

This is why Egypt is asking for a new salary that is 30 million and thus become the best paid in the English League.

Salah is already history at Liverpool

Salah about to have a mega contract and be the highest paid in the Premier League
The record man at Liverpool

After a really exciting match Liverpool with a fantastic performance from Salah managed to beat Atlético de Madrid for the Champions League.

This is how Klopp's men are consolidated as the leader of the group and already have half a foot placed in the round of 16 of the tournament. It must be borne in mind that it was a controversial commitment where the VAR, expulsions and penalties could not be absent.

Mohamed Salah was the main figure of the team and the game and continues to consolidate himself as one of the best players in the world.

So far, this season is being one of his best, he has scored a total of 12 goals and 4 assists in just 11 games, which means that he has scored a goal in all the games this season except the one against him.

By getting a double against Atlético de Madrid, Egypt managed to break a record and continue to get dangerously close to other greats in Europe.

Salah and the victory in Madrid

Salah about to have a mega contract and be the highest paid in the Premier League
Liverpool won at the Metropolitanoo

With his great game at the Metropolitano and giving his team victory, Mohamed Salah continues to break his team's record and establish himself in the club's history. With these two goals he becomes Liverpool's top scorer in the Champions League with 31 goals in 48 games, surpassing Steven Gerrard, who had managed to convert 30 goals in 97 games.

The difference in the matches played in this competition between the two players to achieve this amount of goals has been truly incredible, which shows the scoring ability of Egypt.

Likewise, he also becomes the first player in the entire history of the English club to score goals in 9 consecutive games.

This coming Sunday for the Premier they will have to face Manchester United, where they will try to continue their scoring streak.

Salah's present is one of the best in the last years of his career, and that is because Klopp's attacker with 30 goals is the fourth top scorer in the Champions League since the start of the 2016/2017 season, where he has only been surpassed by Messi with 30 goals, Cristiano Ronaldo with 43 goals and Lewandowski with 45 goals. Mohamed Salah is the top scorer in this edition of the 2021 Champions League with 8 goals.

These record scorers from Salah threaten the English teams, now with 31 goals he is only five goals away from reaching Agüero and Drogba as the players who have scored the most in the Champions League for English teams. With 35 goals are Thierry Henry and Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

If next December 7, on the next date of the Champions League, he scores against Milan at the San Siro, he would be equaling the record for the most consecutive goals away from home in the competition, a record held by the Argentine Agüero with 7 goals.

Again and as has become customary in recent years, the Egyptian is on the list of 30 nominees for the 2021 Ballon d'Or.

However, this time he is not among the favorites, but he continues to show on the court that he has everything to be one of the best players in the world. So far he has managed to score 188 goals in 214 games for Liverpool, figures that are making him a legend within the club.