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Sterling shows his intentions to leave Manchester City

German Centeno
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Sterling shows his intentions to leave Manchester City – Sports – WebMediums
Sterling ready to leave Manchester City

Manchester City striker Raheem Sterling has dropped a real bomb, and this is how he told the media that "he is open to leaving his current team and wants to try in another country." This happened during an interview at the Business of Sport US Summit.

The English attacker has acknowledged that his current situation is not very good, he is watching very few minutes with Guardiola and does not avoid responding about his possible departure to Barcelona. "If there is an opportunity to go elsewhere, I would be open for it when the time comes," commented the attacker.

He also assured that if he left City, he would like to play in France or Spain, the latter being the most likely. "I have to learn a language and would like it to be the French or Spanish accent," Sterling added.

Sterling does not appear in Pep Guardiola's starting eleven

Sterling shows his intentions to leave Manchester City – Sports – WebMediums
His performance as a substitute does not make him happy

Pep Guardiola has the English attacker in his plans, but he clearly gives him a substitute role, so he does not have it in his plans to start him, so far there have been very few titles for this player. In the current season, he has only added four games as a starter and has managed to score a single goal.

Guardiola usually places him at one end of the band or as a point behind the striker, he uses him mostly as a wild card, but the reality is that Sterling wants to advance in his personal career and become a decisive player in another club, considering that he is something he cannot achieve at Manchester City.

During his performance with England at the European Championship, he demonstrated his readiness to take on important roles, which is how he was brilliant in that competition. His current contract with Manchester City ends in 2023 and Guardiola's team is aware that it is best to sell him immediately before he can leave for free and not receive any money for him.

Spain as the most likely destination

Sterling shows his intentions to leave Manchester City – Sports – WebMediums
Barcelona may be your next destination

Rumors of Sterling coming to Spain have been around for several years, getting a little louder in recent months. The French forward has sounded for clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona, the latter being the most interested in buying him, although it is believed that he will do so as a loan condition and depending on his performance he will be able to buy his token from City.

The former Liverpool player and current Manchester City player is willing to wear another shirt and is confident that his next destination may be Spain.

"As an English player, so far I have only played in the Premier League, I have always wanted to play in another country, so I would love to be in a foreign team and see how I would face these new challenges," explained the City striker.

Sterling at only 26 years old is still growing and is still in the ideal age to become a soccer star elsewhere. For now, it seems that his future as a player is going to be far from the British borders, so we may see him taking on a new challenge in the next transfer market.