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Electric cars: A much more interesting option than you think

Andy Vilchez
10 min read
Electric cars: A much more interesting option than you think
Electric cars will eventually replace internal combustion cars.

Electric cars are not something new, they have been around for a few years now and the evolution they have had has been simply impressive.

Until a few years ago, electric cars were slow and visually not very attractive, however, this has totally changed.

Today we are going to talk a little more about electrified vehicles and all the advantages they can offer you. Surely, when you finish reading this article you will want to buy one of these cars.

What is an electric car?

Electric cars: A much more interesting option than you think
An electric car is a vehicle that uses electricity to make the engine work.

The answer to this question is quite simple, an electric car is nothing more than a vehicle that uses electricity instead of using gasoline or diesel. These cars have a battery bank where the charge is stored for use during the day.

Electric cars do not use a motor, since they do not need one, but the power goes directly to the wheels. These vehicles, in addition to being friendly to the environment, also have a large number of other advantages.

As of today, these electric cars have been becoming more and more popular. The vast majority of traditional car brands already have fully electric or hybrid models in their offerings.

Similarly, new companies have appeared that develop only cars with this technology. One of the best known is Tesla, a company owned by billionaire Elon Musk.

What types of electric cars can we find on the market?

There are several types of electric cars and these are classified depending on the technology with which they are being manufactured.

100% electric cars

Electric cars: A much more interesting option than you think
These cars use 100% electricity to move.

These types of vehicles only run on electricity, do not need a motor and are completely environmentally friendly. These cars use the electricity that comes from the electrical network to be able to receive a load. The charge they get is stored in batteries to be used later.

Extended range electric cars

Electric cars: A much more interesting option than you think
An extended range vehicle has a small gasoline or diesel engine to charge the batteries.

This type of car works in a slightly different way and is that these have a gasoline or diesel engine. However, they do not use this motor to drive the car, but to charge the batteries. Due to this feature it is not considered as a hybrid car, but as an electric one.

Thanks to this, this type of vehicle has a greater autonomy, which means that it can roll for much longer.

Hybrid plug-in cars

Electric cars: A much more interesting option than you think
A hybrid car uses both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine.

A hybrid car is one that not only has the ability to drive using electric power, but also has an internal combustion engine. So, we have to have both a gasoline or diesel tank and a battery bank.

These types of cars can switch from combustion to electricity as required by the owner. This makes them more "green", but they do not become a complete ecological car. They are ideal for those who are not looking for a sudden transition from a combustion engine to an electric one.

Benefits of electric cars

Electric cars: A much more interesting option than you think
Electric vehicles have a number of benefits.

Electric motor cars have a large number of advantages compared to other vehicles. Next, we will talk about the main advantages of this type of car.

  • They are good for the environment : These types of vehicles do not have an internal combustion engine. This means that they do not have CO₂ emissions, which makes them friendly to the environment.

  • They are not noisy : Unlike internal combustion vehicles that can be very noisy, these are quite silent as they do not have an engine. It could even seem that they are turned off due to the minimum level of noise they emit.

  • They are cheaper : Another of the biggest advantages of this type of car is that they need less maintenance than a traditional car. This means that in the long run you end up saving a lot of money, that is without counting the cost of fuel.

  • No gear changes : You will completely forget about gear changes, this is because these types of cars only use one gear. This makes driving them much more comfortable, since you will not need to make changes at any time. You're only going to worry about accelerating and braking.

  • Greater safety : Another benefit of electric cars is that they are generally safer. This is because they are usually accompanied by a greater number of safety elements, unlike combustion cars.

  • You can get benefits : Many governments are offering benefits to all those who invest in an electric car. From tax discounts to other types of benefits, then, with an electric car you will be able to save a lot of money.

What are the main components of an electric car?

Electric cars: A much more interesting option than you think
Main components of an electric vehicle.

When you are going to buy an electric car, one of the first things you should know is what are the main components they have. So, next, we are going to briefly explain what those parts are that you should know.


Batteries are a fundamental part of any electric car, these are made from Lithium-ion and serve to store energy. These are responsible for completely powering the car, from the electric motor to the lights and other internal components of the car.

Depending on the type of engine that the car has, the type of connection may vary, for example, if it is direct current, it goes directly to the engine. However, in the event that it is alternating current, it will be connected to an electrical inverter.


The charger is simply an element that is connected to the regular electrical fluid and is responsible for transforming it into adequate energy for the batteries.


A converter is one that transforms the voltage of the main batteries to 12 V to power the auxiliary batteries. These auxiliary batteries are responsible for powering the auxiliary components of the car such as dashboard, lights, radio, etc.


An inverter is a device that has the ability to transform the direct current that the batteries have into alternating current to be used by the motor. Thanks to these inverters, these electric motors can work correctly.

When the motor works with direct current, it is not necessary for the car to have an inverter, since the energy is transferred directly to the motor.

Electric motor

Finally, we have the electric motor, this piece is fundamental, since it is the one that is in charge of making the vehicle roll. This is powered by batteries and is responsible for rolling the wheels of the car to move forward.

There are two main types of electric motors, AC motors and DC motors. Depending on the make and type of vehicle, the engine that may be included may vary. If you care about this section, you can check the type of engine that the car uses before buying it.

How long does it take to charge an electric car and how long do they last?

Electric cars: A much more interesting option than you think
Electric vehicle at a charging station.

One of the main questions that people who are interested in buying an electric car ask themselves is the duration of the batteries and the charging time. Although the first electric cars had a fairly limited range, today's electrified vehicles have come a long way.

Depending on the model and size, its autonomy may vary. However, in general terms, these electric cars have a range of about 230 kilometers. So, depending on how you use it every day, the number of charges it requires will depend.

If you drive little, you can ride for several days without needing to charge them. However, if you drive for a long time, you may need to charge it every day or every other day.

As for the charging speed, this will depend on the size of the batteries and the type of charger you have. A standard charger can charge the electric car between 3 and 10 hours.

Most people usually leave the car charging when they go to bed and the next morning they will have the battery at 100%.

On the other hand, there are the semi-fast chargers, these can cut the charging time in half or more. This is because chargers are capable of delivering a larger load. Finally, we have fast chargers, which can charge a car to 100% in about 30 minutes.

What are the 3 best electric vehicles of 2022?

There are many types of electric vehicles that you can consider when buying your next car. Today we will talk to you about the 3 best electric cars 2022.

It is important to mention that some of these cars are not yet on the market, however, you must take them into account when they are launched on the market.

BMW iX 2022

Electric cars: A much more interesting option than you think
BMW iX, a really interesting SUV.

The new BMW iX is an SUV-type truck made by BMW, so in addition to being utilitarian, it's going to be quite luxurious. As for the 2022 BMW iX price, we have that it will have a cost that is in the range of 87,000 to 132,000 euros depending on the type chosen.

Without a doubt, this is a really interesting electric truck. It will be available during this year, so if you are interested in getting one of these wonderful trucks you can start collecting now.

Tesla Roadster

Electric cars: A much more interesting option than you think
Roadster, a supercar manufactured by Tesla.

The prototype of this car was presented in 2017, due to different delays in its development process they have not allowed this car to come to light. However, everything seems to indicate that it may start to be available in 2022.

It is a quite powerful Tesla car, in fact, it has been said that it can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.1 seconds.

This vehicle would fit into the supercar sector, so we can imagine that it will have a somewhat high price. However, Tesla cars have been characterized by their high quality and good performance.

Teska Cybertruck

Electric cars: A much more interesting option than you think
The Cybertruck is a pick-up with a totally different concept.

Another of the most anticipated cars is the Tesla Cybertruck, which was also presented a few years ago and became a sensation. It has a futuristic appearance that may not seem attractive to many, however, since its launch we have already come to accept it and, without a doubt, it has become one of the wishes of many.

Although the release date of this model is still unknown, the truth is that buyers expect it to be this 2022. One of the greatest advantages of this pick-up is its great autonomy of up to 800 kilometers.

The price of this pick-up ranges from 36,000 euros to 64,000 euros, depending on the type of engine. There is also speculation that this truck may be available in two sizes.