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The 7 best cell phone brands today

Andy Vilchez
7 min read
The 7 best cell phone brands today – Technology – WebMediums

In the mobile device market, we are faced with fierce competition. We have dozens of brands that launch new terminals every year, so it can be difficult to choose just one. That is why today we want to tell you about the best cell phone brands on the market.

Chinese cell phone brands are imposing themselves in the world and it is increasingly common to find them in the West. In fact, these brands are what make "volume" in the market, since Western companies have been the same for years.

This abundance of “strange” cell phone brands starting to hit the market doesn't have to be bad.

On the contrary, many of them are quite good compared to others in that price range. That is why, if you find yourself looking for a new cell phone and you don't know which one to choose, don't worry, we'll give you a hand.

These are the best cell phone brands today

Next, we are going to talk about the best brands of mobile devices, today. But this will not be a top based on taste, but we will talk based on its popularity, quality and volume of sales.

1. Samsung

The 7 best cell phone brands today – Technology – WebMediums

Samsung is a Korean technology company that for some years has been the undisputed leader in the sector. Its cell phones are selling like bread, so much so that in the first quarter of 2021 it sold 76.1 million devices.

These figures are clear, there is no other mobile company in the world that sells more devices than Samsung. In addition, their equipment is characterized by being of very good quality and durable.

Over the years, this company has learned from its mistakes and done things right.

Despite the fact that the company has a very good position in the high-end range, today, its strength is in the mid-range. Despite its attempts to launch good devices for the entry range, the truth is that it has not been very successful. And it is that in this range the kings are the Chinese cell phone brands.

2. Apple

The 7 best cell phone brands today – Technology – WebMediums

Second, we have the apple company, which for years has been a clear competitor in the market. However, it has failed to surpass Samsung in sales volume.

In the first quarter of 2021, the Cupertino company sold 56.4 million cell phones worldwide (19.7 million less than Samsung). The main problem that Apple has had to grow like other brands is that it focuses mainly on the high-end.

All his equipment is of excellent quality and manufactured with the best materials, but at the same time they are expensive. Despite the fact that last year Apple entered the mid-range with the iPhone SE, it was not as successful as the company had hoped.

However, Apple is one of the best cell phone brands in the world and it will continue to be. In fact, it recently launched its new device, the iPhone 13 which promises to be one of the best cell phones for 2021.

3. Xiaomi

The 7 best cell phone brands today – Technology – WebMediums

One of the fastest growing brands in the cell phone market is Xiaomi. This is without a doubt one of the trusted Chinese cell phone brands on the market. In the first quarter of 2021, the company sold 49.5 million devices.

The main success of the company has been that it has targeted the low-end and mid-range markets. In this range, it has presented devices that are quite interesting and which are quite good. Thanks to this, this brand has become extremely popular in Latin America and Asian countries. Although it is a very young brand (it was born in 2010) it has grown at an overwhelming rate and until a few years ago, its teams were little known in the West.

Today, the brand has become one of the best telephone brands on the market and its equipment is known worldwide. And this has taken him to third place in this top.

4. Oppo

The 7 best cell phone brands today – Technology – WebMediums

This is another Chinese company that was founded in 2001 and in its early years went unnoticed in the western market. However, in China it is a very important and recognized brand. It was not until a few years ago with the boom of Chinese companies that this came to light.

It manufactures quite powerful devices and at quite affordable prices, these are mainly aimed at the mid-range and upper-middle range. So, if you are looking for a good team that handles itself in this range, the Oppo is a very good option.

In the first quarter of 2021, the Chinese company managed to sell a total 37.8 million units to rank fourth on this list. This brand has established itself as one of the best cell phone brands on the market.

Cheap cell phones are becoming very popular, which is why these types of companies have had a great boost in sales. And this is the reason why traditional brands are lower in sales volume.

5. Huawei

The 7 best cell phone brands today – Technology – WebMediums

Huawei is one of the most important and recognized cell phone companies in all of China.

In recent years he has had some problems with the US government, which has cost him his sales to have fallen. In the first quarter of 2021, the company managed to sell only 14.7 million computers worldwide.

However, Huawei has been characterized by selling equipment of very good quality and that have superior performance. Currently, the measures against it have been relaxed, so it is expected that it will have a significant increase in its sales.

6. Motorola

The 7 best cell phone brands today – Technology – WebMediums

Behind Huawei we have another cell phone company, with more influence in the world. In addition, it is one of the oldest, since Motorola is one of the oldest in the world.

However, during its long history, this company has had many ups and downs in the cell phone market.

Before the advent of smartphones, Motorola was one of the most prestigious and best-selling brands on the market. However, for many years he was a bit out of focus and his teams weren't particularly good.

A few years ago and with the birth of the “moto G”, the brand had a greater relevance, especially in the first models. Today, it still plays an important role and that is why it ranks sixth with 12.6 million units sold. However, he has yet to go back to that golden age he once was in.

7. Realme

The 7 best cell phone brands today – Technology – WebMediums

This is probably a very little known brand and it is an Indian brand, which was acquired by the Chinese giant BBK Electronics. This is one of the youngest brands on the market, as it was only founded in 2018.

Thanks to the experience in the sector of his parent company together with doing things well, he has made the company very popular. This competes directly with brands like Xiaomi in the entry and mid-range range. Their cell phones are characterized by being quite powerful and of good quality.

The brand has been consolidating in Latin America in the last year, however, its main market is the Indian one. With 11.4 million units sold worldwide, it is ranked 7th in this top of the best cell phone brands in the world.

Are Chinese cell phone brands worth it?

Chinese brands and products have long been labeled "low quality." And this was the case for a long time, yet Chinese brands have come a long way and the industry has had a big change.

As for the cell phone sector, today Chinese companies are having a great relevance. They have gone from having "poor quality" cell phones to having very relevant brands such as Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo and the like.

So, you have nothing to worry about, Chinese brands are gaining great prominence in the market today. Therefore, we can hope that in a few years we will see them at the top.