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Electric cars: a silent revolution

Ramiro Guzman
6 min read
Electric cars: a silent revolution – Technology – WebMediums
Electric cars have been on the rise in recent times, despite the fact that they are older than you think.

Believing in electric cars a few years ago was a kind of fantasy, but today this theory has become more real than ever.

Well-known automotive production companies have decided to start developing electric models of their best-known cars, a giant step in this direction.

In turn, there are emerging companies that have already become icons of this type of vehicle, such as the case of Tesla, with its multiple models. Little by little, the foundations have been built for this new era, full of decreases in the consumption of fossil fuels.

What characteristics do electric cars have?

It is necessary to start by talking a little about what defines a fully electric vehicle, the main and most notable thing is the lack of fuel.

Charged with lithium- ion batteries, they are powered by fully electronic motors and connected to a central computer that coordinates every function.

Likewise, its batteries are fully rechargeable, mostly with wall chargers that have qualities suitable for this task. The absence of carburation and an exhaust pipe are relevant details, because they allow them to be silent and low-pollution cars.

It should be noted that the charge of its batteries is designed to perform like a fuel car and reach speeds suitable for daily use.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Well, electric cars have properties that many love and others that can disappoint the most demanding. It is good to know both sides of the coin given the growing popularity of these and their rise in the world of mobilization.

Electric cars: a silent revolution – Technology – WebMediums
Electric cars seem to be the future of humanity.

For this reason, you are invited to continue reading so that you can create your own idea about what you like and what you do not like about this archetype of cars.


  1. The reduction in the use of fuels and the zero emission of gases and smoke make these vehicles stand out as the solution to environmental pollution.

  2. At the same time, they have features such as silent ride, a much larger and more comfortable passenger compartment and very useful front luggage compartments.

  3. It is also necessary to mention that they can be quite small thanks to the fact that they do not merit space for large engines.

  4. Another point of importance is the cost of maintenance, which is dramatically reduced by reducing the number of engine parts.

  5. You could say that compared to its fuel-burning peers, the costs are almost non-existent. With these qualities, it is impossible not to want a car of this ideal.


Perhaps the same thing that makes these vehicles incredible makes them decline a bit among the tastes of their users.

  1. Mainly, the charging process of its batteries is quite slow, although new technologies have already been developed to do it in a few minutes.

  2. On the other hand, you need to face the fact that the performance of your batteries will be affected by environmental conditions.

  3. The setbacks of autonomy are added that make one doubt the acquisition of these vehicles. The charging of some models does not allow long-distance trips to be planned and prevents travel to areas far from recharging sites.

Electric cars: a silent revolution – Technology – WebMediums
There are still certain fringes that do not convince society to invest in electric cars.

Currently, many of these obstacles are considered by the companies that produce this example of cars and are increasingly closer to solutions.

Is new infrastructure needed for electric cars?

This is where doubts begin about replacing fuel cars definitively. In the United States, a campaign has begun to make at least half of the country's cars electric by 2030.

However, this has some aspects against it; the electricity service infrastructure is one of the largest.

Significantly increasing the use of these cars therefore merits an energy output that can handle constant loads.

This translates into an increase in electrical requirements, a need for change in the installations of homes, shopping centers and charging stations.

Why is this revolution started?

It is necessary to clarify that soon the cars of this specimen will be 150 years old, therefore, they are not something so new.

However, their rise is due to the search for solutions to the emission of greenhouse gases. One of the causes of global warming, this may be the biggest justification.

Similarly, the need is based on the search for the maintenance of the benefits of mobilization.

The fact that electricity can be generated much more sustainably than fuel is another category factor. All this has given way to more and more companies deciding to join the electric revolution.

Will there be a considerable environmental impact?

The use of combustion vehicles has shown how deadly gases, smoke and burning hydrocarbons can be.

The exploration of effective solutions is what drives the idea of using electric cars around the world. A tangible example of the effect that can be caused is given by the environmental changes associated with the pandemic that is still being experienced.

Electric cars: a silent revolution – Technology – WebMediums
Overcoming the use of fossil fuel will be the biggest challenge of the new electric age.

During the different periods of quarantine worldwide, it became clear how beneficial it can be to reduce the use of combustion vehicles.

That is why one of the great plans to improve the sustainability of humanity is this new project. The European Union, by detachment, already includes it among its objectives to correct the climate damage that has occurred in recent years.

Are the world powers ready for this radical change?

As you could see earlier, the European Union and the United States have already begun to consider electric cars as a palpable solution.

At the same time, there are several nations working on laws and decrees that allow them to join this initiative. Every day new projects appear that will improve infrastructure and energy production until it is adequate and sustainable, ushering in a new era.

Regardless of where you are, it is good that you begin to analyze the use of these cars, as they will soon be in every home.

You already know a little more about the revolution of fully electric cars and how soon it could be a reality. Get ready to enjoy its great qualities!