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Tesla's new cell phone to dominate the industry

Fermín Díaz
7 min read
Tesla's new cell phone to dominate the industry – Technology – WebMediums
The Pi model from the Tesla company.


  1. The Pi model will be the phone of the century

  2. How the Pi model works

  3. Human-machine interaction

  4. Cost and launch date of the Pi model

  5. Main features of the Pi model

Astrophotography, artificial intelligence to connect your brain to your cell phone and infinite battery. These are just some new features of Elon Musk's new Tesla cell phone to dominate the industry on planet earth and Mars.

Elon Musk never ceases to amaze his audience with splendid technology and unimaginable artifacts, heavy-duty spaceships, automated electric cars or the Neuralink brain machine.

"Neuralink is an American company that specializes in neurotechnology and the development of the brain-computer interface."

These are certainly amazing products that we couldn't possibly have imagined in reality. To be sure, Tesla's technology is way ahead of many companies and its smartphone is surprisingly ready to break through.

Tesla's incredible phone will be called Pi, which we will be describing in details in this long-awaited article. Musk intends to implement every possible technology in this super smartphone.

The Pi model will be the phone of the century

With details that no other company will be close to offering. His remarkable production work, solar-powered gadgets and SpaceX missions combine to hope that this will be the phone of the century.

Satellite connectivity for a seamless network of all smartphone companies.

2004's Iridium GO, or global link satellite connectivity, was the name often heard among satellite phones. But it had a very low speed of almost 2.4 KB / s.

However, the new Tesla Pi beats this score while matching current smartphone rates as it will use StarLink to provide connectivity. It is expected to have a download speed of almost 210 MB/s.

Tesla's new cell phone to dominate the industry – Technology – WebMediums
With StarLink the download speed will be 210 MB / s.

After the breakthrough and growing identity of Elon Musk in the last five years, an avalanche of technology has been presented to the world.

If we start to list the news, we will realize that he likes to be on everyone's lips, Spaceships, Neuralink connections or the rapid rise of Tesla's electric models, give way to an Elon Musk who has left his mark permanent in all development industries.

But if all these technologies can be created in a simple smartphone, colonizing Mars will not be that difficult for him.

How the Pi model works

As we already mentioned, the Pi model will work with StarLink connectivity. The fleet of around 1600 satellites located in orbit is programmed to provide full connectivity.

As of September 2021, nearly 17 countries have been successfully covered with more than 90,000 subscribed users.

By the end of 2022 SpaceX plans to cover major countries on all continents to develop a large global network. By the end of this year 2021 Musk plans to connect this network to planes, large ships, cell phones and Tesla cars would also go hand in hand.

The connectivity of the Tesla cell phone will allow the user to control the car without any manual controls or keys. You can simply steer your car with the use of your cell phone as if it were a video game.

This smartphone will present a new opportunity to use cryptocurrencies, especially Marscoin or cryptocurrencies from Mars. These cryptocurrencies launched in 2014 are virtual money dedicated to being used on the red planet with the intention of developing a future colony on Mars.

Tesla's new cell phone to dominate the industry – Technology – WebMediums
American aerospace manufacturing company.

Money and finances will be crucial for sustainability. Instead of printing more money, cryptocurrencies will likely take the place of cash.

The developers of the Marscoins have collaborated with Musk to develop a new ledger dedicated to colonization on Mars.

As well as the business plan to make it a planet full of technology, entertainment, development and well-being for its guests.

The Pi model cell phone is designed with an internal application for use on the planet. But is it possible that the Pi model is the first phone to work on the red planet?

Human-machine interaction

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the new ones developed for the interaction between man and machine. Musk established Neuralink in 2016, an engaging brain technology that continues to make great strides.

Neuralink's engineering principles aim to connect the brain directly to automated devices for direct operation.

Tesla's new cell phone to dominate the industry – Technology – WebMediums
Neuralink would be tested in humans by 2022.

Users would be implanted with brain machine interfaces highly connected to their smartphone technology and work applications.

Neuralink focuses on the complete connectivity of the central nervous system and the functionality of the sensory organs, including vision, the sense of touch, stimulation and rapid response.

Let's say the developers claim that this technology is really going to replace the classic functions performed by an assistant like Alexa or Siri or just any other.

The signals that the brain will send through this device will help the user to avoid a lot of work of thinking and operations. In this way, the mind will send signals that go directly to technological needs.

Neuralink's technology also promises to solve mental problems and loss of focus that will be addressed through applications.

The development of smartphones with such applications can probably help people who are victims of some mental retardation to use the advanced platform with proper communication.

With those carefully planned technologies to be carefully installed in a smartphone and in the brain. The Tesla Model Pi is without a doubt a revolutionary invention for the industry.

Since the principles point to the settlement on the planet Mars. However, the features would be a show on planet earth itself.

Cost and launch date of the Pi model

The release date, as well as the price, has been announced recently and that promises to be insane.

The smartphone is scheduled to launch in 2022, with rumors to launch on December 21 of that same year. According to sources, the smartphone will be available with prices ranging from $500 to $1,200.

Currently, the internet through StarLink offers a subscription of $99/month. Without a doubt, the Pi model has become a staggering expectation for everyone.

Main features of the Pi model

In those moments there are thousands of incredible phones with outstanding features. But one of the most important features of the Pi model is the changing color of the case.

The housing is covered in a photochromic mixture of pigments that change gradient with variations of sun and shade. It's no wonder it sets a crazy trend in the market as it speculates rampant competition.

The back has a collection of four-lens cameras capable of intelligently penetrating the dark. Intelligent artificial software with astrophotography functions that would surpass any existing cell phone camera will also be implemented.

This is very ideal for busy users, as the constant internet connection and a 24-hour charged solar battery is definitely a low-maintenance but high-spec product.

Apple and SpaceX have recently teamed up to test the behavior of the products in the new missions. Apple products prominently use 5G technology that made the deal possible for travelers to use through missions.

However, Apple has also ventured to develop its own satellite technology since 2017, only it does not yet have a troop of its own satellites like StarLink that aims to rely on global satellite connections.

Apple products are expected to feature enhanced satellite features. In the meantime, Apple will continue to play a major role in SpaceX as iPhones, iPads and Max were used for civilians to use on new SpaceX missions.

It is also important to note that the main developer of the Pi model, Antonio de Rosa, is the same designer behind Apple products.

But what will be the product that will dominate the red planet? Will it be Apple or Tesla? Or will they simply become great allies for the development of mobile telephones in space?

Without a doubt, much remains to be discovered. Tesla continues to work at full steam, and it seems that for many this will not be possible.

Knowing the Tesla mobile.