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A new competitor in the space race looking to face Bezos and Musk

Andy Vilchez
4 min read
A new competitor in the space race looking to face Bezos and Musk

Apparently the space race has become the favorite pastime of millionaires. Just a few weeks ago we saw Blue Origin, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, launch a manned mission into space. In addition, just a few hours ago, the aerospace company SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, launched its Inspiration 4 mission into orbit.

Now a new millionaire tries to join the private space race, we talk about Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. In a recent Tweet, he has talked about creating a new space company whose goal is to keep space "safe and accessible to humanity."

Privateer and cleaning the space

The truth is that calling him a new entrant in the "space race" is a bit of a misnomer. And this is because the company he had founded, which is called Privateer, seeks to be a kind of space dump.

The company would aim to collect space debris, in order to clean and keep the space safe. Actually, the space debris problem is a major issue that has not been given much thought.

Wozniak has released a promotional video for his new company, which can seem confusing. But that would point to what we have told you, however, it will not be until they reveal more information that we know exactly what is at hand.

In the event that this is the real objective of the company, it would be something that is really necessary. Since the amount of space debris is very large and could generate a catastrophe in the event that it is not attended to properly.

Who is Steve Wozniak?

A new competitor in the space race looking to face Bezos and Musk

Wozniak is an American engineer who was, along with the well-known Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple. This man was the creator of the first personal computer in history. Despite having contributed great advances to history, the truth is that he always kept a low profile, which is why he is not so recognized.

Steve Wozniak is one of the world's most respected tech entrepreneurs in the world. Although today it does not have a great relevance in the sector, its contributions will last forever.

What is Wozniak's heritage?

Many will think that as a co-owner of Apple, one of the most valuable companies in the world, Wozniak is a billionaire. However, this is not the reality of this character. However, being a co-owner of the bitten apple company made him a good fortune, but he did not become a billionaire.

Wozniak's net worth is known to be around $ 100 million and much of that money is company stock. A long time ago, both he and Steve Jobs sold most of their shares in Apple. This meant that, to this day, his participation in it is very discreet.

So how will you finance this space venture?

Details of this are not yet known, however, it is clear that his assets are not enough to start a company of this caliber. So it is to be assumed that it will have investors to finance the project.

We will have to wait for the company to materialize in order to know who these characters will be and what awaits them. In any case, it is an ambitious project which will require many millions of dollars to sustain.

The growth of private companies in the aerospace business

A new competitor in the space race looking to face Bezos and Musk

It is no secret to anyone that in recent years we have had a large number of new companies that are betting on space. You probably know SpaceX and Blue Origins, companies that are at the top.

However, in recent years, companies like Boeing, Virgin, Luna, and others are getting into this business. Obviously, space services are a very profitable business, which is why more and more companies are looking to keep a piece of the pie.

That is why this announcement by Wozniak is not a surprise, and neither will the new companies that are created in the coming months or years.