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Amazing Innovations Awaiting the Future

Fermín Díaz
11 min read
Amazing Innovations Awaiting the Future – Technology – WebMediums
The future of technological innovations is very promising

Mysterious, amazing, incredible and even magical, are some of the words that can describe our present. Now imagine the ones we will use to describe our future.

Science and technology are advancing in such great strides that what used to cost to do in ten years, savings can be achieved in just months.

So below we will introduce you to the amazing innovations that we will see in the next ten years.

Technological innovations in the field of agriculture

In a world that is becoming more and more populated and where deforestation ends our possibilities to grow food, agriculture has seen the growing need to innovate with the intention of staying alive, despite all the damage it has suffered.

Amazing Innovations Awaiting the Future – Technology – WebMediums
Vertical farming or sky farms

One of the things that we can enjoy in the future is the existence of the so-called sky farms, in other words, it would be vertical farming. Quite a challenge, don't you think?

But not everything is as easy as it seems. To install one of these requires a large investment, since it requires materials and electricity consumption that is extremely expensive.

Although all of this is barely being studied, it is expected that it could be up and running very soon.

Another advance in agriculture that we will see very soon in a normal way is genetic editing. This initiative was born from the growing concern about the loss of the properties or the benefits of certain foods.

This is why scientists from various countries such as Brazil, Germany and the USA give us the possibility to domesticate plants using a single genetic line.

Amazing Innovations Awaiting the Future – Technology – WebMediums
Gene editing to improve food safety

This allows to preserve the best characteristics without losing its properties. Maybe you thought that agriculture was just sowing and harvesting, but not really. Well, science and technology are behind every bite we put in our mouths.

Drone taxis

Previously it was common to see in comics the use of ships and airplanes as if it were a car. Well, what was previously seen only on television is now closer than ever.

Uber Air is a taxi service in the form of large drones that is capable of transporting up to four passengers at the same time. Isn't that cool?

You can go flying at a height of approximately 600 meters. But what is new about this service apart from flying? Well, if you want to enjoy this service, they will not pick you up where you want them as a normal taxi service would.

Amazing Innovations Awaiting the Future – Technology – WebMediums
Drone taxi service

In this case, you would have to go to a nearby heliport that is expected to be distributed throughout the city by that date. Just imagine going from home to work every day in one of these flying drones.

However, it should be mentioned that other companies will also join in offering similar services, which means that it will be your decision to choose the one you prefer.


Do you think that in the next few years there may be a faster and cheaper system than the Wi-Fi we currently know? Well yes, and not only that, but it already exists, and we will be able to enjoy it in the not too distant future.

It is Life fidelity, better known as LiFi, and it is a new technology that is ready to put an end to the most frequent problems that arise when everything is saturated in bandwidth.

This system uses ultraviolet light and infrared light that are closer to be able to transport information reaching a speed of more than 200 GB / s.

If you think this is impressive, hopefully I will tell you that LiFi technology will be able to connect with any device that behaves like a receiver for LED lights.

Amazing Innovations Awaiting the Future – Technology – WebMediums
LiFi reaches 42.8 GB / s via infrared and is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

The LED lights that are often used to illuminate buildings, homes, offices and even the Christmas tree, will now be used in the shipment and extraction of files.

It's not about magic, it's science and technology at their highest and most incredible levels. All this supposes a mandatory advance to mobile devices, since 5G is achieving it, we can only wait. We can only perfect this technology.

Evolution of artificial intelligence

The fact that there were machines capable of reasoning, understanding and deciding like a human being would seem too far away.

However, the growth of technology has been so great that it is now a reality. It was in 1950 during what was the Second World War when the term artificial intelligence began to be used by Alan Turing.

"The rise of artificial intelligence has begun to unsettle the UN."

Since then, advances have surprised entire generations. First they did it when the first computers, programs and software that were capable of interacting with people and even a special computer that could drive were introduced. They were some of the most outstanding events of the technological past.

In recent years it has been seen that it is not only about programs installed on our PC, but that they have evolved and increasingly resemble human beings.

The new creations range from robots that look like humans and that are able to consistently follow a conversation in real time and even the creation of some software that are able to experience the most experienced and professional players of different classes.

Amazing Innovations Awaiting the Future – Technology – WebMediums
The evolution of artificial intelligence does not stop

All this evolution, which has taken an astonishing speed in recent decades, suggests that in some not too distant future artificial intelligence will be able to surpass human intelligence.

But is this possible? Some engineers maintain the idea that some computers can be better than humans, although many experts believe that this is not entirely true.

The good thing is that you don't have to wait long to be able to check it, since there are some prototypes that have become very famous. Precisely for conversing with human beings and surprising the whole world with his words.

Buildings of the future

The effects of the future are expected very soon, although to some it still seems like science fiction. These buildings are expected to be seen in the most influential cities in the world.

Most of the designs for these buildings have been proposed by the well-known Chinese architect Ma Yansong, resulting in extravagant and surprising designs to anyone who sees it.

Their designs range from crescents, floating stars and other strange shapes that in some cases manage to look somewhat sexy.

Amazing Innovations Awaiting the Future – Technology – WebMediums
Buildings with futuristic designs

Some of these constructions are already fully built and others are currently under construction and some more only in the mind of this futuristic architect.

Can you imagine being able to live in a star with 10,000 more families? Now this is a possibility that is closer than ever. However, it is estimated that an apartment or office in one of those buildings could be astronomical in cost and just as impressive as its unique design.

Computers of the future

Today we see that computers tend to be more compact, smaller, lighter and easier to use. It is amazing to see the evolution of these devices, they went from being gigantic machines to being portable that can be carried anywhere in the portfolio.

This is just a sample, as it is hoped that in the future we will be able to enjoy computers at near-atomic scales.

Amazing Innovations Awaiting the Future – Technology – WebMediums
NASA quantum computer

Specialists from all over the world pool their efforts and knowledge in order to achieve the so-called computer of the future, which will work at a speed that we cannot even imagine today.

This quantum computer is still under investigation, as there are details to consider before making it a reality. Since working with elements in nano metric measures is not easy.

Therefore, it is expected that it will be materialized in a couple of decades or perhaps in less time. Now what would be surprising is to see one of these computers in action.

Tourist trips to space

This is a reality that may be much closer than we imagine, as the two leading companies in this field are working hard to make this possible.

Some years ago several people were fortunate to have the experience of traveling into space, in order to visit the International Space Station.

Amazing Innovations Awaiting the Future – Technology – WebMediums
Tourist trips to space will soon be a reality

However, this new proposal that these companies bring us, will offer users a totally different experience. The lucky ones who can afford this wonderful trip, which ranges from 250 thousand dollars, will be able to enjoy the sensation of being in space.

Although prices are high now, they are expected to decline over time. The ships that will be used for these trips can carry more than 6 people inside and their appearance resembles a private jet or a traditional rocket.

Passengers will be able to experience the appearance of being in zero gravity for a few minutes before returning to earth again. These prototypes are still in the testing period, but the tourist trip time is estimated to be between an hour and an hour and a half.


Gone are 3D movies and videos or any other technology that is viewed through a screen or using special glasses. Now we can enjoy it all in hologram mode.

This new technology is giving much to talk about, in recent years there has been a great advance in holographic technology at public events.

Amazing Innovations Awaiting the Future – Technology – WebMediums
The Holograms are already giving what to talk about and will continue to do so in the future

As was the appearance of the late singer Michael Jackson at the delivery of the Billboard Music Awards surprising thousands of fans around the world.

However, this technology is expected to be available to everyone in the future. Imagine for a moment the magic that this could bring, the movies that you could see and even the video games that you could enjoy.

Prenatal genetic manipulation

The search for perfection has led man to reach limits that are difficult to believe, but very true. Such is the case of prenatal genetic manipulation, which consists of creating a human being in a laboratory and not in the intimacy of a couple, as is commonly natural.

There are two ways to achieve genetic manipulation.

1. The counterpart.

2. The heterologous.

The first is to do artificial reproduction is using equal beings, that is, man and woman. The second option becomes the strangest and most incredible, since it consists of procreating using human cells with animals.

Amazing Innovations Awaiting the Future – Technology – WebMediums
The new era of prenatal genetic manipulation

However, this practice is considered illegal. For example, in Spain, which is the most advanced country in this regard, the law does not allow it yet. This means that the entire world the human genome becomes a legal asset that must be protected.

Therefore, this procedure is in an investigation stage, although it does not guarantee that in a few years it will be allowed.


Since 2015 Google has been working on a project that looks like fiction or rather horror and suspense. It is strange that they are creating radars capable of interpreting the movement in the hands or fingers and execute actions without having to touch a screen or any surface of the device.

It is the PROJECT SOLI, it is something that is already beginning to be seen in the new technology. At this stage, the research for the implementation of this project is quite advanced.

Well now we are talking about a tiny radar that can be implemented in any type of device, making the not-so-remote possibility of driving a car achievable without using your hands.

Amazing Innovations Awaiting the Future – Technology – WebMediums
Thanks to PROJECT SOLI, your mobile will no longer be tactile

If this seems incredible to you, imagine then being able to fly an airplane using this same technology. Being able to have this technology in use is not very far from our days, since some devices with these functions have begun to come out.

This would be very beneficial for those people who have zero mobility and who with the use of this new invention will be able to develop in everyday life more easily.