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Apple surprises by announcing that it will launch 5 new Macs by 2022

Fermín Díaz
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Apple surprises by announcing that it will launch 5 new Macs by 2022
Apple Product News for 2022


  1. New in the MacBook Air range

  2. 27-inch iMac update

  3. MacBook Pro News

  4. Mac mini

  5. Entry-level MacBook Pro

  6. Apple Watch

  7. IPad Renewal

  8. iPad Air

  9. Mixed reality glasses

A few days ago, Mark Gurman posted some pretty interesting information about the latest products from the Apple company. We will only tell you about the news in the Mac range.

Because it has outlined what we can expect from the next Macs for 2022 and other products from the company. So let's go over what was said in order.

New in the MacBook Air range

A totally revamped design has been rumored for some time in the MacBook Air range.

It has been said that perhaps Apple is expected to incorporate a redesign into the Mac form factor and that we no longer have that angular design when it comes to the base of the computer.

Apple surprises by announcing that it will launch 5 new Macs by 2022
This would be the MacBook Air 2022

If not, it is a design with much straighter lines that would remind us of the MacBook Pro that we have had until four days ago. This will have to wait if it is confirmed or not.

In any case, the MacBook Air is expected to have designs in different colors, to have the screen bezels in white as we have seen on this year's iMac.

It is also expected to incorporate the M2 chip, which is a more efficient chip than the M1 PRO and M1 max, but with slightly less performance. Perhaps a computer more intended for the intermediate user.

That it has two thunderbolt connections on each side, MagSafe connection, and then we wait for more news that would be a good update on this MacBook Air that could come out in the first half of 2022.

27-inch iMac update

Another product that is expected to be renewed is the 27-inch iMac. This year Apple released the 24 '' iMac, a color iMac that you might like.

But it is true that many users expected a renewal of the 27-inch model. According to Gurman, Apple also intends to renew this iMac.

Apple surprises by announcing that it will launch 5 new Macs by 2022
A glimpse of what the 27-inch iMac could be

It is expected to have a redesign very similar to the one we have seen in this year, but to incorporate other processors. It would not incorporate the M1, but it would incorporate the M1 PRO and M1 max that we have seen in this year's MacBook Pro, that is, more powerful processors and more designed for the professional public.

Although it would be necessary to see if they finally call it iMac Pro directly and difference in the 24-inch model for a more or less public, and the professional range with a little more performance and for users who require it, differentiating them with the PRO surname and also with more sober colors in design.

The screen aims to be spectacular, first because it would have the mini LED technology, and it would also have the promotion technology that we have seen in the MacBooks this year.

MacBook Pro News

Mark Gurman has commented on certain updates in his newsletter on the MacBook Pro. This Mac Pro would have a redesign, it would be smaller than current models, and it would have a lot of power.

One of the plans that Apple is considering and that Gurman himself confirmed in past publications, is that the M1 Mac chip that we have seen this year in the MacBook Pro, could double its performance and be called M1 Max Duo or quadruple and be called M1 Max box.

When I refer to this, it would be to double or quadruple the maximum performance that this processor allows you, which would give maximum power to the Mac Pro.

Apple surprises by announcing that it will launch 5 new Macs by 2022
The MacBook Pro 2022

But that would more than meet the requirements that the professional public could have at this time. Of course, the negative point that this would have is that it would make the prices much more expensive.

In some publications they say that this Mac Pro may not go below $20,000 in its highest performance. So if you are a professional, and you were waiting for a renewal of this equipment, prepare your checkbook well.

Mac mini

It is one of the most anticipated products by many users. We could see a renewal of this product for the next year 2022 with renewed conditions at the rear and that it would be much thinner than the current generation.

This would be thanks to the efficiency of current processors that do not require as much ventilation as they do not get so hot.

Then, the important thing is to see what processor Apple incorporates into this Mac mini. We could see an M2, like the MacBook Air, that is, a Mac mini with a performance more designed for efficiency than pure power.

Apple surprises by announcing that it will launch 5 new Macs by 2022
This Mac mini will have a much more efficient performance.

Or we could see a Mac mini with the M1 or M1 Max chip, which would show the 27-inch desktop as well. Although this option is more feasible, and perhaps Apple does not fulfill the rumors that have been counting so far that the thickness of this device will be reduced.

If not that Apple currently knowing that the Mac mini has a significant thickness, do not modify it, keep it. But put much more performance within these teams and that users can enjoy it at the end of the day.

Because here there really would be no problem with mounting the M1 Pro or the M1 Max with the highest possible specification, since you do not have a sacrifice of autonomy since they are equipment connected directly to the current.

It's understandable that laptop users think very hard about whether they want more or fewer cores. Because the more cores you have, the more energy drain you will have when your Mac is not connected to the power.

But in the case of the Mac mini, it wouldn't be necessary to think about it. So we wish for the sake of all Mac mini buyers, that Apple does not outperform the performance and allow the new Mac mini to be equipped with the M1 max chips.

Entry-level MacBook Pro

We do not know if it will have 13 or 14 inches, but it seems that Apple is going to launch a renewal of the entry MacBook for those buyers who, obviously the 14 or 16-inch that they have presented this year, are too expensive.

This MacBook Pro raises many unknowns, many users did not expect it, because taking into account the renewal that we are going to see in the MacBook Air, surely for many it is more than enough.

Especially since the MacBook Pro that was introduced last year (M1), no longer had so many differences with the MacBook Air. In fact, it was the year in which there were fewer differences between the Air range and the Pro range.

Which has caused many users to discard the option to buy a Pro and go directly to buy the MacBook Air.

There were practically no differences, only in the design that allowed it to be a little more energy efficient and above all also thermal, because it also had a fan that the MacBook Air did not have.

We say energetic because obviously the MacBook Pro had a little more autonomy due to its larger size.

But the other difference was in the Touch bar, which the current Mac models have already loaded. Which makes us think that, if next year 2022 Apple renews this device, it will have a 13 or 14-inch screen.

That is, is it going to have a notch or is it not going to have a notch? Are you going to renew your design or not to renew it? Which processor will it have, the M1 Pro or the M2 of the MacBook Air?

Another thing is, what will happen to the Touch bar? Are you going to incorporate it or are you going to eliminate it so that it is a little in line with the movement that they have made in the higher cost range?

Because if they eliminate the Touch bar, if they maintain the design that it has had until now and others, what incentive can the buyer have to choose a MacBook Pro and not the MacBook Air with M2, even if it incorporates the same M2?

The only explanation is that it may have a little more autonomy and perhaps that it may have a connection port that the MacBook Air does not have. Such as a card reader, etc.

These are the plans for 2022, some computers will be presented in the first half and others will be presented in the second. But in any case, what we can assure you are that a great year is coming again for Mac lovers.

Apple Watch

Mark Gurman gave information about the roadmap that Apple has for next 2022, and that is that in addition to the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple also plans to renew the Apple Watch SE that was released last year and this year has not had a renewal.

But as you should know, the Apple Watch SE is an Apple Watch with features at a very contained price. It has some limitations as far as sensors are concerned.

For example, it does not have a sensor to do EKGs and neither does the oxygen sensor. But for many people it may not be necessary and that makes the price much more accessible for many.

This product that did not undergo renewal this year, it seems that next year 2022 it will.

Apple surprises by announcing that it will launch 5 new Macs by 2022
The Apple Watch will have its renewal.

It could possibly be equated if I had to bet on an Apple Watch Series 6, which next year if it is presented together with the Apple Watch Series 8 will have given a margin of a generation in between, between the new generation that would be the 8 and this hypothetical Apple Watch that would be like a series 6.

This is important for those who did not know whether to wait when buying an Apple Watch SE, because they did not know if Apple was going to renew it soon. Then they must know that there will be a renewal.

But it is not the only Apple Watch that will see the light in addition to the series 8 and this one that we have just discussed. It also appears that Apple would release the ruggedized Apple Watch.

As you already know, this is an Apple Watch that we have been talking about for a long time and that Apple was proposing that they may carry out high-risk sports activities, which may have a greater probability of falls and strong blows.

Obviously this Watch would be much more resistant and that according to Gurman would also see the light for the next year 2022.

IPad Renewal

Apple plans to renew the following iPads by 2022: the iPad Pro, the basic iPad (which would be the tenth generation) and also the iPad Air (much in demand by many).

Regarding the iPad Pro, it is expected that there will be a redesign of its back. Possibly leaving aluminum behind to make way for glass. They would do this with a reason, with a reason and that is that Apple intends to integrate wireless charging and also reverse wireless charging to the next iPad Pro.

This would allow the iPad Pro to be charged wirelessly, but it would also allow other products to be charged from it. That is, we could turn it around to the iPad Pro and act almost as a base where we could pose a product, for example AirPods, iPhones and these would recharge.

Taking into account that the autonomy of iPads, depending on the use, is not very variable, and it is not known to what extent this can compensate Apple.

Of the entry-level iPad, it is only known that Apple plans to renew it every year as it has been doing since 2017.

This year for example, we have had a good renovation because it has incorporated the A13 chip, it has incorporated the True tone technology, and it has also incorporated a 12MP front camera.

With the possibility of having the Center Stage, the central frame, to be able to make video calls and always remain in the center.

We think it is a good renovation and at the end of the day the strategy of this iPad is based on monopolizing the largest possible sales strategy from those users who do not need, but who want to try an iPad.

In the end it remains to be seen if there will be any redesign in this model, which also comes with a fairly conservative design for a long time, or on the contrary, they can keep it, and we have the same feeling of having the same iPad.

However, this iPad model is not intended for current iPad users, but for users who want to enter the world of iPad.

Therefore, it is understood that the design issue is not one of the priorities for Apple and that they want to work on it, because from the point of view of someone who has the ninth generation iPad, the tenth generation is not going to be bought generation.

In any case, Apple's intention starts here and maybe instead of buying you the tenth, you buy the iPad Pro.

iPad Air

We know that it will also be renewed in 2022, last year it was renewed after a long time with a new design and last year it was not short of features, because it incorporated the A14 chip, which, as you already know, will be the same one that the iPhones 12.

Apple's move may be very similar this year. If Apple presents the new fifth-generation iPad Air, along with the iPhones of the moment, it is very possible that the processor of this is practically the same that it equips in the iPhones. Namely, the A16 chip.

Apple surprises by announcing that it will launch 5 new Macs by 2022
The iPad Air 2022

This is one of the assumptions depending on when Apple chooses to present this iPad. If you present it alongside iPhones, it is more predictable that this movement will follow.

As it has done with the iPad Mini, which has also come out in the same presentation as the iPhones of the day, and they have put the same processor as the last iPhone.

In terms of display, a big update, same design, maybe some different color is not expected, but the technology would still be LCD.

Mixed reality glasses

These glasses combine a bit of the two worlds, augmented reality and virtual reality. The glasses would be an intermediate step before the launch that Apple longs for, which is that of an Apple glass.

According to Gurman, these glasses will be a kind of improved version of Oculus, which many of the technology lovers will have already tried on occasion.

Apple surprises by announcing that it will launch 5 new Macs by 2022
These glasses could be the flagship product by 2022.

Apple plans to launch such a product by 2022, and it could be the big "one more thing" this year.

In addition, in the newsletter where Gurman has given all that information about the products, he has specified the three main focuses to which these mixed reality glasses would be directed.

One would be the consumption of games, another would be the general consumption of multimedia, communication media, etc. Then everything that has to do with communication between users. This would be the three focuses that these glasses would have as their objective.

As for Hardware, not many details have been given so far, as is logical, there is still much left, and it is an unpublished product to date.

But it is known that it will have a fairly light design, that it will have two processors, that it will have two 4K micro LED screens, that it will have 15 optical modules, eye tracking, Wi-Fi 6 and much more.

In any case, we are facing a product that, if it is presented this year, will undoubtedly give a lot to talk about and could be the star product that Apple launches this year 2022.