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Become a Web Developer

Fermín Díaz
8 min read
Become a Web Developer – Technology – WebMediums
Web developer in action

Once the renowned founder and president of Apple said: "Everyone should learn to program a computer, because it is something that teaches you to think." That is precisely what a Web Developer does, he is responsible for the creation of websites using various programming languages.

The web developer also ensures the good performance of the website, updates it, and performs checks for technical problems.

So, wouldn't it be interesting to know a little more about what a web developer can do? What are their specialties? What advantages does it have, and what does it take to become one ?

Specialties of a web developer

1. Front-end web developer: He is in charge of web design, that it works correctly and that the website is more attractive and interactive with the user.

2. Back-end web developer: He is responsible for the infrastructure of the site, he is in charge of optimizing the performance and the required back-end functionality.

Become a Web Developer – Technology – WebMediums
Choose a specialty to get started in web development

3. Full stack web developer: Combines the function of the previous two, must master different programming languages, understand business logic, hosting and network environments, and the experience that the user has.

Advantages of being a web developer

1. He has a good salary: A web developer can earn up to 10 euros per hour of work, and of course, the more skills he has, the higher his rate.

2. Various job offers : A website is increasingly necessary, especially for entrepreneurs starting a business or a company, causing an increase in the demand for programmers.

3. Their work environment is quite flexible : Teleworking is already established in the business world, which allows web developers to choose their working hours and work from anywhere in the world. Your work tools would essentially be a computer and a stable internet connection.

4. Opportunity for professional growth : As you are involved in a constantly evolving environment, you have the opportunity to continue learning, have more creativity and improve your ability to solve problems. Which is not good on a work level, but also on a personal level.

5. You can work as a freelancer : Freelance work has gained a lot of momentum as digitization increases, and this is very positive for the professional growth of every web developer.

What you need to become a web developer

One thing that can help you are to start your own research on what the web development profession entails. Make sure you know what your true passion is, remember that the back-end involves thoughtful thinking and the ability to innovate.

While the front-end is more suited to graphic design and human behavior, decide on the one that you like the most and suits you best.

"Remember that there is no single way to become a web developer, you can have several options, choose the one that suits you best."

It is always good to talk to professional advisors. If you consult with experts, you will be able to develop much better, and they will help you find options that suit your abilities.

Talk to other web developers with experience in the sector, they are the best ones to guide you and answer the questions you have. This is very useful to avoid making mistakes that others have made at the beginning of their learning.

Become a Web Developer – Technology – WebMediums
Learn from other web developers

Every profession has its disadvantages, have you already thought about which are those of a web developer ? Back pain and vision problems are very common in this profession, due to the long periods of time that you must be seated.

As in any profession, you will need work tools. A web developer, depending on his specialty, requires specialized software to help him do his job, and some of you have to buy expensive programs for this.

As with professions like medicine, web development has several specialties. So it is recommended that you choose one of them, rather than trying to learn them all. That would cost you a lot of resources, time and energy.

What specialty are you most passionate about? Back-end or front-end? We recommend that you choose one, since both require different skills to develop.

"Exercising web development requires that you have the necessary passion for the specialty you decide to learn".

It is important that you familiarize yourself with the programming languages necessary to practice web development. For example, to be a front-end developer you are going to need to learn HTML, CCS, and JavaScript. On the other hand, the back-end requires programming languages such as: PHP, Python and Ruby.

Become a Web Developer – Technology – WebMediums
Programming languages for web development

We do not recommend that you start with full-stack, since you need very advanced knowledge in back-end and front-end to do it, and that takes a long time to achieve.

It is common to see full-stacks start by dominating the back-end first before reaching the expert level.

When you choose the specialty that suits you, start studying the most widely used programming languages and software knowledge and focus on your learning. Do not forget that some projects deserve a specific programming language, which you will surely have to learn.

The next step is to start your training, so you should consult tutorials and online courses to begin to understand the operation of the programming languages on which you have focused.

Consult with any web developer you know, to guide you in how the world of web development works and give you recommendations to start your own projects as a developer in process.

There are platforms to learn online that can be very useful such as Skillshare, Bitdegree, Khan Academy and Udemy. These have professional programmers who can help you with web development courses.

In general, it is good initial with free training, so that it is more accessible for you and you do not have to make too large investments that you cannot afford to make.

We recommend YouTube's free tutorials and discussion forums like Stack Overflow, where you can meet experienced web developers who can help you learn.

"Free learning is the most recommended at the beginning, many start in this world, but then discover that it is not for them."

If you start working on your first project on the fly, it will allow you to know what your life will be like when you are already a professional, and you will gradually adapt to the challenges that this represents. The more you practice, the faster your training will be.

Become a Web Developer – Technology – WebMediums
Bootcamps contribute to your training as a web developer

Another option that many choose is the Bootcamp, it is a training course that lasts between 17-34 weeks and that focuses on the practical skills that are most in demand in the market. Bootcamps are much cheaper than attending a university and can help you, in some cases, to find a job according to your abilities.

You can also get certifications that prove your ability and knowledge.

Formal education has certain benefits, as there are still companies requesting degrees and certificates to hire their staff. These typically last 8-12 months and are ideal for those who lack technical knowledge and skills.

Once you get your training and feel ready to start practicing as a web developer, it is important that you start gaining experience as soon as possible.

This will increase your skills and your chances of getting a job as well.

Every profession requires that you have a portfolio where you accumulate all your projects, experiences and achievements. This is essential to attend job interviews.

We recommend that you create your own site where you can present your knowledge, skills and ways of contacting yourself. This way you can give a more professional touch to your profile as a web developer.

Never stop learning and continue growing at a professional level, the more expert you are in your profession, the more benefits you will have and the greater your personal satisfaction will be.

This sector forces you to regularly update your skills and knowledge. The digital world grows every day and the needs and problems that customers present change as well.

Take advantage of the opportunities that arise to collaborate with other web developers, so you can learn and know other fields that you did not know and expand your professional portfolio.

Stay up-to-date on social media and technology websites, so your network doesn't stagnate, and you always stay one step ahead of the competition.

In short, to become a web developer you need to research various computer science fields and focus on web design and development. Choose the specialty that you like the most and that best suits your circumstances and your abilities.

Start acquiring technology skills by attending online courses, bootcamps, or academic courses.

Create your portfolio from the beginning and start feeding them with projects, skills, experiences and achievements that you have obtained in the development of your career. You will surely become a great Web Developer.

Become a web developer.