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Vinícius at his best with Real Madrid

German Centeno
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Vinícius at his best with Real Madrid – Sports – WebMediums
Vinicius against Terg Stegen

Despite Barcelona's starting eleven and their game tactics they were not capable of fooling the rival, this time the Camp Nou would not be a lethal weapon for the whites, so the old reflections of Real Madrid did not appear there. Those of Ancelotti did not suffer, such as dangerous play generated by the locals.

Ronald Koeman's proposal was very poor, in attack it was empty, and it was finished after the Brazilian Vinícius discovered Mingueza's weak point that he could not with him. In this way, Mingueza's band became the main hall of the white group.

Vinícius shows his talent at the Camp Nou

Vinícius at his best with Real Madrid – Sports – WebMediums
Vinícius shows all his talent

Many consider that the Brazilian has been confirmed in the Camp Nou, but it is something quite debatable, Vinícius made one of his best games or at least one of his best 45 minutes. This is how he managed to polarize the game, appear before anyone else, drive it, be fast, powerful and tough.

In the great play where the Brazilian asked for a penalty, it was one of those plays that not just anyone does. He showed bicycles at the time of the duels to which he added the resource of dribbling in each play, when the ball seemed to be going, he steps on it and returns it to the same place of the dance, it was as if he always wanted to have the ball and do dribbles in every duel.

Luckily for him, everything went well for him, he gave a great show of talent and showed his quality of play, although unfortunately he could not achieve the goal.

In Alaba's goal play to make it 0-1, you could see a cold assist from 20-year-old Rodrygo who has played a fantastic game and the pre-assist from Vinícius, another of the plays he has made many times. On this occasion the youngsters have led Real Madrid to win the superclassic.

The feeling of omnipotence

Vinícius at his best with Real Madrid – Sports – WebMediums
Confidence reigned in the Brazilian

Vinícius gestures in the game against Barcelona have already been seen in other matches, but this time the Brazilian felt a sense of omnipotence, where he not only dominated his resources that were uncontrollable for the rival, but also wanted to dominate the game, he felt the owner of it.

Vinícius left who he wanted, when he wanted and how he wanted, he was simply unstoppable. He made very good passes into the void and connections with his teammates, so confidence in this commitment was his best card in hand.

When he left Mingueza for the first time, an action that was seen repeatedly at the Camp Nou, it could be seen that he showed a happy game, he was very fast and the best thing is that he exhibited such great tranquility in each of his games that they made people notice all the confidence I had.

In addition, Vinícius was constantly seen that challenging or controversial smile that characterizes him, he was simply a player who was enjoying the match. The young man from Madrid was shown as one of the greatest on the field, overshadowing most of the veterans present, even those of his team.

This could be seen at the time of requesting the penalty not called with Jordi Alba, who immediately got up and faced him like any adult. You could see a face that was no longer a youthful smile, but the face of an adult player who claims his natural right, someone who wants to speak on the field and show his authority.

Vinícius at his best with Real Madrid – Sports – WebMediums
Viniciús Vs Alba

They were actions that undoubtedly remind the Madridistas of the awakening of Raúl or Benzema, when he began to step on the 10 zone differently and to make himself notice much more on the field, not only in the game but also in the attitudes.

A second more serious time

Vinícius at his best with Real Madrid – Sports – WebMediums
A second half with fewer luxuries

The second half of the Brazilian was much more discreet, but at the same time it was quite interesting, since Ancelotti once again remembered the style of play of French coach Zidane. Real Madrid in some sections of the game formed a line of five in the background, where Rodrygo was a winger.

Barcelona without Leo Messi is still a tragedy, it is no longer a team that represents a danger for the rival, the minutes passed against Madrid and Koeman's men did not shoot at the white goal, even that of Dest that incredibly sent it to the clouds, a goal that would have changed the course of the game.

Real Madrid parked very well in the midfield, where that space between the center-backs and Casemiro was very well cared for. Benzema was very close to ending the game with 0-2, but his shot went into the hands of Terg Stengen.

The white team looked a bit bad at the end of the game as a result of the tiredness of the midfield, which allowed Barcelona to get a little closer to the rival goal. The discount of the culé comes after the confidence of Real Madrid by scoring the 0-2 at minute 93 and considering the commitment won.

After Lucas Vázquez's second white goal, Pique could be seen hitting the ground and invoking VAR for said play. However, the requests of the Barcelona veteran would not be taken into account by the principal.

Madrid ended up playing with the style of Ancelotti and Zidane, while the Catalans could not believe what was happening, the faces of the fans said it all, disappointment and concern about the situation at the club.